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Album : Conspiracy, aliens and nazis
from: Skull and Bones
Songwriter, composer, guitar player and vocalist: Carlos "Spartacus".

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Hello, I\'m Carlos Spartacus, Lead Singer, player and songwriter of Skull and Bones (former a band) , now solo project since the midle of 2007.
Skull and Bones started in 2006 when me and some workmates united to play hard rock and metal songs. The guys had other aims and priorities so as I was locally known I decided to keep working on this dream of mine. I do love play, sing , compose, and love make new friends all across the globe, so what better way to keep this two things togheter?
I made a few demos, and in 2009 released an ep called "Roswell", and in this year of 2010 I released "Skeletons Exhumed" and "Under Cover". In cd collect "Rock Soldiers XV" I have featured 3 tracks. In jan. 2011 I released "Homage to the great", a covers album, and in march 2011 I released "Earth secret history", a conceitual work about a lot of conspiracy theories about the history of our world Earth, and now (2012) after a huge intelectual and creative effort I release this album,"Conspiracy, Aliens and Nazis".

Yeah, I\'m kind of an underdog of underground rock & metal... I will keep running off side track against all odds , without care of the opinions of the dictatorial critics of music mags and websites.

At my free time I like to read about hidden or alternate history, and watch sci-fy and epic movies. I love when someone says something nice about my songs . if you enjoyed some of them, please coment it here, it gives fuel, strenght for fight and grow more, please don\'t be shy :). I myself read and answer messages, but often i delay a bit because I got to work for live and got very little free time, please don\'t be mad about it, be patient !
To keep growing, I need your help, if you enjoyed the songs, please leave a comment (or click share and like on our pages) and tell your friends about it. A nice comment really makes my day.

This is a official release.
I do this because I love, I love to write, to research, to play guitar and sing.
I love to meet or talk even over internet with people who like my songs.
But I need to work to fulfill this Dream. If I could Earn a bit from my songs monthly,
I would be able to make many more songs... I got a lot of bills to pay at moment, so I really need some money.
And if you like it a lot and can, you can buy it from our distributor.
If you like really please buy it, I really need. Thanks for try them anyway.

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TRACKLIST +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

n. Title Track Length ISRC
1 The Bell 04:40 GBSMU1070018
2 Free Gary Mckinnon 05:23 GBSMU1070019
3 Aliens among us 05:11 GBSMU1070020
4 Spartacus 04:52 GBSMU1070021
5 The Brotherhood of Snake 04:33 GBSMU1070022
6 Hollow Earth 04:49 GBSMU1070023
7 German Flying Saucers 05:06 GBSMU1070024
8 Nazi Moon Base 05:06 GBSMU1070025
9 One way trip to Mars 05:41 GBSMU1070026
10 EBE 04:58 GBSMU1070027
11 The Journey 04:57 GBSMU1070028
12 Good Guys 05:32 GBSMU1070029
13 Military Industrial ET Complex 05:32 GBSMU1070030
14 The Alien race called Dow 04:58 GBSMU1070031
15 The Philadelphia Experiment 04:43 GBSMU1070032

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"Spartacus" special thanks to:
Family, for let me work when inspiration comes...: Laisnira, Kenneth. For inspiration and help: Ars. Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, Auriel; Bgs. Barnel , Tardoe, Corilon, Rochel, Soteri, Riquita, Tapum, Arisaka, Baroa, Abeltach, Mumiah, Seeiah, Amsariah and Mephitahl, and Venus bgs. To parents Maria da Graca (mother) and Luiz Carlos (dad in memoriam) grandma "Nana"(in memorian), aunt Lucy (in memorian) and all relatives.

To my favorite book or articles authors: Zecharia Sitchin, Erich von Daniken, George Adamski, William Bramley, David Hatcher Childress, William Cooper, Philip Corso, Charles Fort, Jim Mars, Henry Stevens, Jan Van Helsing, Michael E. Salla (Phd) and Alex Collier.
Crowley, Duquette, Bardon, Donald Kraig, Macgregor Mathers, Dion Fortune, John dee and for historical example of the real Spartacus and to Prometeus.

