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Today\'s pack includes all the DCU titles for July 18, 2012. People ask me where I get my numbering from since i seem to be two weeks ahead of everyone else. Week 1 was a two title week, with only Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1 being published. Week 14 was a light week with only one title from the 52 Universe. Fact is, its not the numbering that matters, its the content.

Before uploading these, I am opening them with ComicRack, and made sure they all opened there. If there are problems please let me know. As usual, these are not my scans. Thanks to the original scanners and uppers. If you like what you got here, please purchase them in some form.

If this torrent has no seeds please msg me privately. I will be glad to reup anything that has no seeds. Please check out my exclusive releases at http://torrent.mwhsite.com/viewforum.php?f=13 It is my policy to not publish my weekly packs unless they are complete, but no later than Friday morning. If you have questions or requests, please message me privately. All descriptions are from DC and taken from Comiclist.

Comic News: I am sure everyone knows but September is Zero Month, and all titles will be numbered zero. In round two of cancellations, DC is letting go of Justice League International, Captain Atom, Voodoo and Resurrection Man, and replacing them with Talon (from the Court of Owls arc in Batman), Sword and Sorcery (an Amethyst series), Phantom Stranger (a dark title), and Super 7 (a team designed to deal with Superman). All will have Zero issues and will run with ongoing series in October.


Batwoman #11 (CBR 7/18/2012)

The conclusion of \'TO DROWN THE WORLD\'! BATWOMAN, CHASE, and the D.E.O. battle Gotham City\'s URBAN LEGENDS in hope of finding the missing children.

Before Watchmen Silk Spectre #2 (of 4) (CBR 7/18/2012)

\'I\'ve just come to a horrible realization... My mom would be really proud of me right now.\' Plus, a new CRIMSON CORSAIR backup feature from writer LEN WEIN and artist JOHN HIGGINS!

Birds of Prey #11 (CBR 7/18/2012)

POISON IVY - savior of THE GREEN? The team is in the jungles of the Amazon and the boardrooms of Dubai, where the Birds must make a deal with the Devil! A shocking ending you can\'t afford to miss!

Blue Beetle #11 (CBR 7/18/2012)

Paco and Brenda come to NEW YORK CITY to find Jaime - and get caught by the DEO! Superfail continues its smear campaign against BEETLE! BOOSTER GOLD is the only hero to come to BEETLE\'S defense - or is it just a trap?!

Green Lantern Corps #11 (CBR 7/18/2012)

As \'ALPHA WAR\' concludes, The Green Lanterns learn that their troubles are just beginning! A new threat is coming for the CorpsÖand they might be powerless to save themselves!

Justice League #11 (CBR 7/18/2012)

\'The Villain\'s Journey\' part three! Batman , Cyborg and Aquaman battle Element Woman! Continuing the origin of SHAZAM!

Legion of Super Heroes #11 (CBR 7/18/2012)

The Legion - betrayed! COSMIC BOY threatens MON-EL\'S leadership if he doesn\'t act immediately to save not only BRAINIAC and DREAM GIRL, but also the outclassed squad who\'ve gone to rescue them.

Nightwing #11 (CBR 7/18/2012)

\'The Republic of Tomorrow, Today \' continues! NIGHTWING faces off against PARAGON, the leader of an anti-GOTHAM CITY group!

Red Hood And The Outlaws #11 (CBR 7/18/2012)

\'DEAD SPACE\' continues! STARFIRE is unleashed in an epic space battle! THE OUTLAWS take on BLACKFIRE and her new allies, THE BLIGHT!

Supergirl #11 (CBR 7/18/2012)

It\'s Supergirl\'s first date on Earth - which means it\'s time for a new villain to attack and Supergirl to figure out...she has new powers?

Wonder Woman #11 (CBR 7/18/2012)

A new story begins as APOLLO makes his play for ZEUS\'S throne - and WONDER WOMAN is the last obstacle in his way! As ZOLA goes into labor, a hideous secret is revealed!
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