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Here are 25 of the gold standard books (after tons of personal research) in their specific fields. Any one of these books is definitely life changing, and will open new reality paradigms, through which you can explore new worlds. Both inside and outside your head. \r\n\r\n1. Mind machines you can build - G. Harry Stine\r\nDirections to construct practical mind machines that WORK. Read the amazon reviews. \r\n\r\n2. Monsters and Magical sticks - There's no such thing as hypnosis. \r\n\r\nI've been practicing hypnosis all my life and didn't know it. And so have you!! --Robert Anton Wilson author of Prometheus Rising\r\n\r\nIf I could only ever read three books on Ericksonian hypnosis I'd choose Training Trances by Overdurf and Silverthorn; My Voice Will Go With You by Erickson and Rosen; and this book, Monsters and Magical Sticks. If I could only have three books on NLP I'd chose The Structure of Magic 1 and Frogs into Princes, both by Bandler and Grinder; and this book, Monsters and Magical Sticks. Yes, I really do think it is that good... --Andy Bradbury, author of Develop Your NLP Skills and NLP for Business Success\r\n\r\nOne of the most important books you will read in your lifetime. This book has been on my recommended reading list for over 10 years and it will remain there for another 10. --Zanne Marie Gray.\r\n\r\n3. The 4 hour workweek (expanded and updated) - Timothy Ferriss\r\n\r\nA compelling argument to ditch the 9-5, and go after the real currencies of time, freedom and mobility. \r\n\r\n4. Vagabonding - An uncommon guide to the art of world travel - Rolf Potts\r\n\r\nRound the year world travel is easy, and doable. Rolf Potts shows you how. \r\n\r\n5. How to cook everything_2000 recipes for great food - Mark Bittman\r\n\r\nOne of the most recommended books for starter cook/chef. \r\n\r\n6. The Ultimate Power - Jack Greenwood\r\n\r\nA hard to find gem that teaches you how to be a super manifestor. \r\n\r\n7. Solve all your money problems forever - Victor Boc\r\n\r\nPretty much the best money manifesting book out there. This stuff works! \r\n\r\n8. The power of NOW - Eckhart Tolle\r\n\r\nIf you read one self help / spiritual book - let it be this one. \r\n\r\n9. The book of secrets - OSHO\r\n\r\n112 paths to enlightenment\r\n\r\n10. Path Notes of an American Ninja master - Glenn Morris \r\n\r\nThe search for enlightenment demystified. \r\n\r\n11. Umaa Tantra_the secrets the guru's will never show you. \r\n\r\nWhat he said. \r\n\r\n12. A systematic course in the Ancient techniques of Yoga and Kriya - Satyananda\r\n\r\nWonderful tome that gives you a step by step system to succeed at Yoga. \r\n\r\n13. Modern Magick - Eleven Lessons_Donald Michael Kraig\r\n\r\nSystematic course to get you up and running with western esoteric magick. \r\n\r\n14. The Game - Undercover in the world of Pick up artists_ Neil Strauss\r\n\r\nThe book that taught millions of people that they could get laid. If they only put the work into it. \r\nThe seduction community has moved on from the structured, insincere, autistic style preached here. \r\nBut a good start to get you in the groove, and mindset that it is definitely possible to get spectacularly good with women, despite whatever limiting beliefs about looks, status or money you might have, as long as you put the work in. \r\n\r\n(NB: I intend to put up a quality controlled seduction reading list / torrent over the next couple of days).\r\n\r\n15. Everything out of her mouth is a test_ Frank Kermit\r\n\r\nA non community matrix aware paint by numbers guide to having problem free relationships. I've had hassle free relationships over the past few years, and have to credit this book for a lot of that success. \r\n\r\n16. Adventures beyond the body _ William Buhlman\r\n\r\nMind opening account of a man's journey into astral projection. There are other worlds than this! \r\n\r\n17. Beyond Brawn - Stuart McRobert \r\n\r\n500 page comprehensive overview of building muscle. Top of its class. \r\n\r\n18. Starting Strength - Mark Rippetoe \r\nWonderful explanation of the basics of the core barbell exercises.\r\n\r\n\r\n19. Strength Training Anatomy - Frederick Delavier \r\n\r\n600 colour illustrations explaining target muscle groups.\r\n\r\nExcellent guide on what muscle areas are targeted/ and to be focused on with specific exercises. \r\n\r\n20. The New Drawing on the right side of the brain - Betty Edwards\r\n\r\nAnyone can draw. This book gives you a clear roadmap to get there in a few weeks. \r\n\r\n21. Understanding Exposure _how to shoot great photographs with any camera _Bryan Peterson\r\n\r\nWhat a lot of photographer's recommend as a first book. \r\n\r\n22. Personal finance for dummies _ Frank Tyson\r\n\r\nOne of the best personal finance book out there. \r\n\r\n23. Trading in the Zone - Mark Douglas\r\n\r\nInvestment, trading, stocks are all won and lost in the mind than anywhere else. This is the gold standard book for recognising and managing your emotions whilst playing with your money. \r\n\r\n24. Jazz Theory _ Mark Levine\r\n\r\nOne of the best musical theory books out there. Not just for jazz musicians. \r\n\r\n25. Screw the roses, send me the thorns - Philip Miller and Molly Devon\r\n\r\nOne of the two recommended BDSM starter books (along with Jay Wiseman's S&M 101) - a humorous, illustrated expose on a serious topic. \r\n\r\n26. Prometheus Rising - Robert Anton Wilson\r\n\r\nOne of the most intelligent men of the 21st century writes a layman's introduction to Chaos Magick. Be prepared to have your illusions of reality shattered. \r\n\r\n27. Our Ultimate Reality - Adrian P Cooper\r\n\r\nA brilliant overview of the universe out there for seekers of the truth. Here are answers to all manner of questions spiritual seekers will certainly ask along the path. It appears that every possible topic has been covered in this book. Just a few examples include: healing, meditation, dreams, quantum physics, universal laws, descriptions of the non-physical realms and much more. \r\n\r\n28. Way of the Shaman _ Michael Harner \r\nAn experiential guide to the way of the Shaman. Single handedly brought Shamanism to the western world. \r\n\r\n29. The Secret Science behind Miracles - Max Freedom Long\r\n\r\nAn expose of the jealously guarded secrets of the Hawaiian Huna tradition. \r\n\r\n30. Human Race_ Get off your knees _ David Icke\r\n\r\nLast but definitely not least, David Icke explains the Global Conspiracy. There is a pattern, and reading this book will make it all too shockingly clear.
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