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\r\nAnimates! \r\nAnkh - Curse of the Scarab King \r\nAnno - Create a Nrw World\r\nAnno 1701 - Dawn of Discovery \r\nAnother Code - Two Memorys\r\nAnt Nation\r\nApollo Justice - Ace Attorney\r\nApassionata\r\nAqua Panic! \r\nAquarium by DS \r\nArctic Tale\r\nAre You Smarter than a 5th Grader \r\nAre You Smarter than a 5th Grader - Back to School \r\nAre You Smarter than a 5th Grader - Game Time\r\nAre You Smarter than a 5th Grader - Make the Grade\r\nAre You Smarter than a 10 Year Old\r\nArkanoid DS \r\nArmy Men - Soldiers of Misfortune\r\nAround the World in 80 Days\r\nArt Academy\r\nArthur and the Invisibles - The Game \r\nArthor and the Minimoys\r\nArthur and the Revenge of Maltazard\r\nAsphalt - Urban GT \r\nAsphalt - Urban GT 2 \r\nAssassin's Creed - Altair's Chronicles\r\nAssassin's Creed II - Discovery (NDSi Enhanced) [b]\r\nAsterix - Brain Trainer \r\nAsterix & Obelix XXL 2 - Mission Wifix \r\nAsterix at the Olympic Games\r\nAsterix These Romans Are Crazy\r\nAstro Boy - The Video Game\r\nAstro Invaders\r\nAstrology\r\nAstrology DS - The Stars in Your Hands \r\nAtari Greatest Hits - Volume 1\r\nAtari Greatest Hits - Volume 2\r\nAtelier Annie - Alchemists of Sera Island \r\nATV Quad Frenzy \r\nATV Quad Kings\r\nATV Wild Ride\r\nAvalon Code\r\nAvatar - The Last Airbender\r\nAvatar - The Last Airbender - Into the Inferno\r\nAvatar - The Last Airbender - The Burning Earth \r\nAvatar - The Legend of Aang\r\nAway - Shuffle Dungeon \r\nB Team - Metal Cartoon Squad\r\nB-17 - Fortress in the Sky \r\nBaby Life \r\nBaby Pals \r\nBabysitting Mania\r\nBachelor, The - Videogame\r\nBack at the Barnyard - Barnyard Games \r\nBack at the Barnyard - Slop Bucket Games \r\nBackyard Baseball '09\r\nBackyard Baseball '10\r\nBackyard Basketball '08\r\nBackyard Football '08\r\nBackyard Football '09\r\nBackyard Hockey \r\nBackyard Sports - Rockie Rush\r\nBackyard Sports - Sandlot Sluggers\r\nBackyardigans, The\r\nBakugan Battle Brawlers \r\nBakugan Battle Brawlers - Defenders of the Core\r\nBakugan Battle Trainer\r\nBakugan - Rise of the Resistance\r\nBakushow\r\nBalloon Pop\r\nBalls of Fury \r\nBand Hero\r\nBandz Mania\r\nBangai-O Spirits\r\nBarbie and the Three Musketeers\r\nBarbie as the Island Princess\r\nBarbie Fashion Show - An Eye for Style\r\nBarbie Groom and Glam Pups\r\nBarbie Horse Adventures - Riding Camp\r\nBarbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses \r\nBarnyard Blast - Swine of the Night \r\nBatman - The Brave and the Bold\r\nBattle of Giants - Dinosaurs\r\nBattle of Giants - Dragons \r\nBattle of Giants - Mutant Insects\r\nBattles of Prince of Persia \r\nBattleship\r\nBeastly - Frantic Foto\r\nBeat City\r\nBeat the Intro\r\nBeauty Salon\r\nBee Game, The\r\nBee Movie Game\r\nBeetle Junior DS\r\nBeetle King\r\nBejeweled 3\r\nBejeweled Twist\r\nBella Sara \r\nBen 10 - Alien Force\r\nBen 10 - Alien Force - Vilgax Attacks\r\nBen 10 - Galactic Racing\r\nBen 10 - Protector of Earth\r\nBen 10 - Triple Pack\r\nBen 10 - Ultimate Alien - Cosmic Destruction\r\nBenoit Sokal Last King of Africa\r\nBerlitz - My English Coach\r\nBermuda Triangle\r\nBermuda Triangle - Saving the Coral\r\nBest Friends - Dogs and Cats\r\nBest Friends - Mijn Paard\r\nBest Friends Tonight\r\nBest of Arcade Games DS \r\nBest of Board Games DS \r\nBest of Card Games DS\r\nBest of Tests DS \r\nBetty Boop's Double Shift\r\nBeyblade - Metal Fusion\r\nBeyblade - Metal Fusion - Cyber Pegasus\r\nBeyblade - Metal Masters\r\nBFF TV\r\nBibi and Tina - The Great Paper Chase\r\nBig Bang Mini \r\nBig Brain Academy\r\nBig Catch Bass Fishing\r\nBig Deal, The\r\nBig League Sports - Summer\r\nBig Mutha Truckers\r\nBig Word Puzzle Book\r\nBigfoot - Collision Course\r\nBiggest Loser, The\r\nBigs 2, The\r\nBiker Mice from Mars\r\nBilliard Action \r\nBionicle Heroes\r\nBlack Sigil - Blade of the Exiled\r\nBlades of Thunder II \r\nBleach - Dark Souls\r\nBleach - The 3rd Phantom\r\nBleach - The Blade of Fate \r\nBlood Bowl \r\nBlue Dragon Awakened Shadow\r\nBlue Dragon Plus \r\nBoarding School, The - Black Lagoon\r\nBob the Builder - Festival of Fun\r\nBoing! Docomodake DS\r\nBolt \r\nBomberman\r\nBomberman 2\r\nBomberman Land Touch!\r\nBomberman Land Touch! 2\r\nBomberman Story DS \r\nBoogie \r\nBookworm\r\nBoulder Dash - Rocks!\r\nBrain Age - Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!\r\nBrain Age 2 - More Training in Minutes a Day!\r\nBrain Assist\r\nBrain Boost - Beta Wave\r\nBrain Boost - Gamma Wave \r\nBrain Buster - Puzzle Pak\r\nBrain Challenge\r\nBrain Quest - Grades 3 & 4\r\nBrain Quest - Grades 5 & 6\r\nBrainstorm Series - Treasure Chase\r\nBrainstorm Series - Word Up\r\nBrain Voyage\r\nBratz - 4 Real \r\nBratz - Forever Diamondz\r\nBratz - Girlz Really Rock\r\nBratz - Super Babyz \r\nBratz - Kidz\r\nBratz - Kidz - Slumberparty\r\nBratz - Ponyz\r\nBratz - Ponyz 2 \r\nBreak 'em All\r\nBridge Training\r\nBroken Sword - Shadow of the Templars\r\nBrothers in Arms DS\r\nBubble Bobble - Double Shot\r\nBubble Bobble Revolution (Rev 1)\r\nBuffy the Vampire Slayer - Sacrifice \r\nBuild-A-Bear Workshop - Where Best Friends Are Made \r\nBuild-A-Bear Workshop -  to Hugsville\r\nBuild-a-Lot\r\nBunnyZ\r\nBurger Island \r\nBurnout Legends \r\nBust-A-Move DS \r\nBusy Scissors\r\nC.O.P. - The Recruit \r\nC.O.R.E.\r\nCabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011\r\nCake Mania\r\nCake Mania 2 - Jill's Next Adventure!\r\nCake Mania 3\r\nCake Mania - Main Street\r\nCall of Atlantis\r\nCall of Duty - Black Ops\r\nCall of Duty - Modern Warfare\r\nCall of Duty - Modern Warfare - Mobilized\r\nCall of Duty - Modern Warfare 3\r\nCall of Duty - World at War\r\nCalvin Tuckers Redneck - Farm Animal Racing Tournament\r\nCamp Rock - The Final Jam\r\nCamping Mama - Outdoor Adventures\r\nCandace Kane's Candy Factory \r\nCaptain America - Super Soldier\r\nCaptain Morgain and the Golden Turtle\r\nCaptain Sabertooth amd the trials by Fire\r\nCarcassonne\r\nCard Games - The Classics\r\nCarnival Funfair Games\r\nCarnival Games\r\nCars\r\nCars 2\r\nCars - Mater-National Championship \r\nCars - Race-O-Rama\r\nCartoon Network Racing\r\nCasper's Scare School - Classroom Capers \r\nCasper's Scare School - Spooky Sports Day\r\nCastlevania - Dawn of Sorrow\r\nCastlevania - Order of Ecclesia \r\nCastlevania - Portrait of Ruin \r\nCasual Classics\r\nCasual Mania \r\nCatan \r\nCate West - The Vanishing Files \r\nCats & Dogs - The Revenge of Kitty Galore\r\nCatz\r\nCatz 2\r\nCesar Millan's Dog Whisperer \r\nChainz Galaxy\r\nChallenge Me - Brain Puzzles\r\nChallenge Me - Brain Puzzles 2\r\nChallenge Me - Maths Workout\r\nChallenge Me - Word Puzzles\r\nChameleon - To Dye For!\r\nChampionship Pony\r\nChaotic - Shadow Warriors \r\nCharlotte's Web\r\nCharm Girls Club - My Fashion Mall\r\nCharm Girls Club - My Fashion Show \r\nCharm Girls Club - My Perfect Prom \r\nChase, The - Felix Meets Felicity\r\nCheer We Go\r\nCheetah Girls, The - Passport to Stardom\r\nCheetah Girls, The - Pop Star Sensations \r\nChess\r\nChess for Kids \r\nChessmaster - The Art of Learning \r\nChibi-Robo! - Park Patrol\r\nChicken Attack DS \r\nChicken Blaster\r\nChicken Hunter\r\nChicken Little - Ace in Action\r\nChicken Shoot \r\nChildren of Mana\r\nChocolatier\r\nChristmas Carol, A\r\nChronicles Mystery - Curse of the Ancient Temple\r\nChronicles Mystery - The Secret Tree of Life\r\nChronicles of Narnia, The - Prince Caspian\r\nChronicles of Narnia, The - The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe \r\nChrono Trigger\r\nChronos Twin\r\nChrysler Classic Racing \r\nChuck E Cheese's Gameroom\r\nChuck E Cheese's Party Games\r\nChuck E Cheese's Playhouse\r\nCity Life DS\r\nClassic Action - Devilish\r\nClassic Word Games\r\nClever Kids - Dino Land\r\nClever Kids - Creepy Crawlies\r\nClever Kids - Farmyard Fun\r\nClever Kids - Pirates\r\nClever Kids - Pony World\r\nClique, The - Diss and Make Up\r\nCloudy with a Chance of Meatballs\r\nClubhouse Games\r\nClub Penguin - Elite Penguin Force\r\nClub Penguin - Herberts Revenge\r\nCocoto - Kart Racer \r\nCode Lyoko\r\nCode Lyoko - Fall of X.A.N.A.