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Author First Name,Author Last Name,Title,Series,Series Number
A. J.,Hartley,Act of Will,Will Hawthorne,1
A. J.,Hartley,Will Power,Will Hawthorne,2
A. J.,Jacobs,The Year of Living Biblically: One Man\'s Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible,,1
A. Lee,Martinez,A Nameless Witch,,1
A. Manette,Ansay,Good Things I Wish You,,1
A. N. & Rice,Roquelaure,Beauty\'s Punishment,Sleeping Beauty Trilogy,2
A. N. & Rice,Roquelaure,Beauty\'s Release,Sleeping Beauty Trilogy,3
Ace,Atkins,Devil\'s Garden,,1
Adam,Rex,Fat Vampire: A Never Coming of Age Story,,0
Adam,Nevill,Apartment 16,,1
Adam,Nevill,Banquet for the Damned,,1
Adam,Lazarus,"Chasing Greatness: Johnny Miller, Arnold Palmer, and the Miracle at Oakmont",,1
Adam,Langer,The Thieves of Manhattan,,1
Adam,Schell,"Tomato Rhapsody: A Fable of Love, Lust and Forbidden Fruit",,1
Adam,Haslett,Union Atlantic,,1
Adam Jacot De,Boinod,The Meaning of Tingo: And Other Extraordinary Words from Around the World,Tingo,1
Adaobi Tricia,Nwaubani,I Do Not Come to You by Chance,,1
Adele,Parks,Game Over,,1
Adele,Parks,Love Lies,,1
Adele,Ashworth,My Darling Caroline,,1
Adrian,Tchaikovsky,Empire in Black and Gold,Shadows of the Apt,1
Adrian,Tchaikovsky,Dragonfly Falling,Shadows of the Apt,2
Adrian,Tchaikovsky,Blood of the Mantis,Shadows of the Apt,3
Adrian,Tchaikovsky,Salute the Dark,Shadows of the Apt,4
Adrian,Tchaikovsky,The Scarab Path,Shadows of the Apt,5
Agatha,Christie,Parker Pyne Investigates,Ariadne Oliver,1
Agatha,Christie,The pale horse,Ariadne Oliver,5
Agatha,Christie,The Man in the Brown Suit,Colonel Race,1
Agatha,Christie,Sparkling cyanide,Colonel Race,4
Agatha,Christie,The Mysterious Mr. Quin,Harley Quin,1
Agatha,Christie,Problem at Pollensa Bay and other stories,Harley Quin,3
Agatha,Christie,The Harlequin Tea Set and Other Stories,Harley Quin,4
Agatha,Christie,Hercule Poirot\'s Casebook,Hercule Poirot Mystery,1
Agatha,Christie,The mysterious affair at Styles,Hercule Poirot Mystery,1
Agatha,Christie,Murder on the links,Hercule Poirot Mystery,2
Agatha,Christie,Poirot investigates,Hercule Poirot Mystery,3
Agatha,Christie,The Murder of Roger Ackroyd: A Hercule Poirot Mystery,Hercule Poirot Mystery,4
Agatha,Christie,The Big Four,Hercule Poirot Mystery,5
Agatha,Christie,The mystery of the blue train,Hercule Poirot Mystery,6
Agatha,Christie,Black Coffee,Hercule Poirot Mystery,6.5
Agatha,Christie,Peril at End House,Hercule Poirot Mystery,7
Agatha,Christie,Lord Edgware dies,Hercule Poirot Mystery,8
Agatha,Christie,Murder on the Orient Express: A Hercule Poirot Mystery,Hercule Poirot Mystery,9
Agatha,Christie,Three Act Tragedy,Hercule Poirot Mystery,10
Agatha,Christie,Death in the clouds,Hercule Poirot Mystery,11
Agatha,Christie,The A.b.c. Murders: A Hercule Poirot Mystery,Hercule Poirot Mystery,12
Agatha,Christie,Cards on the Table,Hercule Poirot Mystery,13
Agatha,Christie,Murder in Mesopotamia,Hercule Poirot Mystery,14
Agatha,Christie,Death on the Nile: a Hercule Poirot mystery,Hercule Poirot Mystery,15
Agatha,Christie,Poirot Loses a Client,Hercule Poirot Mystery,16
Agatha,Christie,Murder in the mews,Hercule Poirot Mystery,17