And thanks to the website, excellent source of alternative matters.

video links:
This videos are from my previous release, Earth Secret History. I know they
are less heavier, but i love it too.

Admiral Byrd\'s Expediction -
Noah\'s Ark -
Fake Moon Landing -


Person I would like to meet personally: Simone Simons singer of epica. I would love take a picture with her by my side, I\'m huge fan.

Reagan briefing part I - EBE

Nineteen forty seven,
Two spacecrafts crashed
In a big storm
At New Mexico.

Many bodies found
And one were alive.
To him, they named
EBE and Noah.

EBE means

Debries and ebes
Were taken to
Roswell\'s army air field
At New Mexico.

Five dead aliens and one alive.
Bodies were transported to wright field Ohio.
Kept in a form of deep freeze.
Alive EBE was taken to Los Alamos.

First he was not able to speak.
Later he was helped by military doctors.
EBE lived untill nineteen fifty two
And he gave to us valuable intel.

Why they always hide the truth from us?
We deserve to know it all.
The universe is full of life many alien races
Are spread across the stars.
Why they always hide the truth from us?
We deserve to know it all.
Travel faster than light Einstein was wrong.
Time has come for disclosure.

EBE came from Zeta Reticuli.
He was not human and had a grey skin.
His blood wasn\'t read his brain entirely different.
And his black eyes had two eyelids.

(his) spaceship travelled forty light years.
In just nine months using wormholes.
A treaty was signed with the aliens
Leading to an exchange.

Reagan briefing part II - Exchange

EBE was able to send a message.
To his home planet suggesting an exchange.
Majestic planned the meeting
That would have occurred in nineteen sixty five.
Twelve people were chosen
From Military , single with no children.
That day, Ebens has landed
And exchanged ours for one of them.

They traveled across a wormhole seven months.
Their trip destiny was a planet called Serpo.
There the days had forty hours , and shone two suns.
The landscape was like a hot desert on Earth.

Traveled in the deep space.
Across the stars to the distant place an alien world.
There heroes made new friends.
Learned a lot thought was hard to blend in SERPO.
Traveled in the deep space.
Across the stars to the distant place an alien world.
Broght to the government many advances.
When will they share all that with the rest of the world.

They explored the planet, culture and geography, even history, learnt a great deal.
It was expected to stay ten years But that became later thirteen.
One died on the way, two on the planet, two decided to stay, seven come back.
Amazing journey an epic to remember but how this could be That still now we don\'t know their names.

Aliens among us

There are Extraterrestrials that live among us.
And they blend and are not easy recognizable.
They can be tall , short , have dark or lighter skin
And can have blue or brown eyes.
They can speak with no accent, but they have
Penetrating deep brigth eyes.
Adamski was the first to write about extraterrestrials secretly living
Among the human population.

In a lobby of some L. A. Hotel in nineteen fifty two
Adamski meet two businessmen who seemed very friendly.
They looked like businessmen , well proportioned, in his early thirties.
Both were about six feet tall, one with brown hair and the other black.
When they greeted, called him by the name and gave the same sign.
Years ago he received in the famous desert center meeting.
Their speeches were soft with no accent in perfect english
But they was aliens From Mars and Saturn in a mission.

There was a human group that looked so much like us
That drove the NATO military crazy.
Generals were paranoid over the possibility that some of them
Could be walking in they headquarters.
Ingo Swann claims that he was shopping in a supermarket
When he noticed a very attractive, scantily clad female.
He discovered later by some CIA agent
That the woman was an extraterrestrial.

In nineteen forty seven , howard menger knew a real state man.
They asked him for advice, and he had a woman with him
Later they revelead themselves , and showed to him.
A place for they meetings later verified by many witness.
Doctor Frank Strages meet in nineteen fifty nine a venusian called
Valliant Thor He was a guest of the US government.
There was another alien , a beautiful female, called Elyense.
That was told in detail to us from professor Hernandez.

