The New Gods v1

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English | CBR | 11 Issues

The New Gods v1 #1-11 (1971-1972) [DC Comics]
Publisher:  DC Comics
Publication Date:  February 1971 - October 1972

An epic battle between the Gods of old results in the utter destruction of their realm and world. What is left, over millennia, coalesces into two new planetary bodies, New Genesis and Apokolips. Orion, on approach to New Genesis, is playfully greeted by Lightray. The two men travel together to Supertown. After a brief conversation, Orion takes his leave of Lightray, to keep his appointment with Izaya, the Highfather of the New Gods. Izaya leads Orion to the Source Wall, where they are joined by Metron. The three men stand before the Source Wall, bearing witness to the Written Word, which on this day, is an edict for Orion. Following the counsel of the Written Word, Orion journeys to Apokolips, immediately coming under attack by a wave of Parademons. Momentarily overwhelmed, Orion brings the Astro Force to bear, and beats back his attackers. Landing at the foot of a statue of Apokolips ruler, Darkseid, Orion finds his battles are not yet over. The Dog Cavalry of the Lord of Apokolips descends upon Orion. Fighting valiantly against the greater numbers of the Dog Cavalry, Orion finally makes his way to Darkseids palace. He finds the great halls empty. The rule of Apokolips has been left to a Mass-Director Unit, run by Darkseids son, Kalibak. Before Kalibak can strike, he is paralyzed behind a barrier, created by Metron. Arriving by Mobius Chair, Metron reveals that Darkseid has used Boom Tube technology to journey to Earth, where he seeks the Anti-Life Equation. Ushering Orion into another chamber, Metron further reveals that Darkseid had been abducting humans and probing their minds for the Anti-Life Equation. Orion uses the Astro-Force to free the captive humans, as Metron departs. With Metron gone, the barrier holding Kalibak fades. Raising his Beta Club, Kalibak fires off a nerve beam at Orion. Despite the immense pain, Orion marshals enough will to stun Kalibak with the Astro Force. Opening up a Boom Tube to Earth, Orion ushers the humans back to their world. Kalibak hurls his Beta Club at them as they flee, but the Boom Tube fades before the Beta Club can reach them. Orion declares his presence on Earth, a clarion call that is heard by Darkseid.-------------------------------------Torrent downloaded from
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