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And after the Earth shattered and the buildings crumbled, the nation abandoned Gotham City.  Then only the valiant, the venal and the insane remained in the place they called No Mans Land.

No Mans Land is an American comic book crossover storyline that ran the entire year of 1999 through the Batman comic book titles published by DC Comics.

The story actually begins with the Legacy and Contagion story arcs, which lead into Cataclysm.  Legacy and Contagion describe the returning outbreak of a lethal disease (known as The Apocalypse Plague; The Filovirus; Ebola Gulf A; or, The Clench) in Gotham City, and Batmans attempts to combat it.  Cataclysm details a magnitude 7.6 earthquake hitting Gotham City. These events were followed by the storylines:  Aftershock; Road to No Mans Land; and No Mans Land.  No Mans Land results in the U.S. government officially evacuating Gotham and then abandoning (and thus isolating) those who chose to remain in the city. No Mans Land covered a period in the lives of the residents of the city, explaining all events from the time of isolation, until its time of re-opening, and the beginning of rebuilding.

The storylines run through the monthly Batman titles:  Detective Comics; Batman; Batman:  Shadow of the Bat; and Batman:  Legends of the Dark Knight (with other spin-offs serving as tie-ins) and is divided into several arcs.

The city is swiftly carved up by gangs and various super-villains Batman had battled over the years. Jim Gordon and several members of the Gotham police department stay behind to protect civilians. Oracle and Huntress also end up on the inside. Bruce Wayne leaves the city to lobby the government to continue aid to Gotham, but fails. Gordon and his men wait for Batmans return, but he disappears for months, leading the police to believe that he has abandoned Gotham.

Eventually, the United States government reverses the No Mans Land order and allows Gotham to rejoin the United States. Gordon and his surviving police officers are promoted. In the final scenes of the comic, the Joker attacks Petits compound. Petit is killed and the Huntress barely survives. The Joker later kidnaps all of Gothams babies, but does not kill any of them. When Commissioner Gordons wife, Sarah Essen Gordon, discovers the babies, The Joker shoots her in the head while she holds an infant. Batman later convinces a grief-stricken Gordon to not kill The Joker in order to prove that their city can still maintain its morale. When The Joker mockingly asks Gordon if he has a son, Gordon shoots Joker through the kneecap. Gordon then breaks down as Batman comforts him.

The story ends with the new year ringing in, as Batman prepares to spend another year as the watchful protector of Gotham. Gordon says his last goodbyes to his wife, wishing her a happy new year.

Two of the storylines immediately following No Mans Land played up the fact that they were set in the rebuilt Gotham City.  These were:  Batman: Evolution    and Batman: Officer Down.  

This torrent is comprised of the following story arcs:  Legacy; Contagion; Cataclysm; Aftershock; Road To No Mans Land; and No Mans Land.  Each arc is complete, and the whole thing is presented in reading order.

NOTE:  These are not my scans.  All praise and glory to the original scanners (and authors/artists/publishers,) please.

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