Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Soundtrack

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Track Name Location Played
1. Call of Duty: MW3 (2:10) "Iron Lady" - Variant at the Eiffel Tower

"Return to Sender" - Beginning part heard a few seconds after killing Waraabe

"Hunter Killer " - Variant boarding the helicopter

2. Russian Warfare (1:36) "Turbulence" - hijacking sequence after zero-G effect.

Milehigh Jack

"Goalpost" - Cutscene

3. Prague Hostilities (3:42) "Down the Rabbit Hole" - Construction yard
4. I Stand Alone (4:41) "Blood Brothers" - "Soap" MacTavish\'s death

"Stronghold" - Cutscene

5. Hamburg Invasion (2:57) "Goalpost" - Beach landing

"Turbulence"- (2:13) Door blasts open

Delta Force spawn, defeat (variant)

6. Battle for New York (6:25) SAS victory

"Hunter Killer" - Escaping the harbor

"Blood Brothers" - Escorting Soap

"Black Tuesday" - Storming the New York Stock Exchange

Firewall (Spec Ops)

"Dust to Dust" - Cutscene

Delta Force Victory (5:05)

7. Heroes (2:42) "Down the Rabbit Hole" - Climax

PMC Defeat

8. Paris Siege (5:11) "Down the Rabbit Hole" - Saving Boris Vorshevsky

"Turbulence" - Ground firefight

"Bag and Drag" - In the catacombs

"Return to Sender" - Evacuating Nikolai

"Mind the Gap" - Docks infiltration

"Iron Lady" - Courtyard firefight

Fire Mission (Spec Ops)

"Stronghold" - Escaping the castle

"Down the Rabbit Hole" - Intro

"Scorched Earth" - Rappelling to the street

Campaign Menu

9. Special Forces (3:35) "Black Tuesday" - Team Metal make their way to Stock Exchange

"Persona Non Grata" - UGV

"Blood Brothers" - "No Russian" flashback

"Down the Rabbit Hole" - Yuri\'s extraction

Inner Circle spawn

10. Russian Deliberations (1:46) "Turbulence" - President Vorshevsky and his cabinet
11. London Attack (3:28) "Mind the Gap" - Cutscene

"Scorched Earth" - Searching for Alena

"Black Tuesday" - Going up to the roof of the Exchange

12. First Contact (5:42) "Return to Sender" - Ending

Spetsnaz victory

"Blood Brothers" - Escorting Soap to safety

"Dust to Dust" - Hunting for Makarov

13. The Will of a Single Man (2:10) Spec Ops menu

Opening cutscene

"Dust to Dust" - Searching for Makarov (first part)

"Return to Sender" - Searching for Waraabe (middle part)

14. Subterranean Recon (5:07) PMC spawn

"Scorched Earth"/"Down the Rabbit Hole" - Searching and saving Alena Vorshevsky

"Blood Brothers" - Sniping with Soap (2:02)

"Bag and Drag" - Chasing Volk

15. Scouting the Enemy (6:52) "Turbulence" - Cutscene

"Eye of the Storm" - Beginning, sneaking through the river

"Stronghold" - Sneaking through the castle

"Scorched Earth" - Landing on Berlin rooftops

Multiplayer Menu

16. Undersea Warfare/Somali Payback (6:57) "Hunter Killer" - inside the sub.

"Over Reactor" - inside the sub.

"Return to Sender" - Assaulting Waraabe\'s compound (3:57)

PMC victory

Main Menu

17. Warlords (3:21) "Back on the Grid" - Sneaking through the Militia; assaulting the cargo shipment

Africa Militia

18. Manhattan Assault (4:53) "Black Tuesday" - Cutscene, beginning of mission

"Bag and Drag" - Fighting in the streets of Paris before going down the catacombs

19. Arabian End Game (2:58) "Dust to Dust" - Assaulting Oasis Hotel
20. MW3 End Credits (2:24) "Iron Lady" - Team Metal escorting Volk; End Credits

The soundtrack of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Call of Duty: MW3 - Russian Warfare - Prague Hostilities - I Stand Alone - Hamburg Invasion - Battle for New York - Heroes - Paris Siege - Special Forces - Russian Deliberations - London Attack - First Contact - The Will of a Single Man - Subterranean Recon - Scouting the Enemy - Undersea Warfare/Somali Payback - Warlords - Manhattan Assault - Arabian End Game - MW3 End Credits
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