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The Bangles and Susanna Hoffs - Discografia (1981 - 2006) [Mp3 128/256 Kbps] MIRCrew



in coda alla release i due report tecnici


Il Gruppo si è formato a Los Angeles nel 1981 ed è erede del folk-rock in stile jingle-jangle, delle armonie vocali in tre parti e del flower power californiano. L'esito è un sound ottenuto soprattutto grazie 

alla perizia vocale di Susanna Hoffs e Vicky Peterson (quest'ultima autrice di quasi tutto il materiale prodotto dal gruppo).

Il primo album distribuito da The Bangles è stato All Over the Place (Columbia Records, 1984).

Impostato su un pop-rock dominato dagli impasti vocali delle quattro ragazze, il disco rimarrà in classifica per 30 settimane, ma nelle zone basse. Il singolo più famoso è Going Down to Liverpool. Nel 1986, 

esce un nuovo singolo delle Bangles: si chiama Manic Monday, scritto da Prince, arriverà in testa alle classifiche inglesi ed americane. Il singolo trascinerà anche il secondo disco del gruppo, Different Light. 

Il terzo singolo estratto dal disco, Walk Like an Egyptian arriva al primo posto delle classifiche americane, segnando il culmine della carriera del gruppo.

Nel 1987, le Bangles ricevono riconoscimenti ai Brit Awards ed agli MTV Video Music Awards.

Nel 1988, incidono una cover di Hazy Shade of Winter di Paul Simon per il film Al di là di tutti i limiti (titolo originale: Less Than Zero). A fine anno esce il terzo disco del gruppo, Everything.

Nel 1989, con il singolo Eternal Flame, le Bangles tornano al primo posto delle classifiche. Poco tempo dopo, esce una raccolta, Greatest Hits, che annuncia lo scioglimento del gruppo. La band si è riformata 

nel 2000 e ha dato alla luce l'album Doll Revolution nel 2003 e Sweetheart of the sun nel 2011.


    Susanna Hoffs - voce, chitarra
    Vicki Peterson - chitarra, voce, basso
    Debbi Peterson - batteria, voce, basso
    Annette Zilinskas - basso, voce (1982-1983)
    Michael Steele - basso, chitarra, voce (1983-2005)
    Abby Travis - Basso (sostituisce Micheal Steele nelle esibizioni live dal 2005)


In studio

    1982 The Bangles (EP)
    1984 All Over the Place
    1986 Different Light
    1988 Everything
    2003 Doll Revolution
    2011 Sweetheart of the sun


    1990 Greatest Hits


    1990 Greatest Hits
    2003 Doll Revolution DVD
    2007 Return to Bangleonia

Formation and early years (1981–1983)

Susanna Hoffs joined sisters Vicki and Debbi Peterson to form a band in Los Angeles in December, 1980. The trio briefly called themselves The Colours, then renamed themselves The Supersonic Bangs, and shortly 

afterwards The Bangs. The band was part of the Los Angeles Paisley Underground scene, which featured groups that played a mixture of 1960s-influenced folk-rock and jangle pop with a more modern punk–ish/garage 

band undertone.[1] In 1981, the threesome recorded and released a single ("Getting Out Of Hand" b/w "Call on Me") on DownKiddie Records (their own label). The trio was signed to Faulty Products, a label formed 

by Miles Copeland. In 1982, Susanna Hoffs asked long time friend, Patrick Hirtz, to manage the band until his departure in 1986 to pursue the culinary arts.

The early Bangles line-up of Susanna Hoffs (vocals/guitars), Vicki Peterson (guitars/vocals), Debbi Peterson (vocals/drums) and Annette Zilinskas (vocals/bass) recorded an EP in 1982, and released the single 

"The Real World". A legal issue forced the band to change their name at the last minute so they dropped "The" and added the letters "les" to the end to become Bangles. Their first EP was retitled Bangles and 

released. In 1983, Faulty Products issued a 12 inch "remix" single of "The Real World" to radio and media, but another setback came as the label folded. I.R.S. Records picked up distribution and re-issued the 

EP. After Zilinskas left the band to focus on her own project Blood on the Saddle, she was replaced by Michael Steele, formerly of the all-girl band The Runaways, Toni & The Movers, Slow Children and Elton 

Career peak (1984–1986)

The Bangles' full-length debut album on Columbia, All Over the Place (1984), captured their power-pop roots, featuring the singles "Hero Takes a Fall" and the Kimberley Rew-penned Beatlesque "Going Down to 

Liverpool" (originally recorded by Rew's band Katrina and the Waves). The record received good reviews, and the video for "Liverpool" featured Leonard Nimoy, which helped to generate further publicity.[2] This 

came about due to a college friendship between Hoffs and Nimoy's son Adam, now a television producer. They received a much wider audience serving as the opening act of Cyndi Lauper on her Fun tour.