Aliens are among us.
Do you know?
Extra terrestrials
In human form.
your Neighbour
Could be one.

Aliens are among us
Do you want to know?
Ets in human form.
It Could be sitting right
Next to you now.
Aliens in human form.

Philadelphia Experiment

In nineteen thirtyies Tesla was experimenting with
Moving through the Time/Space continuum
And the University of Chicago investigated how became
Invisible through the use of electricity.
In nineteen thirty nine this project was moved to
Princeton\'s Institute of Advanced Studies
Einstein and Tesla were working to solve the unified field theory

So the US Navy , in the second world war , wanted to make ships invisible.
They used the destroyer USS Eldridge with full crew in this experiment.
The generators were fired up. The switches were thrown. The ship disappeared and all seemed well.
(um riff mudo para criar suspense)

Philadelphia Experiment were successful
They discovered a way to control time and space
The experiment was based on an aspect of the Einstein\'s
Unified field theory,
Philadelphia Experiment were successful
They discovered a way to control time and space
The experiment was based on an aspect of the Einstein\'s
Unified field theory,

The ship disappeard for four hours, travelling forty years in the future
It travelled time and space , ended up (wound up) at Montauk , New York state
When It returns, some the saylors were dead, others missing, some in fire, and some crazy.
Some of the saylors were melted with the ships hull , what a freak show to watch

Free Gary Mckinnon

Gary mckinnon is a hacker
Who has been accused
To have done the bigest
Hack of all times
He broke in Nasa
And military systems
Just to find information
About Ufos and aliens

Verse 3
He found a US space command
And a list of non terrestrial officers
And found another list entitled
Fleet-to-fleet transfers
And looked at the names
And they weren\'t navy ships
What he saw that time , made him believe
That they had some kind of spaceships.

He had only a dream
Free Gary Mckinnon
Na�¿ve , with good intent, hacker
Free Gary Mckinnon
Hes has asperger syndrome
Free Gary Mckinnon
Let\'s end this
Free Gary Mckinnon

Verse 3
He found many photographs
Of Ufos and strange things
At Johnson Space Centre he found
Pictures of cigar-shaped objects
Now he has been terrorized
Of extradiction and seventy years in jail
Why persecute him , he had good intent,
Like prometeus giving fire to mankind

The Alien Race Called Dow

The Dows are a small subrace of Alien Greys
That are responsible for many abductions and detentions.
They possess very little emotional development,
But have very strong telepathic powers.
These powers are often used to deceive and conceal
Their true motives and objectives to stay here
They are from Zeta Reticuli two
From the star called M two.

Their home sun had burned out and their planet destroyed
Without a soul in hybrid bodies, they must steal energy.
They strip off energy layers of their abductee souls
This energy is then "fed" to infant hybrids to sustain their life
They were altered genetically they couldn\'t reproduce,
Ensuring they wouldn\'t rise up against their captors
They abuse the use of power only in service to themselves
They would like to be free but instead become wanderers

The Dows are a small faction
Of the grey aliens
They are ruled by the Orion group
Genetically altered trough generations,
They became slaves and pirates.
The dows are a small faction
Of the grey aliens
They are ruled by the Orion group
Genetically altered trough generations,
They became slaves and pirates.

The dows and the orions have left behind everywhere they went destruction and slavery
They don\'t care about you they are for their own survival
Wash away your compassion focus and fight stay very sharp
They are very dangerous to human race on Earth
Let me tell how they operate they choose a world in development
Then make contact with the strong nation give technology and sign a treaty
Giving their permission to study life forms but they keep their hidden agenda
Then they slowly control our governments rule the mob and become our leaders


The Brotherhood of Snake

Ea created homo sapiens to be suited for earth labor
But later changed his mind about using spiritual enslavement.
In the beginning the brotherhood was dedicated to dissemination
Of spiritual knowledge and attainment of spiritual freedom
It opposed to the enslavement of spiritual beings of mankind
It sought to liberate the human race from custodial bondage
It included teachings of how to physical heal
For this the snake became venerated by the human race