\r\nColor Cross\r\nCombat of Giants - Dinosaurs\r\nCombat of Giants - Dragons\r\nCombat of Giants - Mutant Insects\r\nCommand and Destroy \r\nCommando - Steel Disaster\r\nContact \r\nContra 4 \r\nCookie & Cream\r\nCookie Shop - Create Your Dream Shop \r\nCooking Guide - Cant Decide What to Eat\r\nCooking Mama\r\nCooking Mama 2 - Dinner with Friends\r\nCooking Mama 3 - Shop & Chop\r\nCooking Mama World - Hobbies and Fun\r\nCooking Mama World - Outdoor Adventures\r\nCoraline \r\nCorvette Evolution GT\r\nCory in the House \r\nCosmetic Paradise\r\nCosmos Chaos\r\nCountdown - The Game\r\nCradle of Rome\r\nCradle of Rome 2\r\nCrafting Mama\r\nCrash - Mind over Mutant \r\nCrash Boom Bang!\r\nCrash of the Titans \r\nCrayola Treasure Adventures\r\nCrazy Chicken - Star Karts\r\nCrazy Chicken Adventure - The Pharaoh's Treasure\r\nCrazy Chicken Carnival\r\nCrazy Chicken Jump'n Run - Atlantis Quest \r\nCrazy Circus\r\nCrazy Frog Collectables - Art School\r\nCrazy Frog Racer\r\nCrazy Machines \r\nCrazy Machines 2\r\nCrazy Pig\r\nCrazy School Games\r\nCrime Scene\r\nCrime Lab - Body of Evidence\r\nCrossword Collection\r\nCrossworDS\r\nCruise Line Tycoon\r\nCrystal Mines\r\nCSI - Crime Scene Investigation - Dark Motives\r\nCSI - Deadly Intent\r\nCSI - Unsolved\r\nCurling DS \r\nCustom Robo Arena\r\nDaGeDar\r\nDance Floor\r\nDance! - It's your Stage\r\nDancing on Ice\r\nDancing with the Stars - We Dance! \r\nDaniel X - The Ultimate Power\r\nDanny Phantom - Urban Jungle\r\nDark Spire, The\r\nDaring Game, The - For Girls\r\nDawn of Discovery \r\nDawn of Heroes\r\nDe Blob 2\r\nDead N Furious\r\nDeal or No Deal\r\nDeal or No Deal - Special Edition\r\nDeal or No Deal - The Banker Is Back!\r\nDeath Jr. and the Science Fair of Doom\r\nDeca Sports DS\r\nDeep Labyrinth \r\nDeep Sea Aquarium by DS\r\nDeer Drive\r\nDefendin' DePenguin\r\nDementium - The Ward\r\nDementium 2\r\nDesktop Tower Defense\r\nDespicable Me - Minon Mayhem\r\nDevilish\r\nDiabolik - The Original Sin \r\nDiary Girl\r\nDiddy Kong Racing DS\r\nDig Dug - Digging Strike\r\nDi-Gata Defenders\r\nDigimon World - Dawn\r\nDigimon World - Dusk\r\nDigimon World Championship\r\nDigimon World DS\r\nDiner Dash - Flo on the Go\r\nDiner Dash - Sizzle & Serve\r\nDino Master - Dig, Discover, Duel\r\nDino Pets - The Virtual Pet Game\r\nDinosaur King\r\nDirt 2\r\nDiscovery Kids - Dolphin Discovery\r\nDiscovery Kids - Kitten Corner\r\nDiscovery Kids - Parrot Pals\r\nDiscovery Kids - Pony Paradise\r\nDiscovery Kids - Puppy Playtime\r\nDisgaea DS \r\nDisney Fairies - Tinker Bell\r\nDisney Fairies - Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue\r\nDisney Fairies - Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure\r\nDisney Friends\r\nDisney Princess - Enchanting Storybooks\r\nDisney Princess - Magical Jewels\r\nDisney's Stitch Jam\r\nDisney Tangled\r\nDiva Girls - Diva Ballerina\r\nDiva Girls - Diva Dancers\r\nDiva Girls - Divas on Ice\r\nDiva Girls - Divas on Ice 2\r\nDiva Girls - Making the Music\r\nDJ Star\r\nDK - Jungle Climber\r\nDoctor Who\r\nDoctor Who - Evacuation Earth\r\nDodge Racing Charger vs Challenger\r\nDogz\r\nDogz 2\r\nDokapon Journey\r\nDolphin Island - Underwater Adventures (Enhanced)\r\nDolphin Trainer\r\nDon King Boxing\r\nDonkey Xote\r\nDoodle Hex \r\nDora and Kai-lan's Pet Shelter\r\nDora the Explorer - Dora Cooking Club\r\nDora the Explorer - Dora Puppy\r\nDora the Explorer - Dora Saves the Mermaids\r\nDora the Explorer - Dora Saves the Snow Princess\r\nDora's Big Birthday Adventure\r\nDora's Cooking Club\r\nDouble Sequence - The Q-Virus Invasion\r\nDr Kawashimas Brain Training - How old is your Brain\r\nDr Reiner Knizias - Brainbenders\r\nDr. Seuss - How the Grinch Stole Christmas! \r\nDraglade\r\nDragon Ball - Origins\r\nDragon Ball - Origins 2\r\nDragon Ball Z - Attack of the Saiyans\r\nDragon Ball Z - Goku Densetsu\r\nDragon Ball Z - Harukanaru Warriors\r\nDragon Ball Z - Supersonic Warriors 2\r\nDragon Booster\r\nDragon Hunters \r\nDragon Master\r\nDragon Quest Heroes - Rocket Slime\r\nDragon Quest IV - Chapters of the Chosen\r\nDragon Quest IX - Sentinels of the Starry Skies\r\nDragon Quest Monsters - Joker\r\nDragon Quest Monsters - Joker 2\r\nDragon Quest V - Hand of the Heavenly Bride\r\nDragon Quest VI - Realms of Revelation\r\nDragon Thrills with Magic Lilly\r\nDragon's Lair\r\nDragonology\r\nDrake & Josh - Talent Showdown\r\nDrama Queens\r\nDrawn to Life\r\nDrawn to Life - Collection\r\nDrawn to Life - SpongeBob SquarePants Edition\r\nDrawn to Life - The Next Chapter\r\nDream Chronicles\r\nDream Day - Wedding Destinations\r\nDream Pinball 3D \r\nDream Salon\r\nDreamer Series - Babysitter\r\nDreamer Series - Pop Star\r\nDreamer Series - Puppy Trainer\r\nDreamer Series - Shop Owner\r\nDreamer Series - Teacher\r\nDreamer Series - Top Model\r\nDreamer Series - Zoo Keeper\r\nDreamworks 2-in-1 Party Pack\r\nDreamworks Super Star Kartz\r\nDrivers Ed Portable\r\nDriving Theory Training\r\nDrone Tactics\r\nDropcast\r\nDucati Moto\r\nDuke Nukem - Critical Mass\r\nDungeon Explorer - Warriors of Ancient Arts \r\nDungeon Maker\r\nDungeon Raiders\r\nDynasty Warriors DS - Fighter's Battle\r\nEA Playground\r\nEasy Piano\r\nEcolis - Save the Forest\r\nEd, Edd n Eddy - Scam of the Century\r\nEd's Farm\r\nEl Tigre - The Adventures of Manny Rivera\r\nElebits - The Adventures of Kai and Zero\r\nElectroplankton\r\nElement Girls Love, Fashion and Style\r\nElement Girls Style your Life\r\nElements of Destruction\r\nElf Bowling 1 & 2\r\nElite Beat Agents\r\nElite Forces - Unit 77\r\nEllen Whitaker's Horse Life\r\nElvenland\r\nEmergency\r\nEmergency Room - Real Life Rescues\r\nEmily Archer - The Curse of Kings Tuts Tomb\r\nEmily - My Animal Shelter\r\nEmily - My Dog Paradise\r\nEmily - My Personal Diary\r\nEmily the Strange\r\nEmma at the Farm\r\nEmma in the Mountains\r\nEnchanted \r\nEnchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry\r\nEner-G - Dance Squad\r\nEner-G - Gym Rockets\r\nEner-G - Horse Riders\r\nEquestrian Training \r\nEragon\r\nEscape the Museum\r\nEssential Sudoku DS\r\nEtrian Odyssey\r\nEtrian Odyssey II - Heroes of Lagaard\r\nEtrian Odyssey III - The Drowned City\r\nEvolution GT\r\nExit DS\r\nF-24 - Stealth Fighter\r\nFab 5 Soccer\r\nFabulous Finds\r\nFamily Feud - 2010 Edition\r\nFamily Fortunes \r\nFamily Park Tycoon\r\nFamous\r\nFancy Nancy - Tea Party Time\r\nFantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer\r\nFantasy Aquarium by DS\r\nFarm Frenzy 3\r\nFarm Frenzy Animal Country\r\nFarm Life\r\nFarmtopia\r\nFashion Designer - High Fashion\r\nFashion Designer - Style Icon\r\nFashion Dogz\r\nFashion Studio - Paris Collection\r\nFashion Tycoon\r\nFast Food Panic\r\nFeel the Magic - XY-XX\r\nFerrari Challenge - Trofeo Pirelli\r\nFIFA Soccer 06\r\nFIFA Soccer 07\r\nFIFA Soccer 08\r\nFIFA Soccer 09 \r\nFIFA Soccer 10\r\nFIFA Soccer 11\r\nFIFA Street 2\r\nFIFA Street 3 \r\nFIFA World Cup - Germany 2006 \r\nFifi and the Flowertots\r\nFighting Fantasy - The