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Knightfall, Knightquest and KnightsEnd are, collectively [and unofficially] known as the Knightfall Saga, or just Knight Saga.

The plot of Knightfall began with the master criminal Bane freeing all of the maximum-security inmates of Arkham Asylum. Banes plan consisted of weakening Batman by forcing him to deal with the deadly villains one at a time. The fight between Bruce Wayne and Bane is detailed in Batman 497. By this time, Batman is so exhausted from the exertion of catching the escaped criminals that he cannot even defend himself. Bane beats him mercilessly before breaking Waynes back over his knee inside the Batcave below the manor, symbolically breaking Batman.

Knightfall was immediately followed by Knightquest, which is itself divided into two storylines.  Knightquest:  The Crusade follows Jean-Paul Valley, the new Batman; and Knightquest:  The Search tracks Bruce Waynes recovery.

Knightquest: The Crusade details the story of Jean-Paul Valley as he becomes increasingly violent and mentally unbalanced, due to the stresses endures as he replaces Bruce Wayne as Batman. During this time, he drives Robin away because he believed Gotham post-Bane to be so tough that only violence could answer its criminals. Indeed, in several issues Robin is left horrified as Jean-Paul ferociously attacks common criminals, often with a weapon and sometimes nearly to death. This surge of violence from Gothams defender put pressure on Batmans relationship with Police Commissioner Gordon, who begins to distrust and even fear the new Batman and eventually comes to realize he is not the original.

Knightquest:  The Search follows Bruce Wayne and Alfreds search for Jack Drake and Shondra Kinsolving, with whom Bruce Wayne falls in love in the midst of his rehabilitation sessions. Kinsolvings brother-by-adoption Benedict Asp kidnapped her to use her special powers to kill people at a distance. Asp demonstrates this new form of mass murder on a small English village. When Bruce Wayne finds Kinsolving, he finds himself caught in the middle of a telekinetic tug-of-war between Asp and Kinsolving. The battle climaxes with her refocusing her energy to defeat Asp, with a side effect of the battle being that Bruces broken spine becomes healed. However, the drugs forced onto her by Asp, not to mention the effects of the fight with Asp, reduce her mind to that of a child, and Wayne reluctantly puts her into a mental institution.

Next comes KnightsEnd. Jean-Paul Valley sees visions of his dead father, who had programmed him at birth to be a deadly weapon. These visions tell Jean-Paul to avenge his fathers death, while at the same time trying to stop a gunrunning organization that used to be run by Carlton LeHah, who had killed his father.

The final battle of the Knightfall saga takes place in the caverns surrounding the Batcave between Jean-Paul and Bruce Wayne. Rather than beating Jean-Paul at hand-to-hand combat, Bruce escapes into a passage too narrow for Jean-Paul to go through in his armor, forcing him to remove most of it. Bruce then opens a hatch to the outside, which covered the very hole he fell into as a child, allowing sunlight to stab at the night lenses in Jean-Pauls helmet. After being momentarily blinded, Jean-Paul sees Bruce staring down at him in the original Batman costume and concedes defeat, saying You are Batman... and I am nothing. Bruce comforts Jean-Paul, who leaves Gotham to travel the world and find his true purpose. Bruce decides not to take Jean-Paul to the police because it was his decision to make Jean-Paul the Batman.

A one-shot that features the return of Alfred after his resignation during KnightQuest:  The Search. It has Nightwing going to England in order to track down Alfred.

NOTE:  These are not my scans.  All praise and glory to the original scanners (and authors/artists/publishers,) please.

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