Various Galaxy Angel CDs repacked Version 6

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From version 4:-
Galaxy Angel de SHOW! -
Galaxy Angel Best Album I - Squeeze it Most
Galaxy Angel Best Album II
Galaxy Angel Monthly CD 1 - Born To Be Happy
Galaxy Angel Monthly CD 2 - Longin\' For You
Galaxy Angel Monthly CD 3 - Sweet Flavor
Galaxy Angel Monthly CD 4 - Mission 24
Galaxy Angel Monthly CD 5 - Healing Ship
Galaxy Angel Monthly CD 6 - Always Together
Galaxy Angel 3rd Season Original Soundtrack Plus
Galaxy Angel 4th Season Original Soundtrack
Galaxy Angel Best Vocal CD
Galaxy Single Character Single Volume 6 - Normad Guruguru Love
Galaxy Angel Angel UKKI Single
Galaxy Angel Character File 01 - Ranpha Franboise (Yukari Tamura)*
Galaxy Angel Character File 02 - Milfeulle Sakuraba (Ryoko Shintani)*
Galaxy Angel Character File 03 - Mint Blamanche (Miyuki Sawashiro)*
Galaxy Angel Character File 04 - Vanilla H (Mika Kanai)*
Galaxy Angel Character File 05 - Forte Stollen (Mayumi Yamaguchi)*
Galaxy Angel Character File 06 - Chitose Karasuma (Saori Gotou)
Galaxy Angel File Series Album - Angel Charge
Galaxy Angel de FEVER!
Galaxy Angel de SHOUT!
Galaxy Angel Duet 1 - Milfeulle Sakuraba (Ryoko Shintani) & Chitose Karasumaru (Saori Gotou)
Galaxy Angel Duet 2 - Ranpha Franboise (Yukari Tamura) & Forte Stollen (Mayumi Yamaguchi)
Galaxy Angel Duet 3 - Mint Blancmanche (Miyuki Sawashiro) & Vanilla H (Mika Kanai)
Galaxy Angel Duet Album - Angel Shake
Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers - Angelic Symphony Original Soundtrack 2004
Galaxy Angel Galaxy BaBanga Bang! Single*
Galaxy Angel Game Edition Premium Trading Card Collection - Contains a single 13 minutes track full with conversations and background songs.
Galaxy Angel Instrumental CD - Contains karaoke/intrumental titles, of which the first is Eternal Love and the second is You Get A Chance by Milfeulle Sakuraba. I assume the rest of the tracks (there are eleven of them) are all karaoke tracks, and the supplied text file contains the list of the singers only according to the pattern shown above.
Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers Soundtrack
Galaxy Angel Vanilla Single 2
Galaxy Angel Vocal Album - Eternal Songs
Galaxy Angel X\'mas CD 2003 Angel Christmas
Galaxy Angel X\'mas CD 2004 Miracle Christmas
Galaxy Angel Yaminabe CD
Galaxy Angel Special Day
Eternal Love Complete Collection (love) .
Galaxy Angel Character File Album 1 - Milfeulle Sakuraba
Galaxy Angel de FIGHT!
Galaxy Angel II Zettai Ryoiki no Tobira Intro Theme side M: Wing of Destiny
Galaxy Angel ~Moonlit Lovers~ Intro Theme Single: Eternal Love 2003
Galaxy Angel II Character File 1 - Apricot Sakuraba
Galaxy Angel II Character File 2 - Anise Azeat
Galaxy Angel II Character File 3 - Nano-nano Pudding
Galaxy Angel II Character File 4 - Kahlua Marjoram
Galaxy Angel II Character File 5 - Lily C Sherbet
Galaxy Angel II & I Duet CD 1 - Apricot Sakuraba and Milfeulle Sakuraba
Galaxy Angel II & I Duet CD 2 - Anise Azeat and Mint Blamanche
Galaxy Angel II & I Duet CD 3 - Nano-nano Pudding and Vanilla H
Galaxy Angel II & I Duet CD 4 - Kahlua Marjoram and Ranpha Franboise
Galaxy Angel II & I Duet CD 5 - Lily C Sherbet and Forte Stollen
Galaxy Angel II & I Duet CD 6 - Kazuya Shiranami and Chitose Karasuma

* mark denotes that the karaoke tracks has been removed, thus incomplete.

