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These are the scans of BYTE magazine that are currently available. (see ) They are in their original form.
From the README:
Version 2.0 of this torrent contains 84 new scans made by an anonymous
contributor. Half of the scans are badly needed replacements for the Marcus
scans, of which there are only 7 left.
The new scans are significantly smaller than the replaced Marcus scans so
even though there are many new issues, the torrent is actually smaller.
This torrent contains ALL of the available issues, not just differences 
from 1.0. If you already have 1.0 then there is obviously no reason to 
re-download many of the files. The most general directions I can give that 
should work with all BitTorrent clients is to momentarily stop the download
of the new torrent, copy/move/link the old files into the new directory 
(sans the 0README.TXT file), and resume downloading the new torrent. After
verifying the hashes it should see those files as already downloaded. (This 
wont work if you changed the names!)
These are the only scans that are left in the marcus sub-directory:
    197911 BYTE 04-11 Fun and Games.pdf
    198004 BYTE 05-04 Printed Software Becomes a Reality.pdf
    198207 BYTE 07-07 Computers in the Arts and Sciences.pdf
    198210 BYTE 07-10 Computers in Business.pdf
    198509 BYTE 10-09 Homebrewing.pdf
    198510 BYTE 10-10 Simulating Society.pdf
    198512 BYTE 10-13 Computer Conferencing.pdf
If you can I guess it wouldnt hurt to simultaneously seed version 1.0 of
this torrent a little while longer until version 2.0 becomes better known 
on the index sites, etc. But please configure your client to seed version 
1.0 at a lower priority!
PLEASE HELP OTHERS AND SEED THIS TORRENT! I was seeding ~10 clients a few
days ago and shortly after they finished up there were only three people
seeding, which was myself and two other very reliable long-time seeders. 
(MANY people owe thanks to them!)
These are the ThumpNugget and tosteve scans of BYTE magazine. Please 
visit to learn
more. These are the full resolution PDFs, not the down-sampled PDFs found
in another torrent which is considerably smaller (11GB) but still very 
Non-overlapping issues from Marcus B. have also been included. For various
reasons these issues should be rescanned and replaced.
This is a work-in-progress so *please* contribute if you have missing 
issues and the time and resources to create *high-quality* scans!
If youre wondering where Out of the Inner Circle is, its not here. 
Seeing that it has nothing to do with BYTE I removed it and will put it in
its own torrent. It looks very interesting and I look forward to reading it
but I figured this torrent was big enough. (but will hopefully be getting 
Please seed this torrent. Even if you only download a few issues please
leave your BitTorrent client running in order to help others.
P.S. Sorry I had to rename everything. It was driving me crazy while 
working with them at the command line.
197509 BYTE 00-01 The Worlds Greatest Toy.pdf 62.036 MB
197510 BYTE 00-02 Build a Graphics Display.pdf 56.343 MB
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