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+            Dio - Stand Up And Shout The Anthology            +
Release Information
Release Date.Jan-12-2013    Encoder......L3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Genre........Heavy Metal    Graber.......EAC
Year.........2003           Khz/Bitrate..44,1/ Br
Ripper.......anthem         Songs........cd1: 15 cd2: 14
Covers.......Yes            Url... www.ronniejamesdio.com
Release Notes
Artist : Dio                           Rating : You Decide!
Album  : Stand Up And Shout The Anthologybel  : Rhino
Description :
Every once in a while a greatest hits collection
comes around that will be an absolute must have
for any fan of a band, one that contains all the
right amount of perks and rarities to entice the
most hardcore fan, yet still contain all the
necessary hits to rope in the casual listener.
Stand Up and Shout lives up to its name by
shouting one thing to the potential buyer, If
you buy me you will get it all!! You get every
era spanning Dios career since the early 70s
with Elf up until his last great effort in the
1990s Strange Highways.
As someone who was an already established
enthusiast for Dios Sabbath and solo work at
the time, my main reason for getting this
release was the Elf and Rainbow material, the
former of which I was 100% unexposed to while
the latter had only been touched upon due to
live performances and one greatest hits
The Elf material, for its time, is quite an
innovative fusion of blues and rock that
requires a bit of historical perspective in
order to grasp. When you consider that the
heaviest thing going on at the time was Black
Sabbath and that they were considered an
aberration, this is quite hard edged stuff and a
path can been seen to where Dio would grow into
what he is now.
The Rainbow stuff includes the obvious tour
favorites Long Live Rock and Roll and Man on
the Silver Mountain, as well as the only
slightly less well known Starstruck. Although
these songs are all a great listen and rock
hard, I had hoped that more epic tracks such as
Gates of Babylon would have made it onto here,
but of course those tracks are to be found on
Rainbow compilations.
The Black Sabbath stuff is presented
chronologically, which is a breath of fresh air
as most Sabbath compilations are dreadfully
unorganized. You have all the essentials from
both the early 80s era as well as the strongest
song from the 1992 reunion in Computer God. We
also get a great live version of Voodoo from
the Mob Rules tour back in 1982 that qualifies
as a genuine rarity.
Dios solo material has also been well organized
and includes pretty much all the no-brainer
tracks from the first two albums. We get a live
version of Sacred Heart from the famous tour
that spawned the Video concert carrying the same
name, definitely a great perk for the Dio fan
that already has most of the discography. To my
relief, the Dream Evil material was not given
the shaft and the two best songs from it are
found on here. Likewise, both Lock up the Wolves
and Strange Highways managed to get their title
tracks onto this compilation, rounding out the
tail end of a career that spanned more than 20
years at that point.
To the prospective buyer who is looking for some
stuff with Ronnie Dio attached to it that is not
found on the LPs, as well as the fan of metal
who wishes an introduction to the artist, this
is the album to go for. It listens extremely
well owing to it being well organized and all of
the songs being digitally remastered, which is
more than what I can say for the majority of the
large amount of Dio greatest hits CDs out there.
Get yourself a copy today and be prepared to
Stand up and Shout.