All this went some way to attracting the attention of Prince, who later wrote "Manic Monday" for the group.[3] "Manic Monday" went on to become a No. 2 hit in the US, the UK and Germany, outsold at the time 

only by another Prince composition, his own "Kiss". The band's second album Different Light (1986) was more polished than its predecessor and, with the help of the worldwide No. 1 hit "Walk Like an Egyptian", 

saw the band firmly in the mainstream. The song was sent to them in mid-session and the group was divided about whether it would be a failure or a success. When the song was released the group was amazed to 

discover that it brought them a new audience of female fans, most of them very young. Commented Michael Steele to a Nine-O-One Network Magazine writer: "When I go out now it is usually girls who recognize me


Current members

    Susanna Hoffs – vocals, guitars (1981-1989, 1999-present)
    Vicki Peterson – guitars, bass, vocals (1981-1989, 1999-present)
    Debbi Peterson – drums, bass, vocals (1981-1989, 1999-present)

Former members

    Annette Zilinskas – bass, vocals (1982–1983)
    Michael Steele – bass, guitars, vocals (1983–1989, 1999-2005)

Touring members

    Abby Travis - bass, vocals (2005-present)

Main article: The Bangles discography

    Bangles (1982) (EP)
    All Over the Place (1984)
    Different Light (1986)
    Everything (1988)
    Greatest Hits (1990)
    Doll Revolution (2003)
    Sweetheart of the Sun (2011)



Album presenti nella release:

1984 - All Over The Place

 	"Hero Takes a Fall"   	Susanna Hoffs, Vicki Peterson 	2:54
 	"James"   	  	2:36
 	"All About You"   	  	2:26
 	"Dover Beach"   	Hoffs, Peterson 	3:48
 	"Tell Me"   	Hoffs, Peterson 	2:15
 	"Restless"   	Hoffs, Peterson 	2:41
 	"Going Down to Liverpool" (cover of Katrina and the Waves, 1983) 	Kimberley Rew 	3:41
 	"He's Got a Secret"   	  	2:42
 	"Silent Treatment"   	  	2:07
 	"More Than Meets the Eye"  

1986 - Different Light

 	"Manic Monday"   	"Christopher" (Prince) 	3:06
 	"In a Different Light"   	Susanna Hoffs, Vicki Peterson 	2:52
 	"Walking Down Your Street"   	Louis Gutierrez, Hoffs, David Kahne 	3:04
 	"Walk Like an Egyptian"   	Liam Sternberg 	3:24
 	"Standing in the Hallway"   	Hoffs, Kahne, Debbi Peterson, V. Peterson 	2:56
 	"Return Post"   	Hoffs, V. Peterson 	4:22
 	"If She Knew What She Wants" (cover of Jules Shear, 1985) 	Jules Shear 	3:49
 	"Let It Go"   	Hoffs, D. Peterson, V. Peterson, Michael Steele 	2:32
 	"September Gurls" (cover of Big Star, 1974) 	Alex Chilton 	2:45
 	"Angels Don't Fall in Love"   	Hoffs, V. Peterson 	3:23
 	"Following"   	Steele 	3:21
. 	"Not Like You"  

1988 - Everything

 	"In Your Room"   	Susanna Hoffs, Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg 	3:30
 	"Complicated Girl"   	Michael Steele, David White 	3:40
 	"Bell Jar"   	Debbi Peterson, Vicki Peterson 	3:20
 	"Something to Believe In"   	Eric Lowen, Dan Navarro, Steele, White 	4:06
 	"Eternal Flame"   	Hoffs, Kelly, Steinberg 	3:59
 	"Be With You"   	Walker Igleheart, D. Peterson 	3:02
 	"Glitter Years"   	Steele, White 	3:41
 	"I'll Set You Free"   	Hoffs, White 	4:29
 	"Watching the Sky"   	Hoffs, V. Peterson 	4:13
 	"Some Dreams Come True"   	Igleheart, D. Peterson 	3:29
 	"Make a Play for Her Now"   	V. Peterson, Vinnie Vincent 	3:49
 	"Waiting for You"   	Hoffs, Kelly, Steinberg 	3:37
 	"Crash and Burn"   	V. Peterson, R. Sweet 	2:38

2003 - Doll Revolution

 	"Tear Off Your Own Head (It's a Doll Revolution)" (Elvis Costello) 	3:57
	"Stealing Rosemary" (Susanna Hoffs/Debbi Peterson/Vicki Peterson) 	3:32
 	"Something That You Said" (Charlotte Caffey/Susanna Hoffs/Vicki Peterson) 	4:16
 	"Ask Me No Questions" (Walker Igleheart/Debbi Peterson) 	3:26
 	"The Rain Song" (Susan Cowsill/Vicki Peterson) 	3:41
 	"Nickel Romeo" (Steve LeGassick/Brian Ray/Michael Steele) 	4:57
 	"Ride the Ride" (Susanna Hoffs/Debbi Peterson/Vicki Peterson/Daniel Schwartz) 	4:48
 	"I Will Take Care of You" (Susanna Hoffs/Dillon O'Brian) 	3:56
 	"Here Right Now" (Debbi Peterson/Peter Rafelson) 	3:24
 	"Single by Choice" (Vicki Peterson) 	3:41
 	"Lost at Sea" (Susanna Hoffs/Debbi Peterson) 	3:55
 	"Song for a Good Son" (Michael Steele) 	4:01
 	"Mixed Messages" (Vicki Peterson) 	3:19
 	"Grateful" (Bill Bottrell/Susanna Hoffs/Daniel Schwartz) 	4:59
        "Grateful" (Bill Bottrell/Susanna Hoffs/Daniel Schwartz) 	4:59

