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1. You receive an application error after clicking start game.
Cause: You are missing the ID key value pair in the teknogods.ini file.
Resolution: Manually create the key value pair in the teknogods.ini file.
i. Open the players2 folder in the game installation folder.
ii. Look for the most recently modified file with the .stat extension.
iii. Copy the last 8 digits of the filename. Default 00010000
iv. In the installation directory, open the teknogods.ini file.
v. Create a new line under the name key and add ID= (Where is the 8 digits you copied from the filename).

2. You start the game as a client, click multiplayer , and it hangs at Joining Game Session.
Cause 1: You are using Teknogods MW3 Loader v1.0 or v1.1 and are attempting to connect to a host with an IP address outside of the following range: 170.*.*.*.* - 230.*.*.*
Resolution 1: Join to a host within the range, change your LAN IP scheme, create a private VPN or PPTP tunnel, or wait for the fix.

Cause 2: You are not forwarding the ports required for connectivity.
Resolution 2: Enable port forwarding for UDP 29184.

Cause 3: You are not using the correct format for IP entry.
Resolution 3: You need to pad each octet with preceding zeros to make each three digits.
Examples becomes becomes

3. You receive the error "Unable to connect to Special Ops host because they\'re not currently disconnected and listening for co-op connections".
Cause: Both computers have the same ID value in the teknogods.ini file.
Resolution: Generate a random number here or manually change the value on one of the computers. (Example: ID=00010001)

4. When starting the Teknogods MW3 Loader you receive the error "Please move me to the games main folder".
Cause 1: You do not have the loader in the correct directory.
Resolution 1: Move the loader and accompanying files into the same folder as iw5sp.exe

Cause 2: You downloaded a scene release and have not followed their directions.
Resolution 2: Go back and follow the directions.

Cause 3: Your Anti-virus software has quarantined or deleted steam_api.dll
Resolution 3: Add steam_api.dll to your Anti-virus exceptions list.

5. When attempting to connect to a host, the game creates another lobby instead of join the existing one.
Cause 1: IP is separated with commas instead of periods in the TeknoMW3 Loader.
Resolution 1: Change your Decimal symbol value to a period in Region and Language settings.

Cause 2: You are using the original TeknoMW3 v1.0 with an IP address having one or more octets ending in *8 or *9.
Resolution 2: Download the hotfix here.

6. If game "Stopped working" Error when "Start Game" from loader add DEP Exception for "bf3.exe"
Cause 1: Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is not allowing the loader to run.
Resolution 1: Guide Here.

7. .NET Framework initialization error. Need .NET Framework version 4.0.30319.
Cause 1: Your Windows did a corrupt install.
Resolution 1: Redo Windows with a different source.

Cause 2: .NET 4 Framwork Refuses to Install.
Resolution 2a: Uninstall .NET 4.
Resolution 2b: Download .NET 4 RC and install it.
Resolution 2c: Download and Install .NET 4 Standalone (ignoring installed RC!).
Resolution 2d: Start .NET verification utility to be sure. --Attachment below
Teknogod_LanLoader_BF3_POC [0zoNE].zip 3.011 MB
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