Holy Diver Full-length, 1983
Holy Diver Single, 1983
Rainbow in the Dark Single, 1983
Live in Concert Video/VHS, 1984
Mystery Single, 1984
The Last in Line Single, 1984
We Rock Single, 1984
The Last in Line Full-length, 1984
A Special From the Spectrum Video/VHS, 1984
Hungry for Heaven Single, 1985
Like the Beat of a Heart (Live) Single, 1985
Rock 'n' Roll Children Single, 1985
Super Rock '85 in Japan Video/VHS, 1985
Sacred Heart Full-length, 1985
The Dio E.P EP, 1986
King of Rock & Roll Single, 1986
Time to Burn Single, 1986
Intermission EP, 1986
Sacred Heart "The Video" Video/VHS, 1986
All the Fools Sailed Away Single, 1987
I Could Have Been a Dreamer Single, 1987
Night People Single, 1987
When a Woman Cries Single, 1987
Dream Evil Full-length, 1987
Lock up the Wolves Full-length, 1990
Time Machine Video/VHS, 1990
Hey Angel Single, 1990
Diamonds - The Best of Dio Best of/Compilation,
Evilution Single, 1994
Jesus Mary & The Holy Ghost Single, 1994
Strange Highways Full-length, 1994
Angry Machines Demos Demo, 1995
Angry Machines Full-length, 1996
Anthology Best of/Compilation, 1997
Inferno - The Last in Live Live album, 1998
Master Series Collection Best of/Compilation,
Magica Full-length, 2000
The Very Beast Of Best of/Compilation, 2000
Anthology Volume Two Best of/Compilation, 2001
Killing the Dragon Full-length, 2002
Stand Up and Shout: The Dio Anthology Best
of/Compilation, 2003
Evil Or Divine DVD, 2003
The Collection Best of/Compilation, 2003
Sacred Heart "The DVD" DVD, 2004
We Rock - Greatest Hits Best of/Compilation,
Master of the Moon Full-length, 2004
Evil Or Divine: Live in New York City Live
album, 2005
We Rock DVD, 2005
Metal Hits Best of/Compilation, 2005
Holy Diver Live Live album, 2006
Holy Diver Live DVD, 2006
Magica & Killing the Dragon Best of/Compilation,
Rock Legends Best of/Compilation, 2007
Electra Single, 2009
Tournado Boxed set, 2010
Dio at Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987 Live
album, 2010
Mightier than the Sword: The Ronnie James Dio
Story Compilation 2011
The Singles Collection Boxed set 2012
The Very Beast of Dio Vol. 2 Compilation 2012
Release Tracklist
- cd1                                        [     ]
-                                            [     ]
01 - Hoochie Koochie Lady                       [05:34]
02 - Im Coming Back For You                    [03:28]
03 - Carolina County Ball                       [04:47]
04 - Man On The Silver Mountain                 [04:40]
05 - Starstruck                                 [04:08]
06 - Long Live Rock N Roll                    [04:21]
07 - Neon Knights                               [03:53]
08 - Children Of The Sea                        [05:35]
09 - Heaven And Hell                            [06:59]
10 - Turn Up The Night                          [03:42]
11 - The Sign Of The Southern Cross             [07:46]
12 - The Mob Rules                              [03:16]
13 - Computer God                               [06:13]
14 - Voodoo (Live 1982)                         [05:31]
15 - Sacred Heart (Live 1985)                   [06:29]
-                                            [     ]
- cd2                                        [     ]
-                                            [     ]
01 - Stand Up And Shout                         [03:19]
02 - Holy Diver                                 [05:51]
03 - Dont Talk To Strangers                    [04:55]
04 - Straight Through The Heart                 [04:34]
05 - Rainbow In The Dark                        [04:16]
06 - We Rock                                    [04:36]
07 - The Last In Line                           [05:46]
08 - Egypt (The Chains Are On)                  [07:02]
09 - King Of Rock And Roll                      [03:51]
10 - Hungry For Heaven                          [04:13]
11 - Dream Evil                                 [04:25]
12 - All The Fools Sailed Away                  [07:13]
13 - Lock Up The Wolves                         [08:34]
14 - Strange Highways                           [06:53]
Total Length : [151:5] min
Greetings To:
Too all people who contributes to make this
archive of good music in a exceptional conditions		
Dio_-_Stand_Up_and_Shout_the_Anthology-2CD-2003-MCA_int/000_dio_-_stand_up_and_shout_the_anthology-2cd-2003-inside07-mca.jpg 15.96 MB
Dio_-_Stand_Up_and_Shout_the_Anthology-2CD-2003-MCA_int/000_dio_-_stand_up_and_shout_the_anthology-2cd-2003-inside08-mca.jpg 16.625 MB
Dio_-_Stand_Up_and_Shout_the_Anthology-2CD-2003-MCA_int/000_dio_-_stand_up_and_shout_the_anthology-2cd-2003-inside09-mca.jpg 12.706 MB
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