Warlock of Firetop Mountain\r\nFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Echoes of Time\r\nFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates\r\nFinal Fantasy Fables - Chocobo Tales\r\nFinal Fantasy III\r\nFinal Fantasy IV\r\nFinal Fantasy Tactics A2 - Grimoire of the Rift\r\nFinal Fantasy XII - Revenant Wings\r\nFinal Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light\r\nFinding Nemo - Escape to the Big Blue\r\nFire Emblem - Shadow Dragon\r\nFireman Sam\r\nFish Tycoon\r\nFishdom\r\nFix It\r\nFizz\r\nFlaklypa Grand Prix\r\nFlash Focus - Vision Training in Minutes a Day\r\nFlipper Critters\r\nFlips 6 Book Pack - Cathy Cassidy\r\nFlips 6 Book Pack - Enid Blyton Faraway Tree Stories\r\nFlips 6 Book Pack - Eoin Colfer Artemis Fowl\r\nFlips 8 Book Pack - Edid Blyton's Adventure Series\r\nFlips 8 Book Pack - Too Ghoul for School \r\nFlips 12 Book Pack - Mr Gum\r\nFlips 19 Book Pack - Percy Jackson\r\nFlorist Shop\r\nFlower Sun and Rain - The Endless Park\r\nFlushed Away\r\nFootball Academy - Build Your Football Knowledge\r\nFootball Director DS\r\nFord Racing 3\r\nFoto Frenzy - Spot The Difference\r\nFossil Fighters\r\nFossil Fighters - Champions\r\nFossil League - Dino Tournament Championship\r\nFoster's Home for Imaginary Friends - Imagination Invaders\r\nFranklin's Great Adventures\r\nFreddi Fish - ABC under the Sea\r\nFreddie Flintoff's Power Play Cricket\r\nFreedom Wings\r\nFreshly-Picked - Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland\r\nFrisbee Disk Sports - Ultimate and Golf\r\nFritz Chess\r\nFrogger - Helmet Chaos\r\nFrom the Abyss\r\nFront Mission\r\nFullmetal Alchemist - Dual Sympathy\r\nFullmetal Alchemist - Trading Card Game\r\nfutureU - The Prep Game for SAT\r\nG.I. Joe - The Rise of Cobra\r\nGalactic Taz Ball\r\nGalactik Football\r\nGalaxy Racers\r\nGames Around the World\r\nGame Hits 4 in 1\r\nGardening Guide - How to Get Green Fingers\r\nGardening Mama\r\nGarfield - A Tail of Two Kitties\r\nGarfield Gets Real\r\nGarfield's Fun Fest\r\nGarfield's Nightmare\r\nGarfield 2\r\nGem Quest - 4 Elements\r\nGenerator Rex - Agent of Providence\r\nGeomaster\r\nGeometry Wars - Galaxies\r\nGeorge of the Jungle and the Search for the Secret\r\nG-Force\r\nGhost Trick - Phantom Detective\r\nGhostbusters - The Video Game\r\nGiana Sisters DS\r\nGirl Time\r\nGirls Life - Fashion Addict (NDSi Enhanced) [b]\r\nGirls Life - Jewellery Style\r\nGirls Life - Makeover (NDSi Enhanced) [b]\r\nGirls Only\r\nGirls World, A\r\nGlory Days 2 \r\nGlory of Heracles\r\nGo West - A Lucky Luke Adventure \r\nGo! Go! Cosmo Cops!\r\nGo, Diego, Go! - Great Dinosaur Rescue\r\nGo, Diego, Go! - Safari Rescue\r\nGodzilla Unleashed - Double Smash\r\nGolden Balls\r\nGolden Compass, The\r\nGolden Nugget Casino DS\r\nGolden Sun - Dark Dawn\r\nGoldenEye - Rogue Agent\r\nGoosebumps HorrorLand\r\nGoPets - Vacation Island!\r\nGormiti - The Lords of Nature\r\nGourmet Chef - Cook Your Way to Fame\r\nGrand Gallop - The Saddle Club\r\nGrand Theft Auto - Chinatown Wars\r\nGrease - The Offical Video Game\r\nGreatest Casual Collection\r\nGreen Lantern - Rise of the Manhunters\r\nGreg Hastings' Tournament Paintball Max'd\r\nGrey's Anatomy - The Video Game\r\nGrid \r\nGroovy Chick - My Fashion World\r\nGuild, The\r\nGuilty Gear - Dust Strikers\r\nGuinness World Records - The Videogame\r\nGuitar Hero - On Tour\r\nGuitar Hero - On Tour - Decades\r\nGuitar Hero - On Tour - Modern Hits\r\nGuitar Rock Tour\r\nGunpey DS - Music x Puzzle\r\nGuru Guru\r\nHamsterz Life\r\nHamsterz\r\nHamsterz 2\r\nHands on Tangrams\r\nHannah Montana\r\nHannah Montana - Music Jam\r\nHannah Montana - The Movie \r\nHappy Bakery\r\nHappy Cooking\r\nHappy Feet\r\nHappy Feet Two\r\nHappy Hippo's World Tour\r\nHappy Party with Hello Kitty & Friends!\r\nHardy Boys - Treasure on the Tracks\r\nHarlem Globetrotters World Tour\r\nHarry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 1\r\nHarry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2\r\nHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire\r\nHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince\r\nHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix\r\nHarvest Fishing\r\nHarvest Moon - Frantic Farming\r\nHarvest Moon DS - Grand Bazaar\r\nHarvest Moon DS - Island of Happiness \r\nHarvest Moon DS - Sunshine Islands\r\nHarvest Moon DS - The Tale of Two Towns\r\nHarvest Moon DS (Rev 1)\r\nHarvest Moon DS Cute\r\nHasbro Family Game Night\r\nHeavy Armor Brigade\r\nHello Baby!\r\nHello Kitty - Big City Dreams\r\nHello Kitty - Birthday Adventures\r\nHello Kitty - Daily\r\nHello Kitty - Party\r\nHello, Pocoyo!\r\nHell's Kitchen - The Game\r\nHenry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure\r\nHeracles - Battle with the Gods\r\nHerbie - Rescue Rally\r\nHeroes of Hellas 2\r\nHeroes of Mana\r\nHero's Saga - Laevatein Tactics\r\nHi Hi Puffy AmiYumi - The Genie & the Amp\r\nHi! Hamtaro - Ham-Ham Challenge\r\nHidden Expedition Titanic\r\nHidden Mysteries - Buckingham Palace\r\nHidden Mysteries - Salem Secrets\r\nHidden Mysteries - Titanic - Secrets of the Fateful Voyage\r\nHidden Mysteries - Vampire Secrets\r\nHidden Objects - Mystery Stories\r\nHidden Objects - The Big Journey (Rev 1)\r\nHigh School Musical - Makin' the Cut!\r\nHigh School Musical 2 - Work This Out!\r\nHigh School Musical 3 - Senior Year\r\nHistory Channel, The - Great Empires - Rome\r\nHolly Hobbie & Friends\r\nHollywood Files - Deadly Intrigues\r\nHomie Rollerz\r\nHoneycomb Beat\r\nHop - The Movie Game\r\nHorrible Histories - Ruthless Romans\r\nHorrid Henry's - Horrid Adventure\r\nHorrid Henry - Missions of Mischief\r\nHorse & Foal - My Riding Stables\r\nHorse Life\r\nHorse Life 3\r\nHorse Life Adventures\r\nHorseland\r\nHorsez\r\nHoshigami - Ruining Blue Earth - Remix\r\nHospital Giant\r\nHot Wheels - Battle Force 5\r\nHot Wheels - Beat That!\r\nHot Wheels - Track Attack\r\nHotel Dusk - Room 215\r\nHotel for Dogs\r\nHotel Giant DS\r\nHouse M.D.\r\nHow to Pass Your Driving Test\r\nHow to Train Your Dragon\r\nHumans, The - Meet the Ancestors!\r\nHurry Up Hedgehog!\r\nHysteria Hospital - Emergency Ward\r\nI did it Mum Boy\r\nI did it Mum Boy 2\r\nI Did It Mum - Doll's House\r\nI did it Mum Girl\r\nI did it Mum Girl 2\r\nI Did It Mum - Picture Book\r\nI Did It Mum - Spelling \r\nI Heart Geeks\r\nI Love Beauty - Hollywood Makeover\r\nI Love Horses\r\nI Spy Fun House\r\niCarly (NDSi Enhanced) [b]\r\niCarly 2 - iJoin the Click\r\nIce Age 3 - Dawn of the Dinosaurs\r\nIce Age 2 - The Meltdown\r\nIco Soccer\r\nIgor - The Game \r\nIL-2 Sturmovik - Birds of Prey\r\nI'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here\r\nImagine - Animal Doctor\r\nImagine - Animal Doctor Care Center\r\nImagine - Artist\r\nImagine - Babies\r\nImagine - Baby Club\r\nImagine - Babysitters\r\nImagine - Babyz\r\nImagine - Babyz Fashion\r\nImagine - Ballet Dancer\r\nImagine - Ballet Star\r\nImagine - Beauty Stylist\r\nImagine - Boutique Owner\r\nImagine - Champion Rider\r\nImagine - Cheerleader\r\nImagine - Detective\r\nImagine - Detective Adventures\r\nImagine - Doctor\r\nImagine - Dream Resort\r\nImagine - Dream Weddings\r\nImagine - Family Doctor \r\nImagine - Fashion Designer\r\nImagine - Fashion Designer - New York\r\nImagine - Fashion Designer - World Tour\r\nImagine - Fashion Model\r\nImagine - Fashion Paradise\r\nImagine - Fashion Stylist\r\nImagine - Figure Skater\r\nImagine - Girl Band\r\nImagine - Gymnast\r\nImagine - Happy Cooking\r\nImagine - Ice Champions\r\nImagine - Interior Designer\r\nImagine - Journalist (NDSi