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300 e-books in Kindle format:

Albert Camus - The Fall
Albert Camus - The Stranger
Albert Camus, Justin O'Brien (Translator) - Exile and the Kingdom
Allan Pease - Body language: how to read others' thoughts by their gestures
Amy Tan - The Joy Luck Club
Aristophanes; translated by David Barrett; revised translation, an introduction, notes by Shomit Dutta - Frogs and other plays
Aristotle - Metaphysics - Aristotle
Aristotle - The Nicomachean ethics
Aristotle - On Sophistical Refutations
Arthur Conan Doyle - Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Return Of Sherlock Holmes
Arthur Conan Doyle - A Study in Scarlet
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle
Arthur Conan Doyle - A Case of Identity
Arthur Conan Doyle - A Scandal in Bohemia
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Abbey Grange.
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of Black Peter
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Boscombe Valley Mystery
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Cardboard Box
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Valley Of Fear
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Copper Beeches
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Yellow Face
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Crooked Man
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Dancing Men.
Arthur Conan Doyle - Disappearance Of Lady Frances Carfax
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Empty House
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Final Problem
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Five Orange Pips
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the "Gloria Scott"
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez
Arthur Conan Doyle - His Last Bow by Arthur Conan Doyle
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Hound of the Baskervilles
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Naval Treaty
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Norwood Builder
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Captain of the Polestar and other Tales
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Priory School
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Resident Patient
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Sign of the Four
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of Silver Blaze
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Six Napoleons
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Speckled Band
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure Of The Devil's Foot
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Dying Detective
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Second Stain
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Stockbroker's Clerk
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Poison Belt
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Red-headed League
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Three Students.
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Man with the Twisted Lip
Ayn Rand - For the New Intellectual
Ayn Rand - Anthem
Ayn Rand - Atlas Shrugged
Ayn Rand - Night of January 16th
Ayn Rand - The Fountainhead
Barbara Ehrenreich - Nickel and Dimed
Bernard Cornwell - Warlord 02 - Enemy of God
Bernard Cornwell - Warlord 03 - Excalibur
Bernard Cornwell - Warlord 01 - The Winter King
Bernard Cornwell - Harlequin (The Grail Quest, Book 1)
Bernard Cornwell - Vagabond (The Grail Quest, Book 2)
Bernard Cornwell - Heretic (The Grail Quest, Book 3)
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Tiger - 01
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Triumph - 02
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Fortress - 03
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Trafalgar - 04
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Prey - 05
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Rifles - 06
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Havoc - 07
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Eagle - 08
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Gold - 09
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Escape - 10
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Fury - 11
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Battle - 12
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Company - 13
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Sword - 14
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Skirmish - 15
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Enemy - 16
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Honour - 17
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Regiment - 18
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Christmas - 19
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Siege - 20
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Revenge - 21
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Waterloo - 22
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Ransom - 23
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Devil - 24
Jeffrey W. Deaver - Hard news
C. S. Lewis - The Magician's Nephew (Chronicles of Narnia Book 1)
C. S. Lewis - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Chronicles of Narnia 2)
C. S. Lewis - The Horse and His Boy (Chronicles of Narnia 3)
C. S. Lewis - Prince Caspian (Chronicles of Narnia 4)
C. S. Lewis - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Chronicles of Narnia 5)
C. S. Lewis - The Silver Chair (Chronicles of Narnia 6)
C. S. Lewis - The Last Battle (Chronicles of Narnia 7)
Carl Sagan - Cosmos
Charlotte Bronte - Jane Eyre
Christopher Paolini - Eldest (Inheritance ; bk. 2) 1st ed.