1989 - Eternal Flame, Best Of The Bangles

1. Manic Monday
2. Eternal Flame
3. If She Knew What She Wants
4. Walk Like An Egyptian
5. Walking Down Your Street
6. Hero Takes A Fall
7. Going Down To Liverpool
8. Following
9. Hazy Shade Of Winter
10. In Your Room
11. Be With You
12. I'll Set You Free
13. Everything I Wanted
14. Where Were You When I Needed You
15. My Side Of The Bed
16. Bangles Hit Mix 

2007 - The Bangels - The Essential Bangels (Remastered)

1. Manic Monday
2. Walking Down Your Street
3. I Got Nothing
4. If She Knew What She Wants
5. Eternal Flame
6. Getting Out Of Hand
7. I'll Set You Free
8. Walk Like An Egyptian
9. What I Meant To Say
10. I'm In Line
11. Be With You
12. In Your Room
13. Hero Takes A Fall
14. Hazy Shade Of Winter
15. Following 
16. bonus track

Susanna Hoffs - 1991 -  When You're A Boy

1. 	"My Side of the Bed" 	S. Hoffs/T. Kelly/B. Steinberg 	3:29
2. 	"No Kind of Love" 	S. Hoffs/D. Kahne/S. Cutler/R. Rice 	3:05
3. 	"Wishing On Telstar" 	R. Lane/J. Cipolla 	4:11
4. 	"That's Why Girls Cry" 	D. Kahne/J. Hatfield/S. Hoffs 	3:59
5. 	"Unconditional Love" 	C. Lauper/T. Kelly/B. Steinberg 	3:51
6. 	"Something New" 	J. Hanes/C. Sheldon/S. Hoffs/D. Kahne 	3:52
7. 	"So Much for Love" 	J. Hanes/P. E. Gates/P. Dunne/H. Hanes 	3:33
8. 	"This Time" 	S. Summers 	2:36
9. 	"Only Love" 	S. Hoffs/D. Warren 	4:25
10. 	"It's Lonely Out Here" 	S. Hoffs/T. Kelly/B. Steinberg 	3:52
11. 	"Made of Stone" 	J. Condos/S. Hoffs/D. Kahne 	3:13
12. 	"Boys Keep Swinging" 	D. Bowie/B. Eno 	4:59

Susanna Hoffs - 1994 - Rare Unreleased

1. Enormous Wings
2. Darling One
3. Sunshine
4. Happy Place
5. Right By You
6. Catch The Wind
7. Without You
8. Go
9. Sleep
10. Ghost
11. Turning Over

Susanna Hoffs - 1996 - Susanna Hoffs Incl Maxi (All I Want) 

1. 	"Beekeepers Blues" 	Susanna Hoffs/David Baerwald/David Kitay 	3:55
2. 	"All I Want" 	Ian Broudie/Peter Coyle 	3:18
3. 	"Enormous Wings" 	Mark Linkous/Hoffs 	3:47
4. 	"Falling" 	Hoffs/Charlotte Caffey/R. Manning 	4:12
5. 	"Darling One" 	Hoffs/Linkous/David Lowery/Davey Faragher 	5:33
6. 	"King of Tragedy" 	Hoffs/Baerwald/Jim Keltner/Greg Leisz/Larry Klein/Kitay 	4:14
7. 	"Eyes of a Baby" 	Hoffs/Baerwald/Keltner/Leisz/Klein/Kitay 	4:51
8. 	"Grand Adventure" 	Baerwald/Hoffs/Kitay/Leisz 	4:11
9. 	"Happy Place" 	Linkous/Lowery 	3:10
10. 	"Those Days Are Over" 	Hoffs/Baerwald/Kitay 	4:04
11. 	"Weak With Love" 	Keltner/Hoffs/Baerwald/Klein/Kitay/D. Schwartz 	4:18
12. 	"To Sir with Love" 	Don Black/Mark London 	2:52
13. 	"Stuck in the Middle with You" 	Gerry Rafferty/ Joe Egan 	3:42

Susanna Hoffs - All I Want  (Maxi-CD) 

01 - All I Want
02 - Those Days Are Over
03 - Catch The Wind
04 - Anyone Else[/color]
1984 - All Over The Place/01 - Hero Takes A Fall.mp3 2.786 MB
1984 - All Over The Place/Bangles - All About You.mp3 2.346 MB
1984 - All Over The Place/Bangles - Dover Beach.mp3 3.657 MB
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