Enhanced) [b]\r\nImagine - Makeup Artist\r\nImagine - Master Chef \r\nImagine - Modern Dancer\r\nImagine - Movie Star \r\nImagine - Music Fest \r\nImagine - My Boutique\r\nImagine - My Restaurant\r\nImagine - Party Planner\r\nImagine - Pet Vet\r\nImagine - Reporter\r\nImagine - Resort Owner\r\nImagine - Rescue Vet (NDSi Enhanced) [b]\r\nImagine - Rock Star\r\nImagine - Salon Stylist\r\nImagine - Soccer Captain\r\nImagine - Sweet 16\r\nImagine - Teacher\r\nImagine - Teacher - Class Trip\r\nImagine - Wedding Designer\r\nImagine - Wildlife Keeper\r\nImagine - Zookeeper\r\nImpossible Mission \r\nInazuma Eleven\r\nInazuma Eleven 2- Blizzard\r\nInazuma Eleven 2- Firestorm\r\nIncredible Hulk, The\r\nIncredibles, The - Rise of the Underminer\r\nIndoor Sports Club\r\nIndiana Jones and the Staff of Kings\r\nIndianapolis 500 Legends\r\nInfinite Space\r\nInkheart\r\nInsecticide\r\nIntellivison Lives - 60 Classic Games\r\nInteractive Storybook DS - Series 1\r\nInteractive Storybook DS - Series 2\r\nInteractive Storybook DS - Series 3\r\nInternational Athletics\r\nInuYasha - Secret of the Divine Jewel\r\nIron Chef America - Supreme Cuisine\r\nIron Man\r\nIron Man 2\r\nIt's My Circus\r\nIvy the Kiwi\r\nIzuna - Legend of the Unemployed Ninja\r\nIzuna 2 - The Unemployed Ninja Returns\r\nJackass - The Game DS\r\nJagged Alliance\r\nJake Hunter - Detective Chronicles (USA).nds\r\nJake Hunter Detective Story - Memories of the Past\r\nJake Power - Fireman \r\nJake Power - Handyman \r\nJake Power - Policeman\r\nJam Sessions \r\nJam Sessions 2\r\nJam with the Band\r\nJambo! Safari - Animal Rescue\r\nJames Cameron's Avatar - The Game\r\nJames Patterson Women's Murder Club - Games of Passion\r\nJames Pond - Codename Robocod\r\nJane's Hotel\r\nJelly Belly - Ballistic Beans!\r\nJenga - World Tour\r\nJeopardy!\r\nJetix Puzzle Buzzle\r\nJewel Land\r\nJewel Legends Tree of Life\r\nJewel Link Atlantic Quest\r\nJewel Link Chronicles - Legend of Athena\r\nJewel Link Mysteries Mountain of Madness\r\nJewel Master - Collection\r\nJewel Master - Cradle of Athena\r\nJewel Master - Cradle of Egypt\r\nJewel Master - Cradle of Persia\r\nJewel Master - Cradle of Rome\r\nJewel Master - Cradle of Rome 2\r\nJewel Master - Cradle of 3 Pack\r\nJewel Master - Double Pack Cradle of Rome Cradle of Egypt\r\nJewel Match \r\nJewel Match 2 \r\nJewel Quest - Curse of the Emerald Tear\r\nJewel Quest - Expeditions\r\nJewel Quest - Heritage\r\nJewel Quest - Mysteries\r\nJewel Quest Mysteries 2: Trail of the Midnight Heart\r\nJewel Quest - Mysteries - 2 Pack\r\nJewel Quest - Solitaire - Solitaire with a Twist! \r\nJewel Quest - Solitaire Trio\r\nJewel Quest - The Quest Trio\r\nJewel Quest 5 - The Sleepless Star\r\nJewel Time Deluxe\r\nJewels of the Ages\r\nJewels of the Tropical Lost Island\r\nJigapix - Love is \r\nJigAPix - Pets\r\nJigAPix - Wild World\r\nJigAPix - Wonderful World\r\nJillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010\r\nJoan Jade and the Gates of Xibalba\r\nJohn Deere - Harvest in the Heartland\r\nJohnny Bravo - Date-O-Rama!\r\nJohnny Test\r\nJojo's Fashion Show\r\nJonas\r\nJourney to the Center of the Earth\r\nJuiced 2 - Hot Import Nights \r\nJumble Madness\r\nJunior Brain Trainer\r\nJunior Brain Trainer 2\r\nJunior Brain Trainer - Maths Edition\r\nJunior Classic Books\r\nJunior Classic Games - Animal World\r\nJunior Mystery Stories\r\nJust in Time Translations - In 6 Languages\r\nJust Sing\r\nJust Sing 2\r\nJust Sing 3\r\nJustice League Heroes\r\nKakuromaniacs \r\nKamen Rider Dragon Knight\r\nKim Possible - Global Gemini\r\nKim Possible - Kimmunicator\r\nKing Kong\r\nKingdom Hearts\r\nKingdom Hearts - 358-2 Days\r\nKingdom Hearts - Re-Coded\r\nKira Kira Pop Princess \r\nKirby - Canvas Curse\r\nKirby - Mass Attack\r\nKirby - Mouse Attack\r\nKirby - Power Paintbrush\r\nKirby - Squeak Squad\r\nKirby - Super Star Ultra\r\nKirikou and the Wild Beasts\r\nKnights in the Nightmare\r\nKnow How - Think and Play outside the Box\r\nKnow How 2 - Think and Play outside the Box\r\nKonami Classics Series - Arcade Hits\r\nKonductra\r\nKORG DS-10 Synthesizer\r\nKORG DS-10+ Synthesizer\r\nKORG M01 Music Workstation\r\nKung Fu Panda\r\nKung Fu Panda 2\r\nKung Fu Panda - Legendary Warriors\r\nKung Zhu\r\nKurupoto - Cool Cool Stars\r\nLalaloopsy\r\nLabyrinth \r\nLara Croft Tomb Raider - Legend \r\nLast Airbender, The\r\nLast Window - The Secret of Cape West\r\nLearn Chess\r\nLearn Geography\r\nLearn Math\r\nLearn Science\r\nLearn to Play Chess with Fritz & Chesster\r\nLeft Brain, Right Brain - Use Both Hands, Train Both Sides\r\nLeft Brain, Right Brain 2\r\nLeft or Right - Ambidextrous Challenge\r\nLegacy of Ys - Books I & II\r\nLegend of the Guardians - The Owls of Ga'Hoole\r\nLegend of Kage 2, The\r\nLegend of Kay\r\nLegend of Spyro, The - A New Beginning\r\nLegend of Spyro, The - Dawn of the Dragon\r\nLegend of Spyro, The - The Eternal Night\r\nLegend of Zelda, The - Phantom Hourglass\r\nLegend of Zelda, The - Spirit Tracks\r\nLegendary Starfy, The\r\nLEGO Batman - The Videogame\r\nLEGO Battles\r\nLEGO Battles - Ninjago\r\nLEGO Harry Potter - Years 1-4\r\nLEGO Harry Potter - Years 5-7\r\nLEGO Indiana Jones - The Original Adventures\r\nLEGO Indiana Jones 2 - The Adventure Continues\r\nLRGO Pirates of the Caribbean\r\nLEGO Rock Band\r\nLEGO Star Wars - The Complete Saga \r\nLEGO Star Wars II - The Original Trilogy\r\nLEGO Star Wars III - The Clone Wars\r\nLet's Draw\r\nLet's Pilates!\r\nLet's Play Ballerina\r\nLet's Play Fashion Designer\r\nLet's Play Firemen\r\nLet's Play Flight Attendant\r\nLet's Play Garden\r\nLet's Play Journalists\r\nLet's Play Mums\r\nLet's Play Pet Hospitals\r\nLet's Play Schools\r\nLet's Play Shops\r\nLet's Ride - Friends Forever\r\nLet's Yoga!\r\nLifeSigns - Hospital Affairs\r\nLifeSigns - Surgical Unit\r\nLine Rider - Freestyle\r\nLine Rider 2 - Unbound\r\nLionel Trains - On Track\r\nLittle Bears\r\nLittle League World Series Baseball 2008\r\nLittle League World Series Baseball 2009\r\nLittle League World Series - Double Play\r\nLittle Mermaid, The - Ariel's Undersea Adventure\r\nLittle Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ\r\nLittlest Pet Shop - Beach Friends\r\nLittlest Pet Shop - City Friends\r\nLittlest Pet Shop - Country Friends \r\nLittlest Pet Shop - Garden \r\nLittlest Pet Shop - Jungle\r\nLittlest Pet Shop - Spring\r\nLittlest Pet Shop - Winter\r\nLittlest Pet Shop 3 - Biggest Stars - Blue\r\nLittlest Pet Shop 3 - Biggest Stars - Pink\r\nLittlest Pet Shop 3 - Biggest Stars - Purple\r\nLock's Quest\r\nLogic Cubes\r\nLogic Island\r\nLogic Machines\r\nLOL\r\nLola & Virginia\r\nLooney Tunes - Cartoon Conductor\r\nLooney Tunes - Duck Amuck\r\nLord of the Rings - Aragon's Quest\r\nLord of the Rings - Conquest\r\nLost Identities\r\nLost in Blue\r\nLost in Blue 2\r\nLost in Blue 3\r\nLostMagic\r\nLost Treasures of Alexandria\r\nLove Fashion and Friends\r\nLoving Life with Hello Kitty and Friends\r\nLove Is... in Bloom\r\nLovely Lisa\r\nLucky Luke - The Daltons\r\nLufia - Curse of the Sinistrals\r\nLuminous Arc\r\nLuminous Arc 2\r\nLunar - Dragon Song\r\nLunar Genesis\r\nLunar Knights\r\nLuxor - Pharaoh's Challenge \r\nLux-Pain\r\nM&M's - Adventure\r\nM&M's - Break 'em\r\nM&M's - Kart Racing (Rev 1)\r\nMadagascar\r\nMadagascar - Escape 2 Africa\r\nMadagascar Kartz\r\nMadden NFL 05\r\nMadden NFL 06\r\nMadden NFL 07 \r\nMadden NFL 08\r\nMadden NFL 09\r\nMaestro! - Jump in Music\r\nMage Knight - Destiny's Soldier\r\nMagic Encyclopedia 2\r\nMagic Made Fun\r\nMagic Roundabout, The\r\nMagical Starsign\r\nMagical Zhu