Chuck Palahniuk - Fight club
Cialdini, Robert B. - Influence Science and Practice
Clive Cussler - The Wrecker
Daniel Quinn, AntiLit High Quality Productions - Ishmael
Douglas Adams - Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
Douglas Adams - 1. The Hitch Hikers Guide to Galaxy
Douglas Adams - 2. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
Douglas Adams - 3. Life, the Universe, and Everything
Douglas Adams - 4. So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish
Douglas Adams - 5. Mostly Harmless
Douglas Adams - HHGTTG - The Lost Chapters
Douglas Adams - Last Chance to See
Douglas Adams - Starship Titanic
Douglas Adams - The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul
Douglas Adams - The Salmon of Doubt
Douglas Adams - Young Zaphod Plays It Safe
Franz Kafka - The Metamorphosis and Other Stories
George Orwell - Animal Farm
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz - Discourse on Metaphysics Correspondence with Arnauld and Monadology
Harlan Ellison - I have no mouth: and I must scream
Herbert, Frank - 1 - Dune
Herbert, Frank - 2 - Dune Messiah
Herbert, Frank - 3 - Children of Dune
Herbert, Frank - 4 - God Emperor Of Dune
Herbert, Frank - 5 - Heretics of Dune
Herbert, Frank - 6 - Chapterhouse Dune
Homer - The Iliad
Homer, Robert Fagles (Translator), Bernard M.W. Knox (Introduction) - The Odyssey (Penguin Classics)
Homer, Robert Fagles (Translator), Bernard M.W. Knox (Introduction) - The Odyssey
Ian Fleming - Casino Royale
Ian Fleming - Live and let die
Ian Fleming - Moonraker
Ian Fleming - Diamonds are Forever
Ian Fleming - From Russia with Love
Ian Fleming - Dr. No
Ian Fleming - Goldfinger.txt
Ian Fleming - For Your Eyes Only
Ian Fleming - Thunderball
Ian Fleming - The Spy Who Loved Me
Ian Fleming - On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Ian Fleming - You Only Live Twice
Ian Fleming - Octopussy
Issac Asimov - I, Robot
J.D. Salinger - The Catcher in the Rye
J.R.R. Tolkien - The hobbit, or, There and back again
J.R.R. Tolkien - The Lord of the Rings, Vol. 1 - The Fellowship of the Ring
J.R.R. Tolkien - The Lord of the Rings, Vol. 2 - The Two Towers
J.R.R. Tolkien - The Lord of the Rings, Vol. 3 - The Return of the King
James Clavell - Shogun (The Asian Saga Chronology)
Jeffery Deaver - Speaking In Tongues
Jeffery Deaver - The Blue Nowhere
Jeffery Deaver - The Bodies Left Behind
Jeffery Deaver - The Devils Teardrop
Jeffery Deaver - The Lesson Of Her Death
Jeffery Deaver - The Collected Short Stories
Jeffery Deaver - Vanished Man
Jeffery Deaver - The Twelfth Card
Jeffery Deaver - The Cold Moon
Jeffery Deaver - The Broken Window
Jeffery Deaver - A Maiden's Grave
Jeffery Deaver - Garden Of Beasts
Jeffery Deaver - Shallow Graves
Jeffery Deaver - Bloody River Blues
Jeffery Deaver - Hell's Kitchen
Jeffery Deaver - The Sleeping Doll
Jeffery Deaver - Roadside Crosses
Jeffery Deaver - The Bone Collector
Jeffery Deaver - The Coffin Dancer
Jeffery Deaver - The Stone Monkey
Jeffery Deaver - Mistress Of Justice
Jeffery Deaver - Praying for Sleep
Jeffery Deaver - Manhattan is my beat
Jeffery Deaver - Death of a Blue Movie Star (R)
Jim Butcher - Dead Beat
Jim Butcher - Blood Rites
Jim Butcher - Death Masks
Jim Butcher - Summer Knight
Jim Butcher - Proven Guilty
Jim Butcher - Grave Peril
Jim Butcher - Fool Moon
Jim Butcher - Storm Front
John Milton - Paradise Lost (1667)
John Milton - Paradise lost: a poem in twelve books
John Schember - Calibre Quick Start Guide
Jonathan Swift - Gulliver's Travels
Jules Verne - Around the World in Eighty Days
Jules Verne - The Mysterious Island
Jules Verne - Off on a Comet
Laurell K. Hamilton - The Laughing Corpse
Laurell K. Hamilton - Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter)
Madeleine L'Engle - A Wrinkle In Time
Mary W. Shelley - The Last Man
Max Brooks - The Zombie Survival Guide
Max Brooks - World War Z: an oral history of the Zombie War
Melvin Powers - Practical Guide to Self Hypnosis
Michael Crichton - Pirate Latitudes
Michael Ende; translated by Ralph Manheim - The neverending story
Michael Lewis - Liar's Poker
Michel Faber - The crimson petal and the white
Neal Stephenson - The Confusion
Neal Stephenson - Zodiac: the eco-thriller
Neal Stephenson - Quicksilver
Neal Stephenson - The System of the World
Neil Strauss - The Game
Orson Scott Card - Ender's Game
Oscar Wilde - The importance of being earnest
Philip K. ~censored~ - The divine invasion
Philip K. ~censored~ - Radio Free Albemuth
Philip K. ~censored~ - A Scanner Darkly
Philip K. ~censored~ - Do androids dream of electric sheep?
