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Windows Loader All Versions v2.1.7 by ((kiraly)) 2012\r\n\r\nVersion 2.1.7 (07/19/2012)\r\n\r\n•Fixed a bug that was causing the RSDT to get trashed\r\nVersion 2.1.6 (07/19/2012)\r\n\r\n•Added a new GRLDR version\r\n•Fixed a Hyper-V installation issue\r\n•Added Tangent Professional serial\r\n•Added Dealin Starter serial\r\nVersion 2.1.5 (06/25/2012)\r\n\r\n•Added a new GRLDR version\r\n•Added Jetway Home Premium, Home Basic and Starter serials\r\n•Added Jetway SLIC and certificate\r\n•Fixed a bug that caused the unsupported status to be set for every type of issue\r\n•Highlighted the status line so that people understand that Windows 7 Enterprise is an unsupported operating system\r\n•Other minor tweaks and fixes\r\nVersion 2.1.4 (06/02/2012)\r\n\r\n•Fixed a bug that would cause some systems to fail to boot\r\n•Fixed a bug where an unsupported OS would fail to have it’s status set to unsupported\r\n•Added Qbex SLIC and certificate\r\n•Other minor tweaks and fixes\r\nVersion 2.1.3 (05/21/2012)\r\n\r\n•Added a new GRLDR version\r\n•Added support for Windows Home Server 2011\r\n•Added support for Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter\r\n•Added a few new serials\r\n•Improved handling for systems with missing ACPI tables\r\nVersion 2.1.2 (03/11/2012)\r\n\r\n•Added a new GRLDR version that fixes 2 bugs\r\n•Added support for Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials\r\n•Added lots of missing Vista serials (Thanks to Tito)\r\nVersion 2.1.1 (04/03/2012)\r\n\r\n•Fixed a bug that prevented existing SLIC’s from being ignored\r\n•Fixed a bug that caused Windows 8 serials to be decoded incorrectly\r\n•Added Equus, Impression Computers and Xplore SLIC’s and certificates\r\n•Added Toshiba Windows 7 Ultimate serial\r\n•Added Xplore Windows 7 Professional serial\r\n•Added Impression Computers Windows 7 Home Premium serial\r\n•Added LaCie Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard serial\r\n•Added Western Digital Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials serial\r\nVersion 2.1 (11/28/2011)\r\n\r\n•Added a new GRLDR version\r\n•Added CRC32 checksums to SLIC and certificate dumps\r\n•Enhanced serial decoding so that it supports Windows 8\r\n•Added EXO, ONKYO and Quanmax Home Premium serials\r\n•Added EXO and ONKYO SLIC’s and certificates\r\n•Removed NEC Ultimate serial as it’s not NEC\r\n•Other minor tweaks and fixes\r\nVersion 2.0.9 (10/13/2011)\r\n\r\n•Added a new GRLDR version\r\n•Added NTFS checks for the active system partition\r\n•Added Paradigit SLIC and certificate\r\n•Added Paradigit Home Premium serial\r\n•Added ZT Systems Home Premium serial\r\n•Added NEC Ultimate serial\r\n•Other minor tweaks and fixes\r\nVersion 2.0.8 (10/07/2011)\r\n\r\n•Fixed a bug that prevented external SLIC’s and certificates from loading\r\n•Fixed a bug that prevented the AT Computers profile from working\r\n•Added BGH e-Nova SLIC and certificate\r\n•Added BGH e-Nova Professional serial\r\nVersion 2.0.7 (10/06/2011)\r\n\r\n•Added a new GRLDR version\r\n•Added Hyper-V support\r\n•Added Quanmax Professional serial\r\n•Added Stone Ultimate, Professional, Home Basic and Starter serials\r\n•Further enhanced partition identification\r\n•Fixed a bug in the uninstall function\r\n•Fixed access to the recovery menu (Hold ‘R’ during boot)\r\n•Other minor tweaks and fixes\r\nVersion 