Agatha,Christie,Appointment with death: a Hercule Poirot mystery,Hercule Poirot Mystery,18
Agatha,Christie,Hercule Poirot\'s Christmas,Hercule Poirot Mystery,19
Agatha,Christie,"One, two, buckle my shoe",Hercule Poirot Mystery,20
Agatha,Christie,Sad cypress,Hercule Poirot Mystery,21
Agatha,Christie,Evil Under the Sun,Hercule Poirot Mystery,22
Agatha,Christie,Five Little Pigs,Hercule Poirot Mystery,23
Agatha,Christie,The Hollow,Hercule Poirot Mystery,24
Agatha,Christie,The labors of Hercules,Hercule Poirot Mystery,25
Agatha,Christie,Taken at the Flood,Hercule Poirot Mystery,26
Agatha,Christie,Three Blind Mice,Hercule Poirot Mystery,26.5
Agatha,Christie,Mrs. McGinty\'s Dead,Hercule Poirot Mystery,27
Agatha,Christie,After the funeral,Hercule Poirot Mystery,28
Agatha,Christie,Hickory Dickory Death,Hercule Poirot Mystery,29
Agatha,Christie,Cat Among the Pigeons,Hercule Poirot Mystery,31
Agatha,Christie,The Clocks,Hercule Poirot Mystery,34
Agatha,Christie,Third girl,Hercule Poirot Mystery,35
Agatha,Christie,Hallowe\'en party,Hercule Poirot Mystery,36
Agatha,Christie,Elephants can remember,Hercule Poirot Mystery,37
Agatha,Christie,Hercule Poirot\'s early cases,Hercule Poirot Mystery,38
Agatha,Christie,Curtain: Poirot\'s last case,Hercule Poirot Mystery,39
Agatha,Christie,Murder at the vicarage,Miss Marple,1
Agatha,Christie,The Thirteen Problems,Miss Marple,2
Agatha,Christie,The body in the library,Miss Marple,3
Agatha,Christie,The Moving Finger,Miss Marple,4
Agatha,Christie,A murder is announced,Miss Marple,5
Agatha,Christie,They do it with mirrors,Miss Marple,6
Agatha,Christie,A pocketful of rye,Miss Marple,7
Agatha,Christie,4:50 from Paddington,Miss Marple,8
Agatha,Christie,The mirror crack\'d from side to side,Miss Marple,9
Agatha,Christie,A Caribbean Mystery,Miss Marple,10
Agatha,Christie,Nemesis,Miss Marple,12
Agatha,Christie,Sleeping Murder,Miss Marple,13
Agatha,Christie,Miss Marple\'s final cases,Miss Marple,15
Agatha,Christie,The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories,Miss Marple,15.5
Agatha,Christie,The Secret of Chimneys,Superintendent Battle,1
Agatha,Christie,The seven dials mystery,Superintendent Battle,2
Agatha,Christie,Murder Is Easy,Superintendent Battle,4
Agatha,Christie,Towards zero,Superintendent Battle,5
Agatha,Christie,The secret adversary,Tommy and Tuppence,1
Agatha,Christie,Partners in crime,Tommy and Tuppence,2
Agatha,Christie,N Or M?,Tommy and Tuppence,3
Agatha,Christie,By the pricking of my thumbs,Tommy and Tuppence,4
Agatha,Christie,Adventure of the Christmas Pudding and other stories,,1
Agatha,Christie,Agahta Christie: An autobiography,,1
Agatha,Christie,And then there were none,,1
Agatha,Christie,At Bertram\'s Hotel,,1
Agatha,Christie,Best detective stories of Agatha Christie,,1
Agatha,Christie,Complete Short Stories of Miss Marple,,1
Agatha,Christie,Crooked House,,1
Agatha,Christie,Death comes as the end,,1
Agatha,Christie,Destination unknown,,1
Agatha,Christie,Endless Night,,1
Agatha,Christie,Ordeal by innocence,,1
Agatha,Christie,Passenger to Frankfurt,,1
Agatha,Christie,Spider\'s Web,,1
Agatha,Christie,The hound of death,,1