Philip K. ~censored~ - The man in the high castle
Philip K. ~censored~ - Minority Report.
Philip K. ~censored~ - The simulacra
Plato - Apology
Plato - Charmides
Plato - Cratylus
Plato - Critias
Plato - Crito
Plato - Euthydemus
Plato - Euthyphro
Plato - Gorgias
Plato - Ion
Plato - Laches
Plato - Laws
Plato - Lysis
Plato - Menexenus
Plato - Meno
Plato - Parmenides
Plato - Phaedo
Plato - Phaedrus
Plato - Philebus
Plato - Protagoras
Plato - Sophist
Plato - Statesman
Plato - Symposium
Plato - The Republic
Plato - Theaetetus
Plato - Timaeus
Raymond Chandler - The Big Sleep
Roald Dahl - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Roald Dahl - Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
Roald Dahl - Fantastic Mr Fox
Roald Dahl - George's Marvellous Medicine
Roald Dahl - James and the Giant Peach
Roald Dahl - Matilda
Roald Dahl - My Uncle Oswald
Roald Dahl - Revolting Rhymes
Roald Dahl - The Twits
Roald Dahl - The Witches
Roald Dahl - The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and 6 More
Robert A Heinlein - All You Zombies
Robert J. Sawyer - Calculating God
Robin Hobb - Fool's Errand
Scott Westerfeld - The Risen Empire
Sergei Lukyanenko - The Nightwatch
Stephen Baxter - Conqueror
Stephen Baxter - Emperor
Stephen Baxter - Navigator
Stephen Baxter - Weaver
Stephen King - Salems Lot
Stephen King, Richard Bachman - Rage
Stephenie Meyer - Eclipse
Stephenie Meyer - Twilight
Stephenie Meyer - New Moon
Stephenie Meyer - The Host
Stephenie Meyer - Breaking Dawn (Twilight Saga)
T.E. Lawrence - The Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Terence McKenna - Food of the gods: the search for the original tree of knowledge: a radical history of plants, drugs, and human evolution
Terry Pratchett - Unseen Academicals
Terry Pratchett - The Colour of Magic
Terry Pratchett - Equal Rites
Terry Pratchett - Pyramids
Terry Pratchett - Guards
Terry Pratchett - Eric
Terry Pratchett - Small Gods
Terry Pratchett - Lords And Ladies
Terry Pratchett - Men at Arms
Terry Pratchett - Soul Music
Terry Pratchett - Interesting Times
Terry Pratchett - Maskerade
Terry Pratchett - Feet of Clay
Terry Pratchett - Hogfather
Terry Pratchett - Jingo
Terry Pratchett - Carpe Jugulum
Terry Pratchett - The Truth
Terry Pratchett - Thief of Time
Terry Pratchett - The Last Hero
Terry Pratchett - The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents
The Empty Chair - Jeffery Deaver - Lincoln Rhyme 3 - Empty Chair
Thomas Bulfinch - Age of Chivalry Or Legends of King Arthur
Thompson, Hunter S - Hell's Angels
Umberto Eco - The Name of the Rose
Umberto Eco - Foucault's Pendulum
Wilbur Smith - River god 		
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