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[b]Albums, Years & Catalog # in This Torrent:[/b]

Van Halen I 1978 9 47737-2 * (remastered)
Van Halen II 1979 9 47738-2 * (remastered)
Women and Children First 1980 (not my rip)
Fair Warning 1981 (not my rip)
Diver Down 2000 9 47718-2 * (remastered)
1984 1984 W2-23985 *
5150 1986 W2 25394 545921T *
0U812 1988 CD 25732 *
For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge 1991 W2 26594 *
Balance 1995 W2 45760 *
Van Halen III 1998 CDW 46662 *
A Different Kind of Truth 2012 B0016477-02 *
Best Of Vol. 1 1996 CDW 46332 *
Best Of Both Worlds 2004 R2 78961 *

* Denotes My Rip

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Kit [/b]

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[b]From Wiki:[/b]
Van Halen is an American rock band formed in Pasadena, California, in 1972. Its 1978 debut album, Van Halen—featuring guitarist Eddie Van Halen, vocalist David Lee Roth, drummer Alex Van Halen, and bassist Michael Anthony—is widely considered to be among the most "original" and "revolutionary" albums to "change rock and roll."[1]

According to the Recording Industry Association of America, Van Halen is the 19th best-selling band/artist in United States history, with sales of over 56 million albums in the U.S. and over 86 million albums worldwide, (with the band's former record company, Warner Bros. Records, last certifying Van Halen's albums in 2004.)[2][3] Van Halen is one of only five rock bands that have had two albums sell more than 10 million copies in the U.S.[4] Additionally, Van Halen has had the most #1 hits in the history of Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart.[5]

In addition to Van Halen's many popular songs, the band is known for the drama surrounding the exits of former members. The multiple exits of lead singers David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar and Gary Cherone were surrounded in controversy and press coverage, including numerous conflicting press statements between the former singers and the band. Following their 2004 concert tour the band was on a hiatus from the public until September 2006, when new bassist Wolfgang Van Halen's place was confirmed and Roth reunion rumors began to re-surface, both events coinciding with the band's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction on March 12, 2007.[6] After years of speculation, Van Halen began a tour with Roth across North America in 2007 and into 2008. On December 26, 2011, Van Halen announced a tour for 2012, and released their first album in 14 years, A Different Kind of Truth, on February 7, 2012. [/quote]

[b]Van Halen I [/b] 1978


Van Halen is the debut studio album by American rock band Van Halen, released in February 1978. Recorded in 1977, Van Halen sold over ten million copies in the US alone, becoming one of the most successful debuts by a rock band. Along with 1984, it gives Van Halen two original albums with diamond status in sales. The album cover was shot at the Whisky a Go Go. The guitar pictured on the cover of the album is Edward Van Halen's famous Frankenstrat Guitar, made from a neck purchased from Boogie Bodies and a Stratocaster style body custom made by Wayne Charvel in California and assembled in his parents' garage.[5] In 2003, the album was ranked #415 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.[6] In 2006, Guitar World readers ranked it No. 7 on a list of the Greatest Guitar Albums of All Time.[7]

In the band's licensed game, Guitar Hero: Van Halen, nine of the eleven tracks of this album are available for play; only "Little Dreamer" and "On Fire" do not appear in the game.

[b]Tracks: [/b]

1.	"Runnin' with the Devil" 
2.	"Eruption" (Instrumental)
3.	"You Really Got Me" (Ray Davies)
4.	"Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love" 
5.	"I'm the One" 
6.	"Jamie's Cryin'" 
7.	"Atomic Punk" 
8.	"Feel Your Love Tonight" 
9.	"Little Dreamer" 
10.	"Ice Cream Man" (John Brim)
11.	"On Fire"

[b]Van Halen II [/b] 1979


Van Halen II is the second album by American hard rock band Van Halen, released in 1979. The actual recording of the album took place less than a year after the release of the band's eponymous debut album; the process was completed in three weeks.[4] Many of the songs on Van Halen II have been known to exist prior to the release of the first album, and are present (in various forms) on the demos recorded in 1976 by KISS' Gene Simmons and '77 by Ted Templeman, including an early version of "Beautiful Girls" (then known as "Bring on the Girls") and "Somebody Get Me a Doctor". (The album version is only slightly different than the demo versions).[citation needed]
In the band's licensed game, Guitar Hero: Van Halen, four of the ten tracks of this album are available for play: "Dance the Night Away," "Somebody Get Me a Doctor," "Spanish Fly," and "Beautiful Girls."

[b]Tracks: [/b]

1.	"You're No Good" (Clint Ballard, Jr.)
2.	"Dance the Night Away" 
3.	"Somebody Get Me a Doctor" 
4.	"Bottoms Up!" 
5.	"Outta Love Again" 
6.	"Light Up the Sky" 
7.	"Spanish Fly" (Instrumental)
8.	"D.O.A." 
9.	"Women in Love..." 
10.	"Beautiful Girls"

[b]Women And Children First [/b] 1980


Women and Children First is the third studio album by American hard rock band Van Halen, released on March 26, 1980 on Warner Bros. Records. Produced by Ted Templeman, it was the first to feature compositions written solely by the band, and is described by critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine as "[the] record where the group started to get heavier, both sonically and, to a lesser extent, thematically."

[b]Tracks: [/b]

1.	 "And the Cradle Will Rock..." - 3:31
2.	"Everybody Wants Some!!" - 5:05
3.	"Fools" - 5:55
4.	"Romeo Delight" - 4:19
5.	"Tora! Tora!" - 0:57
6.	"Loss of Control" - 2:36
7.	"Take Your Whiskey Home" - 3:09
8.	"Could This Be Magic?" - 3:08
9.	"In a Simple Rhyme" - 4:33

[b]Fair Warning [/b] 1981


Fair Warning is the fourth studio album by American hard rock band Van Halen. Released in 1981, it sold more than two million copies,[1] but was still the band's slowest-selling album of the David Lee Roth era. Despite the album's commercially disappointing sales, Fair Warning was met with mostly positive reviews from critics.[2]

The cover artwork features a detail from "The Maze", a painting by the Canadian artist William Kurelek which depicts his tortured youth.[3][4] The album was listed by Esquire as one of the 75 Albums Every Man Should Own.

[b]Tracks: [/b]

1.	"Mean Street" - 5:00
2.	"Dirty Movies" - 4:08
3.	"Sinner's Swing!" - 3:09
4.	"Hear About It Later" - 4:35
5.	"Unchained" - 3:29
6.	"Push Comes to Shove" - 3:49
7.	"So This Is Love?" - 3:06
8.	"Sunday Afternoon in the Park" (Instrumental) - 1:59
9.	"One Foot Out the Door" - 1:58

[b]Diver Down [/b] 1982


Diver Down is the fifth studio album by American hard rock band Van Halen, released in 1982. It spent 65 weeks on the US album charts and had, by 1998, sold four million copies in the US. 
The album cover artwork displays the "diver down" flag used in many US jurisdictions (which indicates a SCUBA diver is currently submerged in the area).[1] Asked about the cover in a 1982 interview with Sylvie Simmons (Sounds, June 23, 1982), David Lee Roth said it was meant to imply that "there was something going on that's not apparent to your eyes. You put up the red flag with the white slash. Well, a lot of people approach Van Halen as sort of the abyss. It means, it's not immediately apparent to your eyes what is going on underneath the surface." The back cover of the album features a photo by Richard Aaron of Van Halen on stage at the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando Florida that was taken on October 24, 1981 as they concluded a set opening for The Rolling Stones.

[b]Tracks: [/b]

1.	"Where Have All the Good Times Gone!" (Ray Davies) - 3:02
2.	"Hang 'Em High" - 3:28
3.	"Cathedral" (Instrumental) - 1:20
4.	"Secrets" - 3:25
5.	"Intruder" (Instrumental) - 1:39
6.	"(Oh) Pretty Woman" (William Dees, Roy Orbison) - 2:53
7.	"Dancing in the Street" (Marvin Gaye, Ivy Hunter, William Stevenson) - 3:43
8.	"Little Guitars (Intro)" (Instrumental) - 0:42
9.	"Little Guitars" - 3:47
10.	"Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)" (Milton Ager, Jack Yellen) - 2:44
11.	"The Full Bug" - 3:18
12.	"Happy Trails" (Dale Evans) - 1:03

[b]1984[/b] 1984


1984 (written as MCMLXXXIV on the album's front cover) is the sixth studio album by American hard rock band Van Halen. 1984 remains one of Van Halen's most popular albums in terms of sales, (with 12 million copies sold in the U.S. alone;) Billboard chart performance, (reaching #2 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts, and remaining there for 5 weeks - behind Michael Jackson's mega-selling Thriller, on which Eddie Van Halen played guitar;) and in terms of memorable singles - including the #1 Billboard Pop Hit, Jump; Top #13 Hits Panama, I'll Wait; and the MTV sensation, Hot for Teacher. 1984 was the last, full-length Van Halen album to feature the band's iconic frontman David Lee Roth until 2012's A Different Kind of Truth, and also its latest album (to date) to sell over 10 million copies in America alone, (i.e. achieve RIAA Diamond status.)

[b]Tracks: [/b]

1.	"1984" (Instrumental) - 1:07
2.	"Jump" - 4:04
3.	"Panama" - 3:32
4.	"Top Jimmy" - 2:59
5.	"Drop Dead Legs" - 4:14
6.	"Hot for Teacher" - 4:42
7.	"I'll Wait" - 4:41
8.	"Girl Gone Bad" - 4:35
9.	"House of Pain" - 3:19

[b]5150 [/b] 1986


5150 (pronounced "fifty-one-fifty") is the seventh studio album by American hard rock band Van Halen, released in 1986 on Warner Bros. Records. It was the first to be recorded with new lead singer Sammy Hagar, who replaced David Lee Roth.

It was named after Eddie Van Halen's home studio, 5150, which is a California police term for a mentally disturbed person (a reference to Section 5150 of the California Welfare and Institutions Code). The 5150 name has been used several times by Van Halen. It is the name of a custom Frankenstein-striped Kramer Pacer Special electric guitar used by Eddie throughout the 1980s, and the model name of the Peavey 5150 amplifier (later the 6505) and since 2004 the signature guitar amplifier endorsed by him for his own EVH brand. The album hit #1 on the Billboard 200 chart, surpassing the band's previous album, 1984, which had peaked at #2 as Michael Jackson's Thriller album, on which Eddie made a guest appearance, dominated the charts.

[b]Tracks: [/b]

1.	"Good Enough" 
2.	"Why Can't This Be Love" 
3.	"Get Up" 
4.	"Dreams" 
5.	"Summer Nights" 
6.	"Best of Both Worlds" 
7.	"Love Walks In" 
8.	""5150"" 
9.	"Inside"

[b]OU812[/b] 1988


OU812 is the eighth studio album by American hard rock band Van Halen, released in 1988. Its title is allegedly a joke on the band's previous lead singer David Lee Roth's 1986 album Eat 'Em and Smile--O-U-8-1-2 translates phonetically to "Oh, you ate one too?". However, "OU812" was also seen in the 70s sitcom Taxi written on a wall.[original research?] The first person to use the phrase was Redd Foxx.[1] Furthermore, "OU812" is the license plate on the red Ferrari that Cheech and Chong drive in Cheech & Chong's Next Movie (released in 1980).

Van Halen started work on the album in September 1987 and completed it in April 1988, just one month before its release.

[b]Tracks: [/b] 

1.	"Mine All Mine" - 5:11
2.	"When It's Love" - 5:36
3.	"A.F.U. (Naturally Wired)" - 4:28
4.	"Cabo Wabo" - 7:04
5.	"Source of Infection" - 3:58
6.	"Feels So Good" - 4:27
7.	"Finish What Ya Started" - 4:20
8.	"Black and Blue" - 5:24
9.	"Sucker in a 3 Piece" - 5:52
10.	"A Apolitical Blues" (Lowell George) - 3:50

[b]For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge [/b] 1991


For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge (also known as F.U.C.K.) is the ninth studio album by American hard rock band Van Halen, released in 1991 on Warner Bros. Records. It debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart and maintained the position for three weeks. The album's title came from lead singer Sammy Hagar, who wanted to push the issue of censorship with naming Van Halen's album with a vulgarity, stating, "That's when censorship was a big issue. I wanted to name the album just Fuck."[1] Hagar eventually backed away from the outright vulgarity after he was told by his friend, former world lightweight boxing champion Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini, that the word "fuck" was an acronym for the phrase "for unlawful carnal knowledge" (though this is a false etymology).[1][2][3] Their tour promoting the album was unofficially named F.U.C.K. 'n' Live. Prior to recording, the term "for unlawful carnal knowledge" was first used by the band Coven as a track on their album Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls in 1969.

[b]Tracks: [/b]

1.	"Poundcake" 
2.	"Judgement Day" 
3.	"Spanked" 
4.	"Runaround" 
5.	"Pleasure Dome" 
6.	"In 'n' Out" 
7.	"Man on a Mission" 
8.	"The Dream Is Over" 
9.	"Right Now" 
10.	"316" (Instrumental)
11.	"Top of the World"

[b]Balance [/b] 1995


Balance is the tenth studio album by American hard rock band Van Halen. Released in 1995, it is the final of four albums to feature Sammy Hagar as the band's lead vocalist. During the recording of Balance and its subsequent Ambulance Tour, Van Halen's second incarnation broke up. Regarding this time period, in 1997, Eddie Van Halen told Guitar World Magazine "There had been a variety of conflicts brewing between Sammy and the band since I quit drinking on October 2, 1994... It got so bad that I actually started drinking again." 

[b]Tracks: [/b]

1.	"The Seventh Seal" 
2.	"Can't Stop Lovin' You" 
3.	"Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)" 
4.	"Amsterdam" 
5.	"Big Fat Money" 
6.	"Strung Out"
7.	"Not Enough" 
8.	"Aftershock" 
9.	"Doin' Time" 
10.	"Baluchitherium"
11.	"Take Me Back (Déjà Vu)" 
12.	"Feelin'" 

[b]Best Of Vol. 1 [/b] 1996

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