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Razor 1911 proudly presents\r\nMass Effect 3 Plus 13 Trainer\r\n(C) Bioware\r\n\r\nRelease Date: 2012-03-11 Platform: WinXP/ WinVista /Win7\r\nRelease Size: Small Game Type: Action\r\nRelease Type: Trainer\r\n\r\nGame notes\r\n\r\nNot everyone will survive. An ancient alien race, known only as "Reapers"\r\nhas launched an all-out invasion leaving nothing but a trail of destruction\r\nin their wake\r\nEarth has been taken, the galaxy is on the verge of total annihilation, and\r\nyou are the only one who can stop them. The price of failure is extinction\r\n\r\nYou are Commander Shepard, a character that you can forge in your own image\r\nYou determine how events will play out, which planets to explore, and whom\r\nto form alliances with as you rally a force to eliminate the Reaper threat\r\nonce and for all. How you wage this war is completely up to you: go into\r\ncombat with guns blazing or use cover to plan a more tactical assault\r\nUtilize your squad to full effect or take a lone wolf approach. Rain death\r\nfrom a distance or go toe-to-toe with enemies using devastating melee\r\nattacks. Mass Effect 3 will react to each decision you make as you play\r\nthrough a truly unique experience of your own creation\r\n\r\nGeneral trainer information\r\n\r\nMake sure to run the trainer as administrator\r\nBefore you are able to use any of the shown options below. You need\r\nto press F12 first to enable the trainer\r\n\r\nHotkey Editor Information\r\n\r\nThis trainer presents an new feature you can acces by clicking the hotkeys\r\nbutton\r\nWith the RazorDOX Hotkey Editor that pops up you can change the hotkeys\r\nused by the trainer. Every trainer will be having pre defined hotkeys\r\nwhich are listed in the Ingame hotkeys section below\r\nYou can either choose to keep these hotkeys and simply play the game with\r\nthese pre defined hotkeys or you click the hotkeys button to change the\r\nhotkeys used by the trainer. A small example on how to do this based\r\non one hotkey from the ingame hotkeys section below:\r\n\r\n1 NUMPAD1 Toggle Infinite Health\r\n\r\nNow in the hotkeys dialogbox you will see this hotkey as Opt.01\r\nWhere Opt.01 points to the option count from the ingame hotkey\r\nlist below\r\n\r\nNow if you want to change the hotkey you simply click on the\r\neditbox containing the hotkey and press your desired hotkey\r\nNow click on the save hotkeys button to save your user defined\r\nhotkeys. Now start the game and enjoy!!\r\n\r\nIngame hotkeys\r\n\r\n# Hotkey Option\r\nF12 Enable Trainer\r\n\r\n1 NUMPAD1 Toggle Infinite Health\r\n2 NUMPAD2 Toggle Super Speed\r\n3 NUMPAD3 Save Position\r\n4 NUMPAD4 Restore Position\r\n5 NUMPAD5 Toggle Infinite Ammo\r\n6 NUMPAD6 Add 10.000 Credits\r\n7 NUMPAD7 Add 10.000 Medi-Gels\r\n8 NUMPAD8 Toggle One Hit Kill\r\n9 NUMPAD9 Toggle Rapid Fire\r\n10 F1 Toggle Super Accuracy\r\n11 F2 Toogle No-Recoil\r\n12 F3 Toggle Disarm Ai\r\n13 F4 Toggle Slow Motion Enemies\r\n14 F5 Toggle Infinite Shield\r\n\r\nTrainer notes\r\n\r\nNUMPAD1 - Infinite Health\r\n\r\nThis option will give you an infinite amount of health\r\n\r\nNUMPAD2 - Super Speed\r\n\r\nWith this option enabled you will be running much faster. This makes it\r\nmuch easier to travel\r\n\r\nNUMPAD3 - Save Position\r\n\r\nPress this button to save your player coordinates. You can use this later\r\nto restore them\r\n\r\nNUMPAD4 - Restore Position\r\n\r\nPress this button to be teleported back to the place where you saved your\r\nplayer coordinates\r\n\r\nNUMPAD5 - Infinite Ammo\r\n\r\nThis option will give you an infinite amount of ammo on all your weapons\r\n\r\nNUMPAD6 - Add 10.000 Credits\r\n\r\nWhen on a mission press this button to add 10.000 Credits to your current\r\namount of Credits\r\n\r\nNUMPAD7 - Add 10.000 Medi-Gels\r\n\r\nWhen on a mission press this button to add 10.000 Medi-Gels to your current\r\namount of Medi-Gels\r\n\r\nNUMPAD8 - One Hit Kill\r\n\r\nPress this button and when you move your mouse over a enemy, you can kill\r\nthat enemy with just one shot. Please note though that some enemies are\r\nhaving a shield you have to kill first\r\n\r\nNUMPAD9 - Rapid Fire\r\n\r\nPress this button and all your weapons will have an incredible fire rate. Your\r\npistols will shoot with the speed of a machine gun. It is very wise to use the\r\nNo-Recoil option aswell when having this option enabled\r\n\r\nF1 - Super Accuracy\r\n\r\nPress this button and all your weapons will shoot much more accurate\r\n\r\nF2 - No-Recoil\r\n\r\nThis option will remove the nasty recoil affect from your weapons\r\n\r\nF3 - Disarm Ai\r\n\r\nPress this button and when you move your mouse over a enemy you will notice\r\nthat the enemy will not be able to shoot at you anymore. When they already\r\nstarted shooting you it looks like they are still shooting but no bullets\r\nare bursting out their weapons\r\n\r\nF4 - Slow Motion Enemies\r\n\r\nPress this button and when you move your mouse over an enemy you will see\r\nthat enemy walking in slooooowwmotion. You can easily run away and watch them\r\nfollowing in sloowwwmotion\r\n\r\nF5 - Infinite Shield\r\n\r\nPress this button and you will get an infinite amount of shield powers\r\n\r\nInstall Notes\r\n\r\n1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent\r\n2. Run the trainer from the desktop\r\n3. Start the game\r\n4. Toggle desired Options on/off
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