New Albums for version 5:-
Galaxy Ange-Rune Ending Theme - Happy Flight -
Galaxy Ange-Rune Character Single Vol.1: Apricot Sakuraba
Galaxy Ange-Rune Character Single Vol.2: Anise Azeat
Galaxy Ange-Rune Character Single Vol.3: Nano-nano Pudding
Galaxy Ange-Rune Character Single Vol.4: Kahlua Marjoram
Galaxy Ange-Rune Character Single Vol.5: Lily C Sherbet
Galaxy Ange-Rune Opening Theme - Uchuu de Koi wa Rurun Ruun
Galaxy Angel Game Music
Galaxy Angel II Ending Theme - Shiro-iro Melody
Galaxy Angel II and I Duet Album: Angel Call
Galaxy Angel II and II Duet Series Special - This is a bonus CD you get if you buy the Galaxy Angel II and I Duet CD Set.
Galaxy Angel II Angelic Disc
Galaxy Angel Eternal Love 2006
Galaxy Angel Eternal Love 2007
Galaxy Ange-Rune Insert Song - Space Masquerade
Galaxy Ange-Rune Original Soundtrack
Mint and Puchiko Twin Heart Maxi Single
Galaxy Angel Himekuri Calendar CD 1
Galaxy Angel Himekuri Calendar CD 2
Galaxy Angel Himekuri Calendar CD 3
Galaxy Angel Radio Intro Theme

^Taken from BakaBT description of version 5 repack

New Albums for V6:

Galaxy Angel Di Gi Charat and Concert in EDITION Squadron Angel Arena in EDITION
Galaxy Angel de Go!
Galaxy Angel Angel Scramble Junction
Galaxy Angel de What!
Galaxy Angel Gin no Galaxy Angel
Galaxy Angel Kin no Galaxy Angel
Galaxy Angel Oubosha Zen\'in Service Tokusei CD Furu-furu Ginga
Galaxy Angel Music Symphony Orchestra Bruno Red Sun
Galaxy Angel OP ED Single - Angel Rock n Roll
Galaxy Angel Rune Drama CD 7
Galaxy Angel ~Moonlit Lovers~ Intro Theme Single Eternal Love 2003
Galaxy Angel Unknown Albums
Unknown Album Tracklist:

Track List:

Lily C Sherbet:
Blizzard Love & (Off Vocal)
Lonely Heart de OK & (off vocal)

Kahlua Marjoram:
Kiss On The Cheek & (off vocal)
Otome Half Tone & (off vocal)

Nano-nano Pudding:
Te To Te To & (off vocal)
Kashinami Ryuseigun & (off vocal)

Anise Azeat:
Hanikami Hunter & (off vocal)
Jalalala Love & (off vocal)

Apricot Sakuraba:
Fantastic Shimashou & (off vocal)
Kokoro To Kokoro No Present! & (off vocal)

Natsume Izayoi:
Izayoi Seigi & (off vocal)

Chitose Karasuma:
We wish... & (off vocal)
Mou Hitotsu No Aishikata & (off vocal)

Vanilla H:
Jaisetsu Na Mono Forever & (off vocal)
Limelight &(off vocal)

Forte Stollen:
Gray Zone Wo Uchinuite & (off vocal)
Ju Ha Solitude & (off vocal)
For You

Mint Blancmanche:
Setsunasa Wo Koete & (off vocal)
Good Good Good! & (off vocal)

Ranpha Franboise:
Magic ★ Paradise & (off vocal)
Soul In Love & (off vocal)

Milfeulle Sakuraba:
Precious Heart & (off vocal)
Glass Iro Sensation! & (off vocal)
Marshmellow ★ Chocolate
Sunday Suteki
Viva la Women!

Galaxy Angel I Group Songs
Hane wo Yasumeru Tenshi-tachi

Galaxy Angel II Group Songs
やめてメテオ(Meteor Quit?) - Needs romanji TL and clarification on name
ロケットラブル・ラブ (Rumble Rocket Love?) - Same as the above

Di Gi Charat & Galaxy Angel I Songs
Miracle ★ Telepathy
Eternal Love Complete Collection (love).rar 404.392 MB
GA unknown album.rar 206.73 MB
Galaxy Ange-Rune Character Single volume 1 Apricot Sakuraba.rar 134.207 MB
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