The Martial Arts Explorer

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The Martial Arts Explorer

Future Vision Multimedia

5 stars from CD-ROM Today
5 stars from Electronic Entertainment

Windows:  486SX,  25MHz  processor  or  better,  4MB of RAM minimum (8MB
recommended). SVGA (640x480x256) graphics  card with compatible monitor,
double speed CD- ROM drive with MSCDEX. Mouse or other Windows  pointing
device. Windows compatible sound cars. Windows 3.1 or later.

Macintosh:  68030,  25MHz  processor  or better, 4MB of RAM minimum (8MB
recommended), 13" color monitor  or  larger.  Double speed CD-ROM drive.
System 7.1 or later.

For more than a  millennium,  martial  arts  have  flourished in the Far
East. A fusion of Eastern  philosophy  and  times  of  great  wars.  The
martial  arts  have  only  started  to  reach  the  West in the past few
decades. The Martial Arts Explorer aims  at revealing the mystery of the
martial arts in an unprecedented way. This multimedia  CD-ROM  has  more
than  100 video clips, stunning images and illustrations and hundreds of
pages of enlightening text including complete ancient manuscripts.

Tansakusha, The Explorer,  will  be  your  personal  guide  to an entire
universe of knowledge. A breathtaking interactive interface  will  bring
you a richness of information never before found in one source. Come and
experience  the  definitive  martial  arts  source with the Martial Arts

The Martial Arts Explorer  offers  you  four paths of discovery accessed
from the main menu: The  Library,  Comparaview,  the  Journal,  and  the
Timeline.  Each  of these options encompasses complete worlds for you to

The Comparaview  presents  an  amazing  view  of  all  the  martial arts
examined by The Explorer. With just two clicks  of  the  mouse  you  can
access over 100 video clips featuring demonstrations and interviews.

Roam  the  Library's virtual space to find a wealth of information about
the history, philosophy, art, and  medicine  of  the Far East. Visit the
Library's movie  theater  to  view  a  real  action  self-defense  movie

Visit  the  Explorer's  island,  simulated  in  brilliant  3D animation.
Navigate in four pagodas build by Tansakusha to house different types of
Far Eastern art. The Timeline exhibition offers a three dimensional view
of Far Eastern history.

The Martial Arts Explorer offers more  than just the physical aspects of
martial arts. You will find information  on  the  philosophies  of  Zen,
Taoism, Buddhism, and more. Watch the graceful forms in the Comparaview,
and then come and view the beauty of the mind in the Library.

Tansakusha's   Journal   is   actually   a  compilation  resulting  from
meticulously  combining  the  knowledge  and  insights  of  12 different
martial arts masters. With over 80 hand-written pages,  this  manuscript
stands at the core of the Martial Arts Explorer.

Tansakusha's  travels, documented thoroughly in his journal are here for
you to explore. For the first  time  you may glimpse into this marvelous
source of knowledge. Learn through his travels as you flip through these
aged pages.

    I was a young man when I first set out on my quest.  Every  year,  I
would  return  to my home on the island of Raikuku and place my findings
in the library I had built  specifically for this purpose. My search was
for the ultimate in martial arts, but as the years went by  and  I  grew
older,  I  started  to  realize the true meaning of being a martial arts
practitioner. I realized there was no such thing as the ultimate martial
art. Each art has  its  beauty,  its  strengths and its weaknesses. This
revelation changed the course of my life. My goal was to gather as  much
relevant information as I could about the martial arts, the philosophies
relating  to  them  and  the history of the regions. I would gather this
knowledge and return with my feet  tired  and blistered - to the library
where I would build shelves to house the new  fragments  of  information
that I had collected. I traveled on foot to the farthest reaches of Asia
in search of the origins of the martial arts and the different practices
that  had  been developed. Recording these travels in my journal gave my
venture an overall structure. In the  journal I drew simple sketches and
added references to other books housed in  my  library.  These  sketches
help me remember what I had seen in those far away pavilions. Even in my
old age, when I look at them, they come to life in vivid color before my
eyes.  The journal reminds me of my explorations; it helps me understand
the contents of the magnificent library  that  is the fruit of my life's
work. I now know that it is not in vain for in my small  village,  I  am
known as Tansakusha, the martial arts explorer.


CD-ROM Today, June 1995

"For those people who  think  that  martial  arts  involves  challenging
people to death matches, then ripping their spines out, let me recommend
Martial  Arts  Explorer.  A  brilliant  collection  of  video  clips and
articles about  the  techniques,  history,  and  philosophies of several
martial-arts styles. This  magnificent  CD-ROM  dispels  the  myths  and
restores  some of the grace that the media has robbed from these ancient
art forms.

"One of the program's  nicest  features,  Comparview,  allows you to run
separate video clips side  by  side  to  compare  different  styles  and
techniques.  You  can  run  a  clip  of  the  more  popular  Kendo sword
techniques beside a clip of Iaido, a newer style of swordmanship. Though
you can only run one video clip at a time, you can switch back and forth
for  comparisons.   This   feature   offers   prospective  students  the
opportunity to look for an art that fits their body build and skills.

"While Martial Arts  Explorer  covers  the  exotic  arts  of  Indonesian
Pentjak  Silat  and  Kali  (a  very  practical Filipino weapons art), it
barely touches on several very important arts and artists. Kempo, one of
the most popular martial art sports in America, is hardly discusses...

"Overall,  Martial  Arts  Explorer  captures  the  inner  spirit  of the
oriental fighting styles and represents each martial art's style without
judgment.  As  a  multimedia  documentary,  Martial  Arts  Explorer   is
beautifully   produced  and  a  tightly  packed  CD-ROM  with  excellent
information on the variations of the arts."

Electronic Entertainment, October 1995

"If you like to splash  on  Hi  Karate cologne and consider Chuck Norris
flicks to be fine cinema, this digital offering will go right over  your
head.  The  Martial  Arts  Explorer  is  a  sophisticated  resource  for
exploring  the  fascinating  world  of  authentic  martial  arts. Future
Vision's CD-ROM for Windows  and  Mac  presents the history, the various
teaching  styles,  and  the  general   techniques   for   familiar   and
not-so-familiar  forms of these ancient arts, including Karate, Kung-Fu,
Taekwondo, Aikido, Pentjack Silat, and lai-Do.

"Your guide  is  the  mythical  Tansakusha,  whose  160-page handwritten
journal is actually a compilation of the myriad experiences  of  various
martial arts masters - and the foundation of the title."

Multimedia Merchandising, February 1995

"With four paths of discovery, the user gains a wealth of information on
the  history,  philosophy,  art  and medicine of the Far East. Visit the
Explorer's 3-D animated island; navigate  in four pagodas built to house
different types of Far Eastern art. A timeline offers a 3-D view of  Far
Eastern  history, while the library houses a movie theater from which to
view a real-action self-defense  sequence.  Includes more than 100 video
clips with demonstrations and interviews."

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