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1993 - 2010
Statistics point to an improvement in the health of Poles.
1993 - 2010
The book, "SELFHEALING BY THE BSM METHOD," first published in 1993, has sold over 1.150.000 (one million hundred forty thousand) copies.
"Descriptions of the treatments are unbelievable - they border on fairy-tale fantasy. At first I experimented on myself, with positive effects, and then my wife took a chance. The results were just as good with her as they were all my disbelieving friends\' who tried the method despite their doubts".
How works the B.S.M. method ?
The BSM treatment relies on placing the palms of the hands on the scalp, over the centers in the cortex which control the parts of the body that are ill.
Radiation emanated by the living tissue of the cells in the palms activates these centers to begin the process of self healing.
The BSM You need not believe in it , or have any special healing skills or properties. You only have to know where and how to place the palms on the head. Everything is fully explained in the book and demonstrated in the video film.
The BSM method acts by restoring the balance in the electromagnetic field that starts to weaken in the affected organs.
The energy which the body constantly radiates is redirected to reinforce the weakened electromagnetic field.
And because the BSM method acts on the brain, i.e. the central nervous system, which is a kind of battery and antenna for the body, the amount of radiated energy that everyone radiates is sufficient to restore the balance in the field.
This is not the case, as in other healing methods, where the action is aimed at the peripheral nervous system.
You can heal yourself, even from serious diseases, without medicines, money or the help of a healer. This method was discovered in Poland, and I have been spreading the word about it since 1977. Simply placing your hand on the right location in the central nervous system is enough to trigger therapeutic reactions. Diagrams found in medical textbooks or the book I have written show where these sites are located.
The official medical community has tried to hide the method or keep absolutely silent about it, but nobody should criticize its spread, because it concerns saving health and life. We often don\'t notice that science is dependent on companies focused on profit rather than helping mankind. Doctors don\'t see financial advantages in such treatment, but a threat to their competence and authority. We should remember that our lives belong to us and nobody is entitled to decide about or exploit them.
The BSM method brings advantages to us all. It brings profits to the governments of different countries. It helps improve medical companies and forces them to go up a degree. Medical corporations, as Hippocrats said, should recognize the forces of nature and extend human life. Big medical corporations should change their production profile. Medical universities should teach doctors this new method and co-operate in moving towards the best diagnosis of how this method under clinical conditions.
The BSM method and science
The BSM method is connected with the work of Dr. Harold Saxton Burr from Yale University, which was done in the 1950s (He published his research in a book "Blueprint for Immortality. The Electric Patterns of Life" edited in London in 1972). According to his theory every living organism is ruled by a kind of pattern, in the form of an electromagnetic field, which makes it keep its proper shape. This is necessary because the body is made of material which is always changing and being replaced by new components taken from food. This electromagnetic field, called the "L" field by Burr , makes the body rebuild tissues according to a proper pattern. So the health and life of a body depends on the "L" field\'s condition . In Burr\'s opinion every living plant and animal has this field of life, which can be measured using a simple voltmeter. Burr used measurements of the "L" field to examine patients with diseases, for example cancer, which is hard to find but important that itbe found in its early phase if it is to be cured,. He discovered that the changes in the electromagnetic field can be measured even before the disease is seen in the examined tissue.
The BSM method influences the "L" field to improve its functioning. Thanks to this, the body can heal itself.
I have had gastro-intestinal problems for a number of years and I have felt a clear worsening of my health recently. Fortunately I saw a program about self-healing and began to apply it. After a month, all my ailments went away, and I have not had any headaches since then.
Thank you very sincerely for this discovery.
Bernadeta Tylmanowska, Hamburg
I’m writing this e-mail to confirm that the BSM method is effective and to say thanks.
Several days ago I had problems with my neck. They were probably caused by a draft. I awoke the next morning with severe pain in the nape of my neck, and I felt stiffness. I was unable to bend down or turn my head. I had difficulty lying down and getting up, because even with the slightest movement the pain was unbearable. I applied positions II and IV for three days (twice a day for half an hour) and it helped a great deal. In three days, the pain was gone. I’ve had this particular affliction before and usually suffered around two weeks.
Thank you once again for your help. I’ve watched your program since September f this year and my whole family used the BSM method, which helps us very much.
Best wishes, Beata Mosakowska