Agatha,Christie,The Listerdale Mystery,,1
Agatha,Christie,The Sittaford Mystery,,1
Agatha,Christie,The Unexpected Guest,,1
Agatha,Christie,They came to Baghdad,,1
Agatha,Christie,While the light lasts,,1
Agatha,Christie,Why Didn\'t They Ask Evans?,,1
Alan,Furst,Dark star: a novel,Night Soldiers,2
Alan,Rusbridger,Smelliest Day at the Zoo,,1
Alan,Brinkley,The Publisher: Henry Luce and His American Century,,1
Alan,Weisman,The World Without Us,,1
Alan Dean,Foster,Star Trek Movie Tie-In,Star Trek,2009.05
Albert,Simon,For Sale in Palm Springs: The Henry Wright Mystery Series,,1
Albert,Camus,The Stranger,,1
Albert,Wittig,The Tale of Oat Cake Crag,,1
Aldous,Huxley,Brave New World,,1
Alex,Bledsoe,The Sword-Edged blonde,Eddie LaCrosse,1
Alex,Prentiss,Night Tides,Lady of the Lakes,1
Alex,Kava,A Perfect Evi,Maggie O\'Dell,1
Alex,Kava,Split Second,Maggie O\'Dell,2
Alex,Kava,The Soul Catcher,Maggie O\'Dell,3
Alex,Kava,At the Stroke of Madness,Maggie O\'Dell,4
Alex,Kava,A Necessary Evil,Maggie O\'Dell,5
Alex,Kava,Exposed,Maggie O\'Dell,6
Alex,Kava,Black Friday,Maggie O\'Dell,7
Alex,Archer,Destiny,Rogue Angel,1
Alex,Archer,Solomon\'s jar,Rogue Angel,2
Alex,Archer,The Spider Stone,Rogue Angel,3
Alex,Archer,The Chosen,Rogue Angel,4
Alex,Archer,Forbidden City,Rogue Angel,5
Alex,Archer,The Lost Scrolls,Rogue Angel,6
Alex,Archer,God Of Thunder,Rogue Angel,7
Alex,Archer,Secret of the Slaves,Rogue Angel,8
Alex,Archer,Warrior Spirit,Rogue Angel,9
Alex,Archer,Serpent\'s Kiss,Rogue Angel,10
Alex,Archer,Provenance,Rogue Angel,11
Alex,Archer,The Soul Stealer,Rogue Angel,12
Alex,Archer,Gabriel\'s Horn,Rogue Angel,13
Alex,Archer,The Golden Elephant,Rogue Angel,14
Alex,Archer,Swordsman\'s Legacy,Rogue Angel,15
Alex,Archer,Polar Quest,Rogue Angel,16
Alex,Archer,Eternal Journey,Rogue Angel,17
Alex,Archer,Sacrifice,Rogue Angel,18
Alex,Archer,Seeker\'s Curse,Rogue Angel,19
Alex,Archer,Footprints,Rogue Angel,20
Alex,Archer,Paradox,Rogue Angel,21
Alex,Archer,The Spirit Banner,Rogue Angel,22
Alex,Archer,Sacred Ground,Rogue Angel,23
Alex,Archer,The Bone Conjurer,Rogue Angel,24
Alex,Archer,Tribal Ways,Rogue Angel,25
Alex,Archer,The Dragon\'s Mark,Rogue Angel,26
Alex,Scarrow,A Thousand Suns,,1
Alex,Scarrow,Last Light,,1
Alex,Scarrow,October Skies,,1
Alexa & Davitt,Snow,Laying a Ghost,Ghost,1
Alexa & Davitt,Snow,Giving Up the Ghost,Ghost,2
Alexa & Davitt,Snow,Waking the Dead,Ghost,3
Alexander,McCall Smith,The Unbearable Lightness of Scones,44 Scotland Street,5
Alexander,Kent,Success to the Brave,Bolitho,17
Alexander,Waugh,The House of Wittgenstein: A Family at War,,1
Alexander & Madison,Hamilton,The Federalist papers,,1
Alexander McCall,Smith,Corduroy Mansions,Corduroy Mansions,1
Alexander Mccall,Smith,The No. 1 Ladies\' Detective Agency,The No. 1 Ladies\' Detective Agency,1
Alexander McCall,Smith,Tea Time for the Traditionally Built,The No. 1 Ladies\' Detective Agency,10
Alexander McCall,Smith,The Double Comfort Safari Club,The No. 1 Ladies\' Detective Agency,11
Alexander McCall,Smith,Folktales from Africa: the Baboons who went this way and that,,1
Alexander McCall,Smith,La\'s Orchestra Saves the World,,1
