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If you didnt get what you wanted this Christmas, buy this book... its my new inspiration. -@VerifiedDrunk

Shiiiiiiiiiit, now I have to write a book. Nice job, fuckface. -@JeniScagnetti

Yo dickheads, check out this new book. Im reading it now. Its fucking hilarious. -@xHobosexualx

This is 50 Shades of Insensitivity. This is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Albert. A Tale of Two Titties. The Catcher in the One-Eyed Monster. 

Send the WBC a complimentary copy. Think of the publicity! Picture the signs GOD HATES JASON ