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Yup, I went there. Why cuz they went there with me. This is my final torrent to Pirate Bay until i get an apology for the actions of a couple of mods (one of which has had a stick up his ass about me since i decided to use the chat on the forums) Now, what i can gather, its internet censorship. In 5 years here (yes i have a life outside this keyboard and all them mods insulting me thinking i have no life away from my damn keyboard in the chat, giggling laughing while they call me a liar without any sort of proof of what they claim) I have YET to upload any fakes, virused, or other rule breakers here. I've done it with a passion that is lost online. And even started catching the eyes of mods saying that "If i continued on this path, i would get a green skull". Portabalized the Elder Scrolls 4 + expansion pack and update, went to bed, woke up and my accounts locked up, 3 torrents removed. No reference in what the other two were, still have YET to find a virus on my computers here anywheres despite using ESET, AVG or Avast. No I'm not gonna get another copy of anything else here cuz you say so. Considering if you can't stand by whats uploaded by trusted and supporters like i do, well then you don't think very much of your member list. 

I have thrown all this info on your facebook page, now all 220k+ can see what you claimed and lied about. I loved this site. You took that from me. Why try to help anyone when the place online that claims to help this entire globe is censoring people...? 

You'll probably come in, flame, hate spam, lie some more, bullshit the audience so your shit don't stink. We all know how this happens. I love how close i came to green skull status and how quickly you took it all away and everything i worked for on this site simply cuz you couldn't back up your claims, or Agricola got a stick up his ass cuz i beat him to the punch on a porn torrent (Cuz if thats what this is about, GROW UP! SERIOUSLY!) 

I don't spend every waking second on this site, i uploaded cuz i cared. You've stolen that Pirate Bay, and then you made fun of that cuz someone respected and loved your work so much he did what he could to give back what he took from it.

I see hundreds on standby wondering why the seeders on my torrents dropped to 0. You have no one else to thank for that other than the mods and admins here.....
I've been ripped off by so many different sites online, this site made it personal with me. Instead of just simply PMing me about it, naw lets do it out in the open so you can get a hand with your lie eh Agricola? Listen i've been in the game for a while now, few decades in fact. We all know how these little bands stick together. Hope it was worth it. Also we'll go one record here as well that I've been waiting over a week now for a forum password reset or a mod from the forum to even show face cuz the email reset isn't working........ 

And before you bitch about it being a free version of AVG, its not, full version straight from here... Simply used it on this machine to make this torrent and say goodbye to those who actually liked my work, gave me the props i worked for. Shame the owners/mods/admins can't see that...... No I will not be silent about this. I honestly believe I got screwed while I was offline,  simply cuz some mod got his panties in a bunch about not being first with a porn torrent. Pretty sad actually. 

If you want my content, petition the admins, several of you already stated i deserve my green skull, if not my pink one that i had to earn and took me 2 years to get it..... Stand by your convictions and let them know.... I may come back, I might not, depends on if i get my apology, my skull i earned or better.... 393 torrents and i've yet to upload a fake, you said 3 were virused, ive just proved one wasnt and you wont show face about the other 2. I CALL LIAR! Easy as that.		
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