Despite all good intentions
Ea and early brotherhood
Clearly Failed
To free human race
Ancient texts
From Mesopotamia and egypt
And the bible
Told us the snake was defeated
The serpent
In the garden of eden
Was overcome
Before complete its mission
To give to
Adam and Eve
The fruit
Of the second tree

The brotherhood of Snake
Aimed to free mankind
But their aims were twisted
And now it\'s used to enslave
The brotherhood of Snake
They twist spiritual teatchings
And if you follow them
You will never be free.

Wich intent
Was free mankind
Was villanized
Was labeled
By horrible
Monarch of hell
Prince of liars
Evil incarnate
And said
That All bad
In earth
Was caused by him

German flying saucers

All started in the nineteen twenties
With the rundflugzeug
Or round aircrafts
They utilized
Levitators developed by Schumann
Of Munich university
All these planned and supported
By societies like thule and Vrill
All overseen by SS
Exploring alternative energies

They developed aircrafts
That used gravitic drive systems
Their names were
Vrill and Haunebu
These machines used a core
Of liquid mercury
They had even manys Psychics
That worked chanelling for them

Miethe, belluzzo, Schriever , Habermohl and Schauberger
Were the fathers of the flying saucers
Hidden technology locked untill today
Using Zero point energy
Vrill, haunebus , all were produced in Jonas Valley complex
And the allieds in the end of war runned to steal plans for black projects

Verse 3
They not used the discs to try to win the war
Because it was impracticable
Despite their superior overall performance
They used them for transport or recon
In the end of war many prototipes were destroyed
And some say many went to a secret base
A secret base on underground Antarctica
But that history is for another song

Hollow Earth

In north and south pole
Are huge passages
To the interior of Earth
There are many cities
From many civilizations
Hidden inside
The Agarta network
Is composed by
More than hundred cities
Their people are advanced
And have even
Psychic powers

These cities are guardians of secret knowledge
Teachings and technologies from ancient cultures
Many ascended masters there dwell
With others teachers with spiritual heritage
There are havens for refugees
Of ancient civilization wars
They have advanced spacecrafts
That in and out from our poles

Verse 3
I\'m not saying that all is hollow
Like a ballon but like huge caves
Linked to each other in a network
There could dwell aliens
Here could be their planet too
And nazis could have found this too
When they drilled to make their base

Hollow Earth
Is not
That silly
When you look close
Hollow Earth
Where dwell
A superior race

The Bell (die Glocke)

The bell was a secret weapon, from Germany in world war two
What it really was, we don\'t have proof
It was a flying device, or a time portal
But it was so relevant, that could turn the fate of war

It was built in a German facility , known as der riese ,
In a shape that looks like a bell, Nine feet wide and fifteen high,
The engine had two counter rotating cylinders, filled with liquid mercury
It was tested near wencelas mine, in a place we call the Henge

Verse 3
All the scientists and crew when the war seemed lost were shot dead
Hans Kammler the boss misteriously dissapear with the prototipe of the bell
Went he to another dimension , went he to the past, maybe he went to ancient india,
Many years, later in the future, a thing that looked like a bell , fell in Kecksburg.

The Bell , die Glocke
Was a secret weapon
Antigravitic device ,
Or a time machine
The Bell , die Glocke
Was a secret weapon
Nuclear powered or with
Zero-point energy

Nazi moon base

The moon is not what they say
It has great caves.
Proof of this are the mascons,
That illogical distribution of gravity.
The moon has glass domes.
Probably left by ancient aliens.
And other structures,
That easily could be used.

Some say that the moon is really a big artificial satellite.
What we really know that is older than Earth.
In the middle of the war , Germans kept their space program.
Using a great flying saucer of Mieth and Schriever type.
It had about sixty meters in diameter , and forty five meters tall.
Since they landed , they started boring and tunelling under the moon.
And at the end of war they had a small base there.

