Excavating The Empty Tomb

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Excavating The Empty Tomb (beyond a reasonable doubt)

Two disc series in NTSC format

Excavating The Empty Tomb is a 37 part series devoted to digging beneath the thin veneer of Christianity

and seeing what is really under the centuries of varnish.  Did the resurrection really happen?  Is there any good evidence for it?  Can a strong case be made against it?

This series of videos was over a year in the making and covers

some things that I believe have not been discovered by anyone other than myself.  One in particular...

an answer (finally) for why the author of the gospel of John did not include many of the scenes from

the synoptics and why there is a mystery disciple in many of those he did include.  I also cover information

from Dennis R. MacDonald's book, "The Homeric Epics and the Gospel of Mark".

These vids can be viewed on YouTube.  Just go to the TruthSurge channel and find it in the playlists or

do a search for the title on the main site.


If, after watching, you have enjoyed them or found them useful, consider supporting my efforts by

visiting www.surgingwithtruth.com/help_excavate.html


Feel free to share these and make new torrents and copies!  There is no fee for these.

Truth is not easy to find and we all contribute in our own ways.  These vids are simply my personal

beliefs that have congealed over time from a  sober examination of the evidences.  I've subtitled this

series "beyond a reasonable doubt".   Hopefully, the evidence and arguments presented will at the very least cause you to think.



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