Alexandra,Ivy,When Darkness Comes,Guardians of Eternity,1
Alexandra,Ivy,Embrace the Darkness,Guardians of Eternity,2
Alexandra,Ivy,Darkness Everlasting,Guardians of Eternity,3
Alexandra,Ivy,Darkness Revealed,Guardians of Eternity,4
Alexandra,Ivy,Darkness Unleashed,Guardians of Eternity,5
Alexandra,Adornetto,Halo,Halo YA series,1
Alexandra,Sokoloff,Book of Shadows,,1
Alexandra,Benedict,The Notorious Scoundrel,,1
Alexandra,Sokoloff,The Unseen,,1
Alexandra,Potter,You\'re the One That I Don\'t Want,,1
Alexandre,Dumas,Louise de la Valliere,D\'Artagnan Romances,4
Alexandre,Dumas,The Man in the Iron Mask,D\'Artagnan Romances,5
Alexandre,Dumas,Man in the Iron Mask,,1
Alexandre,Dumas,The Count of Monte Cristo (Abridged B&N),,1
Alexandre,Dumas,The Count of Monte Cristo (Unabridged Penguin),,1
Alexandre,Dumas,The Three Musketeers,,1
Alexandre,Dumas,Twenty Years After,,1
Alexey,Pehov,Shadow Prowler,Chronicles of Siala,1
Alfred,Bester,The demolished man,,1
Alfred,Bester,The stars my destination,,1
Alfredo,VГ©a,Gods go begging,,1
Ali,Eteraz,Children of Dust: A Memoir of Pakistan,,1
Ali,Smith,The First Person: And Other Stories,,1
Alice,Sebold,The Lovely Bones,,1
Alisa,Sheckley,The Better to Hold You,Abra Barrow,1
Alisa,Sheckley,Moonburn,Abra Barrow,2
Alisa M.,Libby,The King\'s Rose,,1
Alison,Weir,Children of Henry VIII,,1
Alison,Weir,"Eleanor of Aquitaine: by the wrath of God, Queen of England",,1
Alison,Baverstock,How to Get a Job in a Museum Or Art Gallery,,1
Alison,Weir,The Lady Elizabeth,,1
Alison,Weir,The Lady in the Tower: The Fall of Anne Boleyn,,1
Alison,Weir,The princes in the tower,,1
Alissa,Johnson,Destined to Last,,1
Allan,Cole,Wizard of the Winds,The Timura Trilogy,1
Allan & Bunch,Cole,The Warrior\'s Tale,The Far Kingdoms,2
Allen,Ginsberg,Reality sandwiches,,0
Allison,McKenna,Sharae and Melissa,Slave Girls Trilogy,1
Ally,Blake,Dating the Rebel Tycoon,,1
Alton,Gansky,The incumbent,Madison Glenn,1
Alyssa,Day,Atlantis Betrayed,The Warriors of Poseidon,6
Amanda,Downum,The Drowning City,The Necromancer Chronicles,1
Amanda,Downum,The Bone Palace,The Necromancer Chronicles,2
Amulya,Malladi,The Mango Season,,1
Amy,Tan,The Joy Luck Club,,1
Amy,Stewart,Wicked Plants,,1
Andrea,Gillies,"Keeper: One House, Three Generations, and a Journey Into Alzheimer\'s",,1
Andrea,Levy,The Long Song,,1
Andrew,Vachss,The Weight,,1
Andrew,Rosenheim,Without prejudice,,1
Andrew & Joachim,Schloss,Mastering the Grill: The Owner\'s Manual for Outdoor Cooking,,1
Andrew B.,King,Website Optimization,,1
Andrew H.,Vachss,Two Trains Running,,1
Andy,McNab,Avenger,Boy Soldier,3
Andy,McNab,Remote Control,Nick Stone,1
Andy,McNab,Crisis Four,Nick Stone,2
Andy,McNab,Firewall,Nick Stone,3
Andy,McNab,Last Light,Nick Stone,4
Andy,McNab,Liberation day,Nick Stone,5
Andy,McNab,Dark Winter,Nick Stone,6
Andy,McNab,Aggressor,Nick Stone,8
Andy,McNab,Cross Fire,Nick Stone,10
Andy,McNab,Brute Force,Nick Stone,11
Andy,McNab,Exit Wound,Nick Stone,12
Andy,McNab,Zero Hour,Nick Stone,13
Andy,Lane,Slow Decay,Torchwood,3
Andy,McNab,Bravo two zero,,1
Andy,McNab,Immediate Action,,1
Andy,Remic,Kell\'s Legend: The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles,,1