There\'s a Nazi base on the moon.
They managed to survive and still are there.
There\'s a Nazi base on the moon.
And they defend our planet from bad aliens.

There you can find arcs, buildings and vegetation,
Cristal towers , ruins and water too.
From time to time, people find something in the pictures.
That were released by agencies like NASA.
They got people checking the pictures for strange things,
And got others to airbrush these.
Hope one day they end this policy of secrecy,
And all these things became known for mankind.

Exopolitics part I - The Good guys

I will talk about alien races
That are benign to mankind
Telosians from Earth help us to understand
Our ancient history and restore human longevity
Lyrans from lyra spread unique history
On nordic human race on the galaxy
Vegans from lyra assist us in diplomacy
And conflict resolution

Verse 3
Pleiadians , help humanity
Find freedom from oppressive structures
Procyons promote resistance
To et subversion
They prevent ET mind control,
And monitor the hostiles
Tau Cetians control subversion,
By other Ets

Many Extraterrestrials Are present
Here Like the red cross
Are present in some critical places
They are here
To help us
In this very critical moment
To find our place in Universe.
But don\'t forget
There are others
Selfish with an
Hidden agenda
That don\'t care
About us
If they could
They would
Enslave us

Verse 3
Andromedans, expose the elite
Sirians , from Sirius A,
Protect the environment
Alpha Centaurians promote Social justice
And human freedom.
Arcturians coordenate
Other relationships with ets

One-way trip to Mars

In the end of world war two germans had built an special flying saucer
That was the one and only produced with seventy five meters in diameter
A volunter suicide crew of Germans and Japanese was chosen
Because was easier to send them without gear to return.

The craft had andromeda big tachyon drives
And was armed with four triple gun turrets
The crew was large, more than a hundred
Because the low level of automation inside
The flight to Mars departed from Germany
One month before the war ended.
The trip lasted eight long months
They landed in january , forty six

One-way trip
To mars
This was done
In nineteen forty five
The brave entrepreneurs
Was the germans
They losed the war
But not the space race
One-way trip
To mars
That was an achievement
For all humankind
Suicidal mission
Hope they survived
And built a nice base
To wait we get there


Who is Spartacus?

Verse 3
He was born in thracia, were today is Bulgaria, an ordinary man.
He served with Romans, but became a prisoner , a later a slave.
He was sold, and due to his strength , became a gladiator
Spartacus was trained at the gladiatorial school near Capua belonging to Batiatus

He made a plot to scape
He and seventy men seized kitchen implements,
And fought their way free from scholl
And seized too weapons and armor
The escaped slaves
It defeated a small force
Sent after them
And plundered the region
On their way, recruited many other slaves
And later retired to mount Vesuvius

He became the leader, of the rebellion
Slaves for all Rome joined them
Seventy thousand was the size of their ranks
They repelled many Roman attacks
They only started to lose, when divided
Like when Crixus and thirty thousand lost and died
They intended to scape in ships,
But the ships never came, they were betrayed.

Spartacus was an real-life example
How oppressed could rise
Sometimes is better lose your life,
Than lose your freedom or your soul.
Who is Spartacus? I\'m Spartacus,
And you could be too.
Just wake up, stand up, figth for what\'s right

Exopolitics part II - Military Industrial Et Complex
The military industrial
ET complex
And some alien races
Signed a treaty
Mainly with the country
Of United States
What they gained
In return of this?

The Short Grays abduct civilians
And make experiments
They monitor humans
Through implants on the body
The Tall Grays or Whites
Are the diplomats
They\'re creating a
Hybrid human-gray race

Military Industrial
ET Complex
What will be of mankind
Hope they don\'t sell us
Military Industrial
ET Complex
What will be of mankind
Hope we have a future

The indigenous reptilians
Control media and corporations
The Orions
Infiltrate in institutions
The Anunnaki and Draconians
Compete to rule mankind
Inpire fundamentalism
And violence and hate<div class="clear-left" />
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