Burn Notice - A New Day - Volume 02

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Burn Notice - A New Day

Picking up where Volume 1 left off, Volume 2 takes Michael around the globe to continue his hunt for the operatives who burned him. With a new chapter each week, you\'ll experience a story you won\'t get anywhere else, and unique interactive features that bring you deeper into the Burn Notice world of intrigue!


Chapter 01:
Open Water

With John Logan in CIA custody, Michael Westen can now continue his hunt to dismantle the organization of people that burned him, taking each operative down one-by-one. We start the next volume with Michael and Max leading a team of elite commandos onto a cargo freighter in the Adriatic Sea. The operatives aboard won\'t come peacefully, which is fine... because Michael\'s ready for a fight.


Chapter 02:

Michael arrives in Prague looking for three "enforcers" that belong to the organization that burned him. With Max\'s help, Michael learns that they\'ve hired a team of professional thieves to rob a local weapons facility. If Michael and Max want to find the runaway enforcers, they\'ll have to get hired in the thieves\' place... but they\'ll have to get the thieves fired first.


Chapter 03:
Cold Approach

Michael infiltrates the Czech underground in order to find three members of the organization that burned him. To catch them, he\'ll need to convince a dirty intelligence officer named MIREK to hire him to rob a weapons facility.


Chapter 04:
Cruise Control

In order to prove themselves to Mirek, a dirty Czech intelligence operative, Michael and Max have to steal a shipment of state-of-the-art weaponry. It\'d be a fairly simple job if it weren\'t for the fact that the guns are on an 18-wheeler semi going 70mph.


Chapter 05:
Follow The Haystack

Mirek is anxious to get his hands on the weapons he hired Michael and Max to steal, but Michael wants to find out where they\'re being shipped first. This is Michael\'s only chance to learn the location of the men he\'s after, but if he stalls too long, Mirek\'s willingness to pay for the guns will be replaced by his willingness to kill for them.


Chapter 06:
Battle Scars

Operatives from the organization that burned Michael have been found hiding out in an abandoned Czech hotel with a stockpile of illegal weapons, so the CIA has sent a team of commandos to infiltrate as soon as possible. There isn\'t much time to prepare the operation, but it\'s either move in now or risk letting them get away.


Chapter 07:
Stow Away

His partners are now in custody, but Adrian Testolin is still on the run. While the CIA plans to interrogate Adrian\'s compatriots, Michael is sent back to Miami to cool off. But if there\'s one thing Michael Westen doesn\'t know how to do, it\'s stay out of the action.


Chapter 08:
Money Trail

While the CIA is busy interrogating their new prisoners, Michael has taken it upon himself to hunt down Adrian Testolin. Without the agency\'s assistance, though, Michael will have to once again rely on his friends and their... unorthodox methodology.


Chapter 09:
Up Below

Michael, Fiona, and Sam trace Adrian Testolin to his hideout in Canada, but finding him turns out to have been the easy part. Without any help from the CIA, Michael must infiltrate Adrian\'s heavily guarded compound. Fortunately, Sam\'s SEAL training may be able to provide a way in...or under.


Chapter 10:
Up A Creek

Michael, Sam, and Fiona carry out their underwater infiltration of Adrian Testolin\'s heavily guarded compound. If everything goes exactly as planned, they should be able to get in undetected, apprehend Adrian, and extract him before any alarms are raised. Unfortunately, when you\'re a spy, nothing ever goes exactly as planned.


Chapter 11:
Time to Go

The good news is that Sam and Fiona have found away into Adrian Testolin\'s secure compound. The bad news is that Adrian\'s guards have captured them. The only way to get out of this alive is to convince Adrian they\'ve been sent by the organization that burned Michael Westen, but there\'s a small hitch in their plan. It turns out that Adrian has about as much loyalty to his friends as he does to his enemies.


Chapter 12:
Company Business

In the final installment of the second volume, Michael is vindicated by the capture of Adrian Testolin, but there\'s no time to celebrate. The intelligence gained from Adrian\'s interrogation indicates that another operative belonging to the organization that burned Michael has infiltrated a government building in Ottawa, Canada.

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