Zhu Princess - Carriages and Castles\r\nMagician's Quest - Mysterious Times\r\nMagnetica\r\nMahjong Journey - Quest for Tikal\r\nMahJong Quest - Expeditions\r\nMahjong\r\nMahjong 2\r\nMahjongg Ancient Egypt\r\nMahjongg Ancient Mayas\r\nMah-Jong 300\r\nMajor League Baseball 2K7\r\nMajor League Baseball 2K8 - Fantasy All-Stars\r\nMajor League Baseball 2K9 - Fantasy All-Stars\r\nMajor League Baseball 2K10\r\nMajor League Baseball 2K11\r\nMajor League Baseball 2K12\r\nMake 10 - A Journey of Numbers\r\nMarch of the Penguins \r\nMargots Bepuzzlled\r\nMargot's Word Brain\r\nMarie Antoinette and the Desciples of Loki\r\nMarie Antoinette - Episode 1 The Brotherhood of the Wolf\r\nMario & Luigi - Bowser's Inside Story\r\nMario & Luigi - Partners in Time\r\nMario & Sonic at the Olympic Games\r\nMario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games\r\nMario Hoops 3 on 3\r\nMario Kart DS \r\nMario Party DS\r\nMario Slam Basketball\r\nMario vs. Donkey Kong 2 - March of the Minis\r\nMario vs. Donkey Kong - Mini-Land Mayhem\r\nMarker Man Adventures\r\nMartin Mystery Monster Invasion\r\nMarvel - Ultimate Alliance 2\r\nMarvel Nemesis - Rise of the Imperfects\r\nMarvel Super Hero Squad\r\nMarvel Super Hero Squad - Infinity Gauntlet\r\nMarvel Trading Card Game\r\nMary Kings Riding School\r\nMaster All Classics\r\nMaster Jin Jin's IQ Challenge\r\nMaster of Illusion \r\nMaster of the Monster Lair\r\nMatch 3 Madness\r\nMatchstick\r\nMath Blaster in the Prime Adventure\r\nMath Play (Rev 1)\r\nMaths Made Simple\r\nMath Trainer\r\nMax and the Magic Marker\r\nMay's Mysteries - Forbidden Memories\r\nMay's Mysteries - The Secret of Dragonville\r\nMazes of Fate DS\r\nMechanic Master\r\nMechanic Master 2\r\nMechAssault - Phantom War\r\nMeet the Robinsons\r\nMega Bloks - Diego's Build and Rescue\r\nMega Brain Boost\r\nMegaman Battle Network 5 - Double Team DS\r\nMegaman Star Force - Dragon\r\nMegaman Star Force - Leo\r\nMegaman Star Force - Pegasus\r\nMegaman Star Force 2 - Zerker x Ninja\r\nMegaman Star Force 2 - Zerker x Saurian\r\nMegaman Star Force 3 - Black Ace\r\nMegaman Star Force 3 - Red Joker\r\nMegaman Zero Collection\r\nMegaman ZX\r\nMegaman ZX - Advent\r\nMegamind - The Blue Defender\r\nMetal Slug 7\r\nMeteos\r\nMeteos - Disney Magic\r\nMetroid Prime - Hunters\r\nMetroid Prime - Pinball \r\nMetropolis CrimeS\r\nMiami Crisis\r\nMiami Law\r\nMiami Nights - Singles in the City\r\nMichael Jackson - The Experience\r\nMicro Machines V4\r\nMidnight Mysteries - Edgar Allen Poe Conspiracy\r\nMidnight Play\r\nMiffy’s World\r\nMight & Magic - Clash of Heroes\r\nMilitary History - Commander - Europe at War\r\nMind Quiz - Your Brain Coach\r\nMind Your Language - Apprends le Francais!\r\nMind Your Language - Aprende Espanol! \r\nMind Your Language - Learn English\r\nMind Your Language - Learn Japanese!\r\nMind Your Language - Lern Deutsch!\r\nMind Body Soul - Blend It\r\nMind. Body. Soul. - Nutrition Matters\r\nMinDStorm \r\nMinDStorm 2\r\nMini Ninjas\r\nMini RC Rally\r\nMinute to Win It\r\nMiss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends\r\nMission Runway\r\nMister Slime\r\nMLB Power Pros 2008\r\nMonopoly\r\nMonster Bomber\r\nMonster High - Ghoul Spirit\r\nMonster House\r\nMonster Frenzy\r\nMonster Jam\r\nMonster Jam - Path of Destruction\r\nMonster Jam - Urban Assault\r\nMonster Lab\r\nMonster Mayhem - Build and Battle\r\nMonster Puzzle \r\nMonster Racers\r\nMonster Rancher\r\nMonster Tale\r\nMonster Trucks DS\r\nMonsters vs Aliens\r\nMoon\r\nMoorhuhn DS\r\nMoorhuhn - Atlantis\r\nMoorhuhn - Jewel of Darkness\r\nMoorhuhn - The Pharaohs Treasure\r\nMoorhuhn - Star Karts\r\nMoshi Monsters - Moshling Zoo\r\nMoto Racer DS - Moto GP, Traffic, Super Cross, Freestyle\r\nMouse DS\r\nMr Bean\r\nMr Driller - Drill Spirits\r\nMr Slime Jr\r\nMTV Fan Attack\r\nMummy, The - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor\r\nMurder in Venice\r\nMurder on the Titanic\r\nMushroom Men - Rise of the Fungi\r\nMusic - Music for Everyone\r\nMusic Monsters - The Ultimate Music Machine\r\nMusicstar - I wanna be a Popstar\r\nMX vs. ATV Untamed\r\nMy Animal Centre\r\nMy Animal Centre - Baby Animals\r\nMy Animal Centre in Africa\r\nMy Animal Centre in Australia\r\nMy Animal School\r\nMy Baby World\r\nMy Baby - Boy\r\nMt Babt - First Steps\r\nMy Baby - Girl\r\nMy Baby 2 - Boy & Girl\r\nMy Baby 3\r\nMy Best Friends - Cats & Dogs\r\nMy Boyfriend\r\nMy Boyfriend (Summer of My Life)\r\nMy Chinese Coach - Learn a New Language\r\nMy Dangerous Pet - Snake\r\nMy Dangerous Pet - Spider\r\nMy Dog Coach with Ceasar Milan\r\nMy Dogs Paradise\r\nMy DoItAll\r\nMy Dress-Up\r\nMy English Coach para Hispanoparlantes\r\nMy Farm Around the World\r\nMy Fashion Studio\r\nMy French Coach - Learn a New Language\r\nMy French Coach - Level 1 - Learn a New Language\r\nMy French Coach - Level 2 - Improve Your French\r\nMy Friends\r\nMy Frogger - Toy Trials\r\nMy Fun Facts Coach - Facts for Your Daily Life\r\nMy Happy Kitchen\r\nMy Health Coach - Manage your Weight\r\nMy Health Coach - Stop Smoking\r\nMy Healthy Cooking Coach - Easy Way to Cook Healthy\r\nMy Hero - Doctor\r\nMy Hero - Firefighter\r\nMy Horse & Me\r\nMy Horse & Me - Riding for Gold\r\nMy Horse Club\r\nMy Japanese Coach - Learn a New Language\r\nMy Little Baby\r\nMy Little Flufties\r\nMy Little Pony - Pinkie Pie's Party\r\nMy Make-Up\r\nMy own Pet Shelter\r\nMy Paris Fashion House\r\nMy Prt Beauty Salon\r\nMy Pet Dolphin\r\nMy Pet Chimp\r\nMy Pet Hotel\r\nMy Pet Hotel 2\r\nMy Pet Kitten\r\nMy Pet Parrot\r\nMy Pet Pony\r\nMy Pet Puppy\r\nMy Pet School\r\nMy Pet Shop\r\nMy Pet Zoo Vet\r\nMy Puppy Shop\r\nMy Riding Stables\r\nMy SAT Coach \r\nMy Secret Diary\r\nMy Secret World by Imagine\r\nMy Spanish Coach - Learn a New Language\r\nMy Spanish Coach - Level 1 - Learn to Speak Spanish\r\nMy Spanish Coach - Level 2 - Improve Your Spanish\r\nMy Stop Smoking Coach\r\nMy Vet Practice in Australia\r\nMy Vet Practice in the Country\r\nMy Virtual Tutor Reading: 1st - 2nd\r\nMy Weight Loss Coach\r\nMy Western Horse\r\nMy Word Coach - Improve Your Vocabulary\r\nMy World, My Way\r\nMySims - Agents\r\nMySims - Kingdom\r\nMySims - Party\r\nMySims - Racing\r\nMySims - Sky Heroes\r\nMyst\r\nMysterious Adventures in the Caribbean\r\nMysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde\r\nMystery Case Files - MillionHeir\r\nMystery Detective\r\nMystery Dungeon - Shiren the Wanderer\r\nMystery Mansion\r\nMystery P.I. - Portrait of a Thief\r\nMystery Stories\r\nMystery Tales - Time Travel\r\nMystery Tales 2 - The Spirt Mask\r\nN+\r\nNacho Libre\r\nNadia - Megafun Land\r\nNadia's World\r\nNaked Brothers Band, The - The Video Game\r\nNamco Museum DS\r\nNancy Drew - The Deadly Secret of Olde World Park\r\nNancy Drew - The Hidden Staircase\r\nNancy Drew - The Model Mysteries\r\nNancy Drew - The Mystery of the Clue Bender Society\r\nNanda's Island\r\nNanostray\r\nNanostray 2\r\nNapoleon Dynamite - The Game\r\nNaruto - Naruto vs Sasuke\r\nNaruto - Ninja Council\r\nNaruto - Ninja Council 2\r\nNaruto - Ninja Council 3\r\nNaruto - Ninja Council 4\r\nNaruto - Ninja Destiny\r\nNaruto - Ninja Destiny 2\r\nNaruto - Path of the Ninja\r\nNaruto - Path of the Ninja 2\r\nNaruto - Shibobi Rumble\r\nNatalie Brooks - Mystery at Hillcrest High\r\nNatalie Brooks - Treasures of the Lost Kingdom\r\nNational Geographic - Panda\r\nNeed for Speed - Most Wanted\r\nNeed for Speed - Nitro\r\nNeed for Speed - ProStreet\r\nNeed for Speed - Undercover\r\nNeed for Speed - Underground 2\r\nNeed for Speed - Carbon - Own the City\r\nNeighbours from Hell\r\nNeopets Puzzle Adventure\r\nNervous Brickdown\r\nNeves\r\nNew Carnival Games\r\nNew International Track & Field\r\nNew Super Mario Bros. \r\nNew Touch Party Game\r\nNew York Times Crosswords, The\r\nNew Zealand Story Revolution\r\nNi Hao, Kai Lan - New years Celebration\r\nNickelodeon Team - Umizoomi\r\nNicktoons - Attack of the Toybots\r\nNicktoons - Battle for Volcano Island\r\nNicktoons MLB\r\nNicktoons Unite!