Andy,McNab,Last Night Another Soldier...,,1
Andy,McNab,Seven Troop,,1
Andy,McNab,Spoken from the Front,,1
Andy,McNab,The Grey Man,,1
Andy,Raskin,The Ramen King and I: How the Inventor of Instant Noodles Fixed My Love Life,,1
Andy,McNab,War Torn,,1
Andy & Hackett,Warhol,The Andy Warhol Diaries,,1
Andy & Rigby,McNab,Boy soldier,Boy Soldier,1
Andy & Rigby,McNab,Payback,Boy Soldier,2
Andy & Rigby,McNab,Meltdown,Boy Soldier,4
Angela,Knight,Burning Up,,1
Angie,Fox,The Accidental Demon Slayer,Accidental Demon Slayer,1
ANITA,SHREVE,A Change in Altitude,,1
ANITA,SHREVE,Resistance: a novel,,1
Anita,Diamant,The Red Tent,,1
Ann,Rule,In the Still of the Night: The Strange Death of Ronda Reynolds and Her Mother\'s Unceasing Quest for the Truth,,1
Ann,Brashares,My Name Is Memory,,1
Ann,Cristy,Tread softly,,1
Ann,Napolitano,Within Arm\'s Reach,,1
Anna,McPartlin,"Alexandra, Gone",,1
Anna,Godbersen,Bright Young Things,,1
Anna,Whitelock,"Mary Tudor: Princess, Bastard, Queen",,1
Anna,Quindlen,Object lessons,,1
Anna,Davis,The Jewel Box,,1
Annabelle,Gurwitch,"You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up",,1
Anne,Perry,Brunswick Gardens,Charlotte and Thomas Pitt,18
Anne,Rice,The witching hour,Lives of the Mayfair Witches,1
Anne,Rice,Lasher,Lives of the Mayfair Witches,2
Anne,Rice,Taltos,Lives of the Mayfair Witches,3
Anne,Rice,Pandora,New Tales of the Vampires,1
Anne,Rice,"Vittorio, the vampire",New Tales of the Vampires,2
Anne,Holt,1222,The Hanne Wilhelmsen series,8
Anne,Stuart,Ruthless,The House of Rohan,1
Anne,Rice,Angel Time: The Songs of the Seraphim,The Songs of the Seraphim,1
Anne,Rice,Of Love and Evil,The Songs of the Seraphim,2
Anne,Rice,Interview with the Vampire,Vampire Chronicles,1
Anne,Rice,The Vampire Lestat,Vampire Chronicles,2
Anne,Rice,The queen of the damned,Vampire Chronicles,3
Anne,Rice,The tale of the body thief,Vampire Chronicles,4
Anne,Rice,Memnoch the Devil,Vampire Chronicles,5
Anne,Rice,The vampire Armand,Vampire Chronicles,6
Anne,Rice,Merrick,Vampire Chronicles,7
Anne,Rice,Blood and Gold,Vampire Chronicles,8
Anne,Rice,Blackwood Farm,Vampire Chronicles,9
Anne,Rice,Blood canticle,Vampire Chronicles,10
Anne,Perry,The face of a stranger,William Monk novels,1
Anne,Perry,A Dangerous Mourning,William Monk novels,2
Anne,Perry,Defend and Betray,William Monk novels,3
Anne,Perry,"A sudden, fearful death",William Monk novels,4
Anne,Perry,The Sins of the Wolf,William Monk novels,5
Anne,Perry,Cain His Brother,William Monk novels,6
Anne,Perry,Weighed in the balance,William Monk novels,7
Anne,Perry,The Silent Cry,William Monk novels,8
Anne,Perry,A Breach of Promise,William Monk novels,9
Anne,Perry,The Twisted Root,William Monk novels,10
Anne,Perry,Funeral in Blue,William Monk novels,12
Anne,Perry,Dark Assassin,William Monk novels,15
Anne,Perry,Execution Dock,William Monk novels,16
Anne,Bronte,Agnes Grey,,1
Anne,Hampson,An eagle swooped,,1
Anne,Hampson,Call of the veld,,1
Anne,Rice,Cry to heaven,,1
Anne,Michaels,Fugitive pieces,,1
Anne,Brock,Give me liberty,,1
Anne,Tyler,Ladder of Years: A Novel,,1
Anne,McAllister,McGillivray\'s Mis
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