Anton LaVey - The Satanic Bible

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A book by Anton LaVey - The Satanic Bible.

I have a short summary to say...

Do NOT* judge someone that is a Satanist to be a bad person.
Although this varies with anyone no matter the religion...
Most Satanist are actually Atheist's but refer to themselves as
Satanists that agree with some or most of what Anton LaVey's ideals are.
Although I am not a member of the Satanic Church yet I have to say that
although this book falls along the lines of religion...Anton LaVey had to feed his kids so keep that in it was not his intention to be hypocritical.
He was a good man and back in his day he viewed many things that fell into that hypocritical category. Nature is corrupt in man and who are we to deny it?
I want to say that a few things that Anton said in this book were baloney...such as the mating signal? wtf is that shit? is it supposed to be a dog barking or something?
and how about the witchcraft ritual nonsense crap? I suppose Anton's editor wanted to keep things interesting...but if you are intellectual enough to decipher what is baloney and what isn't then you should be able to comprehend what Anton had to say...
If you see any arguments between a Anton LaVeyan Satanist and a Christian you will easily see that the Satanist will more than likely be sophisticated and much more calmer than the Christian folk. But enough of me and please enjoy the read of a Satanist's mind.

Hail Satan (i only say that as a joke because a true satanist knows the truth that no god exists.) (In my opinion...when you are a Anton LaVeyan Satanist you know that Satan and God are merely figments of one's imagination and that religion is just full of shit to try to full yourself into thinking you are a good person). One can argue that whenever someone "prays" all they are doing is just talking to themselves and you may see that they are gullible enough to believe that they may actually communicate with a "spiritual being". We are the few...The Misunderstood...the ones that may further human evolution. Satanism is about being your own God/Savior... Believe the truth. We only live live it at its fullest.

P.S. i will never thank "god" that i was born/alive. i thank my Mother and Father because without them I would have never been well...born.

Left Hand Path.

P.S.S. I used to be religious...when i was merely 10 years old my mother would get me to pray. (yes believe it or not i was once religious because of my parents) Furthermore when i was only a mere child...i questioned... who the fuck am i talking to when i pray? a wall? a dead jew crucified? i said to myself...this is fucking bullshit...i prayed id get something specific for christmas and it never happened...i prayed for countless things as i grew older many happened? NONE. Because there is NO God! No matter what your parents or friends say PERIOD and in order to fully "evolve" you must continue to thank Science and free will.

If you read this in its entirety i merely have to say thank you and enjoy the book.

R.I.P Anton...		
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