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The game starts out at a Majestic Burger fast food stand. After the employee gives a customer his order, Death steps up to the counter. All Death wants is A number 4 with hash browns, hold the onions, but the employee runs off scared. Death tries to follow but is interrupted when Furi (in her second form) bursts into the mall and attacks the human patrons. Death tries to stop her, telling Furi that it is not the humans time to die. After a brief duel, Death is overpowered and enveloped in vines. The timeline jumps backward to DJ and Pandora in the forest. They must find a cocoon or risk failing biology. While searching, DJ takes out a card for Pandora, displaying his affection for her. Just as hes about to give it to her, DJ and Pandora discover a giant cocoon, and as they argue about who should get it, they knock it down and green ooze spills out. Out of the broken cocoon comes Furi (in her original form), and she is angered greatly by the middle-schoolers who knocked her down. She calls herself icky, while she truly wishes to grow into an all-powerful evil force. For destroying her plan, Furi scares the children off of a cliff, and then goes searching for minions. DJ and Pandora fight through the toy minons Furi creates at the toy cemetery, including Pandoras Baby Burp-Up doll and DJs action figure Billy Galaxy, who have grown gigantic due to Furis power. Finally, they make it to the saw mill to rendezvous with their friends. Stigmartha, Smith and Weston discover that Furi is a completely plant based being, and shes growing. Seep suggests killing her with Biocide, which is located at a secret army base under the World of Waffles. After fighting off wooden beavers, anamatronic llamas, and the World of Waffless giant mascot Louie the Llama, DJ and Pandora launch the Biocide, which angers Furi, and she transforms into her second form and flies off. DJ and Pandora return to the saw mill to find it abandoned and Furis minions everywhere. Eventually, the gang saves DJ and Pandora by escaping with them in a school bus. Smith and Weston say that they need something stronger than Biocide to kill her. When Seep farts, the twins get an idea and say that they need to get to the mall for supplies. After DJ and Pandora fight some security guard and clothes dummy minions, Smith and Weston gather enough supplies to create a lethal chemical to kill Furi with, using Seeps tank chemicals. They dub the concoction Seep Juice. As they travel further in the mall, DJ and Pandora discover that Death has been captured by Furi. DJ swears to his father that they will free him. The kids cut their way through the mall, then follow a path made by a giant root that leads to the River Styx. After fighting off some giant minions, such as gargoyles and minotaurs, they find Furi, who is sucking up the rivers energy. She transforms into a blob-like, six armed creature (final form), and makes a tree fortress. DJ and Pandora crash it, enter Furis lair, and after a long battle and a bit of Seep Juice, Furi is defeated. The captured humans and Death are all freed, and Death grounds DJ for a month, but Pandora manages to talk him down to two weeks, since DJ did save the world. Just as everyone is heading home, Pandora finds DJs card, reads it, and kisses him.		
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