The Ethradon Awakening

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ΓÇ£The Ethradon Awakening & The Ashalum Chamber, Etheric Gateway to the StarsΓÇ¥ - Recorded live in Morocco May/June 2005. The topics and techniques covered in this workshop include ΓÇ£Awakening the EthradonΓÇ¥ (the fourth ΓÇÿradon cellΓÇÖ activation), ΓÇ£The Arc of the Covenant of LoveΓÇ¥ and the ΓÇ£Rainbow BridgeΓÇ¥, the Psonns of Passage and the ΓÇ£SEΓÇÖ- da celebration circlesΓÇ¥, the ΓÇ£Ethason allianceΓÇ¥,  the ΓÇ£Ra-Sha-LAΓÇ¥ and the ΓÇ£Um-Shaddh-EieΓÇ¥, purging the ΓÇ£Tauren BodyΓÇ¥, ΓÇ£InorganicsΓÇ¥ and the ΓÇ£CALOR forceΓÇ¥, ΓÇ£Taming the TaurenΓÇ¥ and related techniques, the Arametena Passage, the Ashalum chamber, the ΓÇ£Ra-Sha-HallahΓÇ¥, ΓÇ£Ra-Sha-LAΓÇ¥ & ΓÇ£Ra-Sha-LA-ahΓÇ¥ bodies, the Veils of the Ra-Sha-Hallah, the Seals of the Ra-Sha-LA, the Transcendental passages and finally, ΓÇ£Trans-identity ConsciousnessΓÇ¥.

Exquisite footage in this workshop will take the viewer on a journey with Team Indigo through MoroccoΓÇÖs glorious mountain deserts, Atlas Mountains, sweeping plains, bustling sea-side communities and colorful market places while they join the Emerald Covenant races in fulfilling the ΓÇ£Rainbow-Bridge MissionΓÇ¥, also known as the ΓÇ£Covenant of LoveΓÇ¥. Team Indigo commences this mission with the introduction of the wonderful Songs of the Rainbow-Bridge, songs with origins in the English, Eieyani, AdonA and HaahΓÇÖTUr languages. Join the Team as they travel throughout Morocco on an ΓÇ£official ambassadorΓÇ¥ tour, singing the Sacred SE-da Songs,and in doing so, assist the Guardian races in reuniting the 12 Human Races, referred to at this workshop for the first time, as the ΓÇ£12 Ray-saΓÇÖsΓÇ¥ (Ray-Sa = carrier of the RAYS). Many Moroccans (particularly the Berbers) have ancient connections to the Kantarians and the long lost Procyone Races of Sirius C and many are still the ΓÇ£keepers of the Ethradon Seal KeysΓÇ¥ that activate specific Earth grids in Morocco. Team IndigoΓÇÖs presence and activities in Morocco during the Ethradon awakening in turn assists in the activation of these Ethradon Seal keys which in turn sets the final Ethradon Awakening in motion (the final of the four ΓÇ£Radon cellΓÇ¥ activations which have included the Nadradon, Zendradon and Kethradon awakenings). This workshop covers the information on the relationship between the Ethradon awakening and the anchoring of the ΓÇ£Ashalum PassageΓÇ¥, another passage needed in addition to the Arametana pathway and the Rama and Polarian Gate systems to ensure a successful planetary Starburst process.

In this workshop, the viewer is introduced to valuable new information on the true nature of our ΓÇ£perceptual filtersΓÇ¥ and how the activities of the ΓÇ£Tauren BodyΓÇ¥ (also known as the ΓÇ£Demon WithinΓÇ¥ and originator of the ΓÇ£GlamourΓÇ¥), the metatronic ΓÇ£Calor ForceΓÇ¥ the ΓÇ£inorganicsΓÇ¥ and ΓÇ£Out of Control AspectsΓÇ¥ (OOCA) within our crystal bodies can exacerbate the prejudice, fear and suspicion generated by our perceptual filters. There is also information on the origins and consequences of the Tauren Body and importantly, techniques on how to ΓÇ£tame the TaurenΓÇ¥ within us, particularly when experiencing emotional turmoil. The techniques involve use of our newly birthed Ra-Sha-LA body (our Monadic Selves) to assist in clearing the ΓÇ£Calorene ForceΓÇ¥ in our surroundings, belongings and in loved ones (while observing strict Kristic protocols). The techniques also involve the use of powerful 3-point activationΓÇ¥ breaths and both encrypted and unencrypted E-Cou-Sha-crystal replicas. Another important technique introduced at this workshop is the ΓÇ£SadhiΓÇ¥ sleep state, a state where one can take short physical rest periods (after the Dial-up) for ΓÇÿrefreshmentΓÇÖ of energy levels and to receive transmissions from our Christos levels and higher. Finally, this workshop introduces more of the fascinating anatomy of the Monad and its formation through the complex interaction of phasing of the 1st and 2nd Partiki that characterize God Source. This anatomy encompasses the First creational Sound Tones associated with the first in-breaths and out-breaths of God Source consciousness and which have ΓÇÿevolvedΓÇÖ into the many of the Sacred Sound tones and words that we know today, such as ΓÇ£TRa-Na-TiEΓÇ¥ or as we know it, ΓÇ£TrinityΓÇ¥. This same anatomy encompasses the structure of the Inner Hub Worlds, also known as the ΓÇ£BudΓÇ¥ Worlds, home to the High Council Hub Masters, the HaahTUrΓÇÖs, (Founders and Guardian Races from the Eckasha-A level of Creation) and from which all the ΓÇ£OuterΓÇ¥ God Worlds originate. Comes with 12 page supplement containing the Psonns of Passage.		
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