2.0.6 (08/21/2011)\r\n\r\n•Added a new GRLDR version\r\n•Fixed the ignore existing SLIC option\r\n•Added Stone Home Premium serial\r\n•Added Itautec Home Basic serial\r\n•Added Stone and Itautec SLIC’s and certificates\r\n•Cleaned up serials for all Windows Server editions\r\n•Other minor tweaks and fixes\r\nVersion 2.0.5 (08/02/2011)\r\n\r\n•Added a new GRLDR version\r\n•Added a new option to patch all OEM table ID’s\r\n•Added CCE, Chuangzhicheng and Crea SLIC’s and certificates\r\n•Added CCE Windows 7 Professional serial\r\n•Added KSystems and Crea Windows 7 Starter serials\r\n•Changed the way partitions are identified which should fix boot issues for systems with hidden OS partitions\r\nVersion 2.0.4 (06/26/2011)\r\n\r\n•Added a new GRLDR version\r\n•Recoded around 30% of the application so that the UI can always remain displayed\r\n•Added progress indicators\r\n•Added LG Starter serial\r\n•Added HP and IBM Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard serials\r\n•Added Kraftway and Philco Home Premium serials\r\n•Added Philco profile\r\n•Other minor tweaks and fixes\r\nVersion 2.0.3 (05/27/2011)\r\n\r\n•Added a new GRLDR version\r\n•Removed the prompt to ignore invalid SLIC’s and have made the setting apply for Samsung systems only\r\n•Other minor tweaks and fixes\r\nVersion 2.0.2 (05/23/2011)\r\n\r\n•Added a new GRLDR version\r\n•Added TAROX Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium and Starter serials\r\n•Fixed a bug that caused the wrong certificate to be dumped on some machines\r\n•Added a prompt to ignore the existing SLIC on a system if the SLIC is invalid\r\n•Other minor tweaks and fixes\r\nVersion 2.0.1 (05/09/2011)\r\n\r\n•Added a new GRLDR version\r\n•Added TAROX and Vestel SLIC’s\r\n•Added Positivo and Kraftway Home Basic serials\r\n•Enhanced the installation of GRLDR\r\n•Enhanced the dump option so that it will now dump the certificate and serial as well as the SLIC\r\n•Other minor tweaks and fixes\r\nVersion 2.0.0 (04/05/2011)\r\n\r\n•Fixed a bug that could cause the application to crash\r\n•Fixed unicode character input for OEM information editing\r\nVersion 1.9.9 (04/04/2011)\r\n\r\n•Fixed sandbox bug\r\nVersion 1.9.8 (04/03/2011):\r\n\r\n•Added a new GRLDR version\r\n•Added OEM branding options\r\n•Added AT Computers, Genuine & Zoostorm SLIC’s\r\n•Added Genuine Home Premium serial & Zoostorm Starter serial\r\n•Enhanced error handling\r\n•Enhanced enviroment detection\r\n•Other minor tweaks and fixes\r\nVersion 1.9.7 (02/18/2011):\r\n\r\n•Added a new GRLDR version (This should fix many problems)\r\n•Added Viewsonic Starter serial\r\nSOPORTA LOS SIGUIENTES SISTEMAS OPERATIVOS\r\n\r\n•Windows 7 Ultimate\r\n•Windows 7 Ultimate E\r\n•Windows 7 Professional\r\n•Windows 7 Professional E\r\n•Windows 7 Home Premium\r\n•Windows 7 Home Premium E\r\n•Windows 7 Home Basic\r\n•Windows 7 Starter\r\n•Windows 7 Starter E\r\n•Windows Vista Ultimate\r\n•Windows Vista Business\r\n•Windows Vista Business N\r\n•Windows Vista Home Premium\r\n•Windows Vista Home Basic\r\n•Windows Vista Home Basic N\r\n•Windows Vista Starter\r\n•Windows Server 2008 R2: Enterprise\r\n•Windows Server 2008 R2: Standard\r\n•Windows Server 2008 R2: Foundation\r\n•Windows Server 2008: Enterprise\r\n•Windows Server 2008: Standard\r\n•Windows Server 2008: Foundation\r\n•Windows Small Business Server 2008
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