Dear Piotr!
Varicose veins (fully documented with a colonoscope and a referral for surgery) and are not the only things the BSM method cured for my wife. In February she was cured of myomas. In this case she also has ultrasound evidence that she had the muscle tumors, and so has embarrassed her gynecologist. My wife is currently being treated by another doctor who cannot find a trace of myomas. For ten years, my wife was treated for vegetative neurosis by the famous professor Hesse. She hasn’t needed treatment for the past year, as she also uses BSM. BSM cured her shoulder inflammation, and other ailments associated with rheumatism. If you need any documentation for your use that she indeed suffered from the aforementioned conditions, I will gladly provide them, Piotr! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING AND MAY GOD KEEP YOU IN HIS CARE!
Jan Scigala

Dear Sir!
Five years ago I wrote to you describing my son’s illness. Then he was suffering from hepatitis B. Using position V for seven months, twice daily for half an hour, we obtained results which were in the normal range.
My whole family continues to treat itself for various ailments using your method. We have not visited a doctor or taken any antibiotics for a long time.
Best regards,
Malgorzata Siedlar,Gdansk

I used to suffer from psoriasis, it was everywhere. I used all sorts of salves and creams which helped at first, then the skin got used to them and they ceased to have effect. I even used expensive hormonal creams with no results. I found out about the BSM healing method by accident. I out aside all my salves and in two months of applying it, my psoriasis disappeared. In addition the vitiligo on my face vanished too, but I didn’t take further treatment seriously and I didn’t completely cure it and it returned. But the psoriasis is no longer a problem. I have a lot of vitiligo and I plan to start treating it soon. I was surprised when one day I looked in the mirror and saw that there were no more patches on my face.

Warm greetings!
Dear Piotr Lewandowski!
We’ve been watching you on ITV for several weeks and we’ve used the BSM method with very good results! My wife cured herself from a long standing depression, while I rid myself of bothersome headaches. We tell our families, our friends, and everyone we meet about this fantastic method. We are very satisfied and happy that we have learned of this amazing and very effective, though extremely simple, method.
Best wishes from Ewa and Ryszard Szymutko,

I cured myself of cancer of the lung which had metastasized to my liver! I had a cancerous tumor in my breast, my breast was removed together with the lymph glands on my left side, and I was given chemotherapy. Two years later tests indicated that I had extensive cancer of the lungs and substantial metastases to the liver. I took drugs which did not help me at all. After accidentally seeing a program on the ITV channel about the B.S.M. Selfhealing method I began applying it, stopped taking the drugs, and told my doctor, who consented. Two months later I had tests done, and it turned out my lung cancer was gone. There were some remaining tumors on my liver. After another two months I had an additional test done which indicated that the cancer of the liver had disappeared as well. A half a year later I had a third test performed which returned the same results as the second, that I was cured. I have all my test results and can prove it. I kept my hands in the V position almost continually every day and sometimes at night.
Grazyna Cymerman from Lodz
I have given away more than a dozen of these books and many people have
helped. Including a young father who had multiple sclorosis and was given
two months to live by the medical people. That was about 10 months ago and
is now gaining weight and nearly asymtomatic. Thank you for your good work.
Lawrebce Shippen, Cedearville
I avoided heart transplant surgery.
I was waiting for my turn to have heart transplant surgery when a friend told me about the B.S.M. Method.
At first I didn’t want to believe it, so he held my hand in position. I thought it was he who had healing powers, for after two weeks tests showed significantly improved results. I held my own hand in place for the next two weeks and it turned out the operation was no longer necessary. After a year I forgot myself and rarely kept my hand in position. Following two airplane trips followed by strenuous night work, my heart once again started acting up. I had to seek medical help. However, it has been two years since then, and I have had no problems with my heart. I work normally, and hold my hand to my head every day. Sometimes my daughter does it for me. I know that I will have to hold my hand to my head for several years yet, just as you describe in your book in the chapter titled, “You needn’t die of heart disease.” If I tell others about my case, perhaps it will help others who are ill.
Tadeusz from Warsaw
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