\r\nNight at the Museum 2\r\nNight at the Museum - Battle of the Smithsonian\r\nNinja Captains\r\nNinja Gaiden - Dragon Sword\r\nNinja Reflex\r\nNinjatown\r\nNintendo DS Browser\r\nNintendogs - Best Friends\r\nNintendogs - Chihuahua & Friends\r\nNintendogs - Dachshund & Friends\r\nNintendogs - Dalmatian & Friends\r\nNintendogs - Lab & Friends\r\nNoddy in Toyland\r\nNostalgia\r\nNRL Mascot Mania\r\nNursery Mania\r\nOK! Puzzle Stars\r\nOkami Den\r\nOktoberfest - The Official Game\r\nOMG 26 - Our Mini Games\r\nOne Piece - Gigant Battle\r\nOntamarama \r\nOpen Season\r\nOperation - Vietnam\r\nOrcs & Elves\r\nOriginal Frisbee Disc Sports - Ultimate & Golf\r\nOur House\r\nOver the Hedge\r\nOver the Hedge - Hammy Goes Nuts!\r\nOverlord Minions\r\nPac-Man World 3 \r\nPac-Pix\r\nPac 'n Roll\r\nPaint by DS\r\nPaint by DS - Classic Masterpieces\r\nPaint by DS - Military Vehicles\r\nPang Magical Michael\r\nPanzer Tactics DS\r\nParty Carnival\r\nPass the Pigs - Let the Good Swines Roll!\r\nPass Your Driving Theory Test\r\nPassion 4 Fashion\r\nPawly Pets - My Pet Hotel\r\nPawly Pets - My Pet Practice\r\nPaws & Claws - Best Friends - Dogs & Cats\r\nPaws & Claws - Marine Rescue\r\nPaws & Claws - Pampered Pets\r\nPaws & Claws - Pampered Pets 2\r\nPaws & Claws - Pet Resort\r\nPaws & Claws - Pet Vet\r\nPaws & Claws - Pet Vet - Australian Adventures\r\nPaws & Claws - Pet Vet 2 \r\nPaws & Claws - Regal Resort\r\nPDC World Championship Darts\r\nPeggle Dual Shot\r\nPenguins of Madagascar\r\nPenguins of Madagascar - Dr Blowhole Returns\r\nPeppa Pig - The Game \r\nPeppa Pig - Fun and Games \r\nPeppa Pig - Theme Park Fun\r\nPercy Jackson and the Lighting Thief\r\nPersonal Fitness for Men\r\nPersonal Fitness For Women\r\nPersonal Trainer - Cooking\r\nPersonal Trainer - Math\r\nPersonal Trainer - Walking\r\nPersonal Trainer DS for Men\r\nPersonal Trainer DS for Women\r\nPersonal Yoga Training\r\nPet Adoption Center\r\nPet Alien - An Intergalactic Puzzlepalooza\r\nPet Pals - Animal Doctor\r\nPet Pals - New Leash on Life\r\nPeter Pan's Playground\r\nPetz - Bunnyz\r\nPetz - Bunnyz Bunch\r\nPetz - Catz 2\r\nPetz - Catz Clan\r\nPetz - Catz Playground\r\nPetz - Dogz 2\r\nPetz - Dogz Fashion\r\nPetz - Dogz Pack\r\nPetz - Dogz Talent Show\r\nPetz - Dogz Superstar\r\nPetz - Dolphinz Encounter\r\nPetz - Fantasy\r\nPetz - Fantasy Moonlight Magic\r\nPetz - Fantasy Sunshine Magic\r\nPetz - Hamsterz Life 2\r\nPetz - Hamsterz Superstarz\r\nPetz - Horseshoe Ranch\r\nPetz - Horsez 2\r\nPetz - My Baby Panda\r\nPetz - My Horse Family\r\nPetz - My Kitten Family\r\nPetz - My Monkey Family\r\nPetz - My Puppy Family\r\nPetz - Monkeyz House\r\nPetz - Nursery \r\nPetz - Nursery 2\r\nPetz - Playschool\r\nPetz - Pony Beauty Pageant\r\nPetz - Pony Club\r\nPetz - Puppyz and Kittenz\r\nPetz - Wild Animals - Dolphinz\r\nPetz - Wild Animals - Tigerz\r\nPetz - Fashion - Dogz & Catz\r\nPetz Rescue - Endangered Paradise\r\nPetz Rescue - Ocean Patrol\r\nPetz Rescue - Wildlife Vet\r\nPhantasy Star Zero\r\nPhineas and Ferb\r\nPhineas and Ferb - Across the 2nd Dimension\r\nPhineas and Ferb Ride Again\r\nPhoenix Wright - Ace Attorney\r\nPhoenix Wright - Ace Attorney - Justice for All\r\nPhoenix Wright - Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations\r\nPic Pic\r\nPicross 3D\r\nPicross DS\r\nPictionary\r\nPictoImage\r\nPicture Perfect Hair Salon\r\nPicture Puzzle Collection\r\nPimp My Ride - Street Racing\r\nPinball Deluxe \r\nPing Pals\r\nPipe Mania\r\nPippa Funnell\r\nPippa Funnell 2 - Farm Adventures\r\nPirates - Duels on the High Seas\r\nPirates of the Caribbean - At World's End\r\nPirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest\r\nPlanet 51 - The Game\r\nPlanet Puzzle League\r\nPlanet Rescue Animal Emergency\r\nPlanet Rescue Endangered Island\r\nPlanet Rescue Ocean Patrol\r\nPlants vs Zombies\r\nPlatinum Sudoku\r\nPlay Gardens\r\nPlaymobil Knights\r\nPlaymobil Knight - Hero of the Kingdom\r\nPlaymobil Pirates\r\nPlaymobil - Top Agents\r\nPlushees\r\nPogo Island\r\nPoint Blank DS\r\nPokemon - Black Verison\r\nPokemon - Diamond Version\r\nPokemon - Pearl Version (Rev 5)\r\nPokemon - Platinum Version\r\nPokemon - White Verison\r\nPokemon Dash\r\nPokemon Heart Gold\r\nPokemon Link\r\nPokemon Mystery Dungeon - Blue Rescue Team\r\nPokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Darkness\r\nPokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Sky\r\nPokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Time\r\nPokemon Ranger\r\nPokemon Ranger - Guardian Signs\r\nPokemon Ranger - Shadows of Almia\r\nPokemon Soul Silver\r\nPokemon Trozei!\r\nPokerDome Poker Master\r\nPolar Bowler\r\nPolar Rampage\r\nPolarium\r\nPony Friends\r\nPony Friends 2\r\nPony Life\r\nPony Luv\r\nPop Cutie! - Street Fashion Simulation\r\nPop Town\r\nPopulous DS\r\nPostman Pat\r\nPower Play Cricket 2011\r\nPower Play Pool\r\nPower Play Tennis\r\nPower Rangers - Samurai\r\nPower Rangers - Super Legends\r\nPowerbike\r\nPowershot Pinball Constructor\r\nPress Your Luck - 2010 Edition\r\nPrey the Stars\r\nPrice Is Right, The\r\nPrice Is Right 2010 Edition, The\r\nPrince of Persia - The Fallen King\r\nPrince of Persia - The Forgotten Sands\r\nPrincess and the Frog, The\r\nPrincess Debut\r\nPrincess in Love\r\nPrincess Isbella - A Witch's Curse\r\nPrincess Lillifee - My Dearest Friends\r\nPrincess Lillifee - My Wonderful World\r\nPrincess Melody\r\nPrincess Natasha - Student, Secret Agent, Princess\r\nPrincess on Ice\r\nPrism - Light the Way\r\nPro Evolution Soccer 2008\r\nPro Evolution Soccer 6\r\nProfessional Fisherman's Tour - Northern Hemisphere\r\nProfessor Brainium's Games\r\nProfessor Brainmaniac\r\nProfessor Heinz Wolff's Gravity\r\nProfessor Kageyama's Maths Training\r\nProfessor Layton and the Curious Village\r\nProfessor Layton and the Diabolical Box\r\nProfessor Layton and the Last Specter\r\nProfessor Layton and the Lost Future\r\nProfessor Layton and The Spectres Call\r\nProfessor Layton and the Unwound Future\r\nProfessor's Brain Trainer, The - Logic\r\nProfessor's Brain Trainer, The - Memory\r\nProject Rub\r\nPucca Power Up\r\nPuchi Puchi Virus\r\nPuffins - Island Adventure\r\nPuppy Luv - Spa and Resort\r\nPuppy Palace\r\nPurr Pals\r\nPuss in Boots\r\nPuyo Pop Fever\r\nPuzzle - Art\r\nPuzzle - Bobble Galaxy\r\nPuzzle - City\r\nPuzzle - Chronicles\r\nPuzzle - de Harvest Moon\r\nPuzzle - Diddl\r\nPuzzle - Expedition\r\nPuzzle - Geo\r\nPuzzle - Kingdoms\r\nPuzzle - Sightseeing\r\nPuzzle - Time\r\nPuzzle - Underwater\r\nPuzzle League DS\r\nPuzzle Quest - Challenge of the Warlords\r\nPuzzle Quest - Galactrix\r\nPuzzle Quest 2\r\nPuzzler Collection\r\nPuzzler World\r\nPuzzler World 2\r\nPuzzler World 2011\r\nQueen Teen - The Clique\r\nQuest Trio - Jewels, Cards, and Tiles, The\r\nQuick Yoga Training - Learn in Minutes a Day\r\nQuickSpot\r\nRabbids Go Home (NDSi Enhanced) [b]\r\nRace Driver - Create & Race\r\nRace Driver - Grid\r\nRadiant Historia\r\nRafa Nadal Tennis\r\nRagnarok\r\nRain Drops\r\nRainbow Islands Revolution\r\nRango\r\nRapala Pro Bass Fishing\r\nRatatouille\r\nRatatouille - Food Frenzy\r\nRayman - Raving Rabbids\r\nRayman - Raving Rabbids - TV Party\r\nRayman - Raving Rabbids 2\r\nRayman DS\r\nReader Rabbit - Kindergarden\r\nReady Steady Cook - The Game\r\nReal Adventures - Pet Vet\r\nReal Adventures - Wild Horses\r\nReal Crimes - Jack the Ripper\r\nReal Crimes - The Unicorn Killer\r\nReal Soccer 2008\r\nReal Soccer 2009\r\nReal Stories - Fashonshop\r\nReal Time Conflict - Shogun Empires\r\nRed Bull BC One\r\nReflex - MX vs ATV\r\nResident Evil - Deadly Silence\r\nRestaurant Tycoon\r\nRetro Arcade Toppers\r\nRetro Atari Classics\r\nRetro Game Challenge\r\nReversal Challenge\r\nRhapsody - A Musical Adventure\r\nRhythm Heaven\r\nRhythm Paradise\r\nRhythm 'n Notes - Improve Your Music Skills\r\nRidge Racer DS\r\nRiding Star 3\r\nRingling Bros. & Barnum Bailey - Circus Friends - Elephants\r\nRio\r\nRiver City Soccer Hooligans\r\nRiver City Super Sports Challenge\r\nRiver King - Mystic Valley\r\nRoad to Vegas\r\nRoary the Racing Car\r\nRobocalypse\r\nRobots\r\nRock Band 3\r\nRock Blast\r\nRock Revolution\r\nRockin' Pretty\r\nRollercoaster Park\r\nRollin' Rascals\r\nRondo of Swords\r\nRoogoo Attack!\r\nRooms - The Main Building\r\nRub Rabbits!, The\r\nRudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer\r\nRubik's World\r\nRummikub\r\nRunaway - A Twist of Fate\r\nRunaway - The Dream of the Turtle (Rev 1)\r\nRune Factory - A Fantasy Harvest Moon\r\nRune Factory 2 - A Fantasy Harvest Moon\r\nRune Factory 3 - A Fantasy Harvest Moon\r\nRussel Grants Astrology\r\nSafari Adventures - Africa\r\nSafecracker\r\nSally's Salon\r\nSam Power - Handyman\r\nSamantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena\r\nSands of Destruction\r\nSanta Claus is Comin' to Town\r\nSarah Keeper of the Unicorn\r\nSatisFashion - Rock the Runway\r\nScene it Twilight\r\nSchach\r\nScience Papa \r\nScooby-Doo! - First Frights\r\nScooby-Doo! - The Spooky Swamp\r\nScooby-Doo! - Unmasked\r\nScooby-Doo! - Who's Watching Who\r\nScotland Yard - Hunting Mister X\r\nScrabble - Crossword Game\r\nScrabble Interactive - 2007 Edition\r\nScrabble Interactive - 2009 Edition\r\nScribblenauts\r\nScripps Spelling Bee\r\nScurge - Hive\r\nSea Monsters - A Prehistoric Adventure\r\nSea Park Tycoon\r\nSecret Files - Tunguska \r\nSecret Files 2 - Puritas Cordis\r\nSecret Flirts\r\nSecret Saturdays, The - Beasts of the 5th Sun\r\nSega Casino\r\nSega Presents - Touch Darts\r\nSega Superstars Tennis\r\nSesame Street - Cookie Counting Carnival\r\nSesame Street - Elmo's A to Z Adventure\r\nSesame Street - Ready, Set, Grover\r\nSettlers, The\r\nShamu's Deep Sea Adventures\r\nShaun the Sheep\r\nShaun the Sheep - Off His Head\r\nShaun White Snowboarding\r\nShawn Johnson Gymnastics\r\nShepards Crossing 2\r\nSherlock Holmes - The Mystery of the Mummy\r\nSherlock Holmes - The Mystery of the Osborne House\r\nShin Megami Tensei - Devil Survivor\r\nShin Megami Tensei - Devil Survivor 2\r\nShin Megami Tensei - Strange Journey\r\nShining Stars - Super Starcade\r\nShorts\r\nShowtime Championship Boxing\r\nShrek - Forever After - The Final Chapter\r\nShrek - Ogres & Dronkeys\r\nShrek - Smash n' Crash Racing\r\nShrek - Super Slam\r\nShrek the Third\r\nShrek's Carnival Craze - Party Games\r\nSid Meier's Civilization Revolution\r\nSideswiped\r\nSight Training - Enjoy Exercising and Relaxing Your Eyes\r\nSilly Bandz\r\nSimAnimals\r\nSimAnimals - Africa\r\nSimCity - Creator\r\nSimCity DS\r\nSimpsons Game, The\r\nSims 2, The\r\nSims 2, The - Apartment Pets\r\nSims 2, The - Castaway\r\nSims 2, The - Pets\r\nSims 3, The\r\nSix Flags Fun Park\r\nSkate It\r\nSlingo Quest\r\nSmart Boy's Gameroom\r\nSmart Boy's Gameroom 2\r\nSmart Boy's Toys Club\r\nSmart Boy's Winter Wonderland\r\nSmart Girl's Magical Book Club\r\nSmart Girl's Party Game\r\nSmart Girl's Playhouse\r\nSmart Girl's Playhouse 2\r\nSmart Girl's Winter Wonderland\r\nSmart Kid's Gameclub\r\nSmart Kid's Mega Game Mix\r\nSmart Kid's Party Fun Pak\r\nSmileyWorld - Island Challenge\r\nSmurfs, The\r\nSNK vs. Capcom - Card Fighters DS (Rev 1)\r\nSnood 2 - On Vacation\r\nSnowboard Kids\r\nSo Blonde - Back to the Island\r\nSokoban\r\nSolatorobo - Red the Hunter\r\nSolitaire DS\r\nSolitaire Mahjong - Ancient China Adventure\r\nSolitaire Overload\r\nSolitaire Overload Plus\r\nSonic and Saga All Stars Racing\r\nSonic Chronicles - The Dark Brotherhood\r\nSonic Classic Collection\r\nSonic Colors\r\nSonic Rush\r\nSonic Rush Adventure\r\nSonny with a Chance\r\nSorcerers Apprentice\r\nSoul Bubbles\r\nSpace Bust-A-Move\r\nSpace Camp\r\nSpace Chimps\r\nSpace Invaders Extreme\r\nSpace Invaders Extreme 2\r\nSpace Invaders Revolution \r\nSpanish for Everyone!\r\nSpectral Force - Genesis\r\nSpectrobes\r\nSpectrobes - Beyond the Portals\r\nSpeed Racer - The Videogame\r\nSpellbound\r\nSpellbound 2\r\nSpelling Challenges and More!\r\nSpider-Man - Battle for New York\r\nSpider-Man - Edge of Time\r\nSpider-Man - Friend or Foe\r\nSpider-Man - Shattered Dimensions\r\nSpider-Man - Web of Shadows\r\nSpider-Man 2\r\nSpider-Man 3\r\nSpiderwick Chronicles, The\r\nSpitfire Heroes - Tales of the Royal Air Force\r\nSplinter Cell - Chaos Thery\r\nSpongeBob SquarePants - Globs of Doom\r\nSpongeBob SquarePants - Battle for Volcano Island\r\nSpongeBob SquarePants - Creature from the Krusty Krab\r\nSpongeBob SquarePants - Frantic Fry Cook\r\nSpongeBob SquarePants - The Yellow Avenger\r\nSpongeBob SquarePants - Truth or Square\r\nSpongebob SquarePants - Unite\r\nSpongeBob vs the Big One - Beach Party Cook-Off\r\nSpongeBob - Atlantis SquarePantis\r\nSpongsBob's Boating Bash\r\nSpongeBob's Surf and Skate Roadtrip\r\nSpore Creatures\r\nSpore Hero Arena\r\nSports Collection\r\nSports Island DS\r\nSprung - A Game Where Everyone Scores\r\nSpy Kids - All the Time in the World\r\nSpyro - Shadow Legacy\r\nSqueeballs Party\r\nSquinkies - Surprize Inside\r\nSquinkies 2 - Adventure Mall\r\nSquishy Tank\r\nStar Fox Command\r\nStar Trek - Tactical Assault\r\nStar Wars - Battlefront - Elite Squadron\r\nStar Wars - Episode III - Revenge of the Sith\r\nStar Wars - Lethal Alliance\r\nStar Wars - The Clone Wars - Jedi Alliance\r\nStar Wars - The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes\r\nStar Wars - The Force Unleashed\r\nStar Wars - The Force Unleashed II\r\nStarz\r\nSteal Princess \r\nSteel Horizon\r\nStitch Jam\r\nStratego - Next Edition\r\nStrawberry Shortcake - Strawberryland Games\r\nStrawberry Shortcake - The Four Seasons Cake\r\nStreet Football\r\nStreet Football 2\r\nStyle Boutique\r\nStyle Lab - Fashion Design\r\nStyle Lab - Jewelry Design\r\nStyle Savvy\r\nSuccessfully Learning English\r\nSubbuteo\r\nSudoku Ball Detective\r\nSudoku Gridmaster\r\nSudokumaniacs\r\nSudoku Mania - Enhance Your Critical Thinking Skills!\r\nSudokuro - Sudoku & Kakuro Games\r\nSuikoden - Tierkreis\r\nSuite Life of Zack & Cody, The - Circle of Spies\r\nSuite Life of Zack & Cody, The - Tipton Trouble\r\nSun, The - Crossword Challenge\r\nSummon Night - Twin Age\r\nSuper Black Bass Fishing\r\nSuper Collapse! 3\r\nSuper Dodgeball Brawlers\r\nSuper Fruit Fall\r\nSuper Fun Chess\r\nSuper Fun Sudoku\r\nSuper Mario 64 DS (Rev 1)\r\nSupermodel Makeover\r\nSuper Monkey Ball - Touch & Roll\r\nSuper Princess Peach\r\nSuper Robot Taisen OG Saga - Endless Frontier\r\nSuper Scribblenauts\r\nSuper Speed Machines\r\nSuper Teacher - The Crazy School\r\nSuperman Returns\r\nSurf's Up\r\nSushi Academy\r\nSushi Go Round\r\nSuzuki Super-bikes II - Riding Challenge\r\nSweet 16\r\nSyberia\r\nSystem Flaw\r\nTak - Mojo Mistake\r\nTak - The Great Juju Challenge\r\nTake A Break's - Puzzle Bonanza\r\nTake A Break's - Puzzle Master\r\nTale of Despereaux, The \r\nTales to Enjoy - Little Red Riding Hood\r\nTales to Enjoy - Puss and Boots\r\nTales to Enjoy - The Little Pigs\r\nTales to Enjoy - Ugly Duckling\r\nTamagotchi Connection - Corner Shop\r\nTamagotchi Connection - Corner Shop 2 \r\nTamagotchi Connection - Corner Shop 3\r\nTangram Mania\r\nTank Beat\r\nTank Battles\r\nTao's Adventure - Curse of the Demon Seal \r\nTecktonik - World Tour\r\nTecmo Bowl - Kickoff\r\nTeenage Mutant Ninga Turtles\r\nTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Arcade Attack\r\nTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 - Mutant Nightmare\r\nTeenage Zombies - Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys\r\nTelly Addicts\r\nTenchu - Dark Secret\r\nTennis Elbow\r\nTennis Masters\r\nTetris DS\r\nTetris Party Deluxe\r\nTexas Hold 'em Poker DS\r\nTexas Hold 'em Poker Pack \r\nThat's So Raven - Psychic on the Scene\r\nTheme Park\r\nTheresia..\r\nThink - Train Your Brain - Logic Trainer (Rev 1)\r\nThink Kids\r\nThinkSmart Kids 8 - Power Up your Brain\r\nthinkSMART - Labyrinth\r\nThinkSmart - Power Up your Brain\r\nthinkSMART - Scotland Yard\r\nThomas and Friends - Hero of the Rails\r\nThor - God of Thunder\r\nThrillville - Off the Rails\r\nTiger Woods PGA Tour 05 \r\nTiger Woods PGA Tour 08\r\nTigerz\r\nTIN Can Escape\r\nTim Power - Firefighter\r\nTim Power - Footballer\r\nTim Power - Policeman\r\nTim Stockdale's Riding Star (Rev 1)\r\nTime Ace\r\nTime Hollow\r\nTimes Crossword Challenge, The\r\nTimmy Time\r\nTinker Bell\r\nTinker Bell and the Lost Treasure\r\nTitanic Mystery\r\nTNA Impact! - Cross the Line\r\nTokyo Beat Down\r\nTom and Jerry Tales \r\nTom Clancy's EndWar\r\nTom Clancy's Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory\r\nTomb Raider - Underworld\r\nTony Hawk's American Sk8land\r\nTony Hawk's Downhill Jam\r\nTony Hawk's Motion\r\nTony Hawk's Proving Ground\r\nToon-Doku - Sudoku with Pictures!\r\nTootuff - Megafun Land\r\nTootuff - Mission Nadia \r\nTootuff's World\r\nTop Gun\r\nTop Model\r\nTop Spin 2\r\nTop Spin 3\r\nTop Trumps - Dogs & Dinosaurs\r\nTop Trumps - Dr Who\r\nTop Trumps - Horror & Predators\r\nTornado\r\nTotally Spies! - My Secret Diary\r\nTotally Spies! 2 - Undercover\r\nTotally Spies! 3 - Secret Agents\r\nTotally Spies! 4 - Around the World\r\nTouch Darts\r\nTouch Detective\r\nTouch Detective 2\r\nTouch Golf\r\nTouch Mechanic\r\nTouch N Play Collection\r\nTouch the Dead\r\nTouchMaster \r\nTouchMaster 2 \r\nTouchMaster 3\r\nTouchMaster 4 - Connect\r\nTouchMaster - More\r\nToy Shop\r\nToy Shop Tycoon\r\nToy Story 3\r\nTrace Memory\r\nTracy Beaker - The Game\r\nTrackMania DS\r\nTrackMania Turbo - Build to Race\r\nTransformers - Autobots\r\nTransformers - Dark of the Moon - Decepticons\r\nTransformers - Dark of the Moon - Autobots\r\nTransformers - Decepticons\r\nTransformers - Revenge of the Fallen - Autobots\r\nTransformers - Revenge of the Fallen - Decepticons\r\nTransformers - War for Cybertron - Autobots\r\nTransformers - War for Cybertron - Decepticons\r\nTransformers Animated - The Game\r\nTrauma Center - Under the Knife\r\nTrauma Center - Under the Knife 2\r\nTravel Coach - Europe 1\r\nTravel Coach - Europe 2\r\nTravel Coach - Europe 3\r\nTravel Games for Dummies \r\nTreasure of the Dolphins\r\nTreasure Master\r\nTreasure World\r\nTreasures of Montezuma, The\r\nTrioncube\r\nTron Evolution\r\nTropical Lost Island\r\nTropix! ...Your Island Getaway\r\nTrue Swing Golf \r\nTsumiki - The Infernal Tower \r\nTurn It Around\r\nUltimate Band\r\nUltimate Game Room\r\nUltimate Mortal Kombat\r\nUltimate Puzzle Games - Sudoku Edition\r\nUltimate Spider-Man\r\nUndercover - Dual Motives\r\nUnderground Pool\r\nUnderwater Attack\r\nUno 52\r\nUnsolved Crimes\r\nUp\r\nUrbz, The - Sims in the City\r\nUSA Today - Crossword Challenge\r\nUSA Today - Puzzle Craze\r\nV8 Supercars Australia 3 - Create & Race\r\nValentines Day\r\nValkyrie Profile - Covenant of the Plume\r\nVampire Legend - Power of Three\r\nVampire Mansion - Linda Hyde\r\nVampire Moon - The Mystery of the Hidden Sun\r\nVegas Casino High 5\r\nVictorious - Hollywood Arts Debut\r\nViewtiful Joe - Double Trouble!\r\nVirtual Villagers\r\nVirtual Villagers - A New Home\r\nVisual Logic Training\r\nViva Pinata - Pocket Paradise \r\nWacky Races - Crash & Dash\r\nWalk with Me! (Rev 1)\r\nWALL-E\r\nWappy Dog\r\nWarhammer 40,000 - Squad Command\r\nWario - Master of Disguise\r\nWarioWare - Touched!\r\nWarioWare - DIY - (2CH)\r\nWater Horse, The - Legend of the Deep\r\nWedding Dash\r\nWedding Planner\r\n to Animal Crossing - Wild World (Rev 1)\r\nWhac-A-Mole\r\nWhat's Cooking - Jamie Oliver\r\nWheel of Fortune\r\nWhere the Wild Things Are\r\nWhere's Waldo - The Fantastic Journey\r\nWho Wants to Be a Millionaire\r\nWho Wants to Be a Millionaire - 2nd Edition\r\nWho Wants to Be a Millionaire - 3rd Edition\r\nWiffle Ball\r\nWild Horses\r\nWild West, The\r\nWindy X Windam\r\nWinning Eleven - Pro Evolution Soccer 2007\r\nWinter Sports 2 - The Next Challenge\r\nWinter Sports 2009\r\nWinter in Blue Mountain\r\nWinter's Tail\r\nWinx Club - Believix in You\r\nWinx Club - Mission Enchantix\r\nWinx Club - Quest for the Codex\r\nWinx Club - Secret Diary\r\nWinx Club - Your Magic Universe\r\nWipeout - The Game\r\nWipeout 2\r\nWireWay\r\nWitches & Vampires - Ghosts Pirates of Ashburry\r\nWitches & Vampires - The Secrets of Ashburry\r\nWitch's Tale, A\r\nWitch's Wish\r\nWizard of Oz, The - Beyond the Yellow Brick Road\r\nWizards of Waverly Place\r\nWizards of Waverly Place - Spellbound\r\nWomen's Murder Club - Games of Passion\r\nWonder Pets! - Save the Animals!\r\nWonder World - Amusement Park\r\nWoodleys, The - Summer Sports\r\nWord Academy\r\nWordfish\r\nWordJong\r\nWordmaster\r\nWorld Championship Games - A Track & Field Event\r\nWorld Championship Poker - Deluxe Series\r\nWorld Championship Sports - Summer\r\nWorld Ends with You, The\r\nWorld Cup of Pool\r\nWorld of Zoo\r\nWorld Series of Poker 2008 - Battle for the Bracelets\r\nWorld Snooker Championship - Season 2007-08\r\nWorms - Open Warfare\r\nWorms - Open Warfare 2\r\nWWE SmackDown vs Raw 2008 featuring ECW\r\nWWE SmackDown vs Raw 2009 featuring ECW\r\nWWE SmackDown vs Raw 2010 featuring ECW\r\nXG Blast!\r\nXiaolin Showdown\r\nX-Men - Destiny\r\nX-Men - The Official Game\r\nX-Men Origins - Wolverine\r\nYamaha Supercross\r\nYard Sale Hidden Treasures\r\nYogi Bear - The Video Game\r\nYoshi Touch & Go\r\nYoshi's Island DS v1.1\r\nYouda Legend - The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond\r\nYou Don't Know Jack\r\nYs Strategy\r\nYu-Gi-Oh! - Nightmare Troubadour\r\nYu-Gi-Oh! - World Championship 2007\r\nYu-Gi-Oh! - World Championship 2008\r\nYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - World Championship 2009\r\nYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - World Championship 2010\r\nYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - World Championship 2011\r\nYu-Gi-Oh! GX - Card Almanac \r\nYu-Gi-Oh! GX - Spirit Caller\r\nZelda Phantom Hourglass\r\nZendoku\r\nZenses - Ocean\r\nZenses - Rainforest\r\nZhu Zhu Babies\r\nZhu Zhu Pets\r\nZhu Zhu Pets 2 - Featuring the Wild bunch\r\nZhu Zhu Pets - Quest for Zhu\r\nZhu Zhu Princess\r\nZhu Zhu Puppies\r\nZoey 101 - Field Trip Fiasco\r\nZombie BBQ\r\nZoo Hospital\r\nZoo Keeper\r\nZoo Quest - Puzzle Fun!\r\nZoo Tycoon 2 DS\r\nZoo Tycoon DS\r\nZoo Vet - Endangered Animals\r\nZombiez Seeker\r\nZoobles - Spring to Life\r\nZorro - Quest for Justice\r\nZubo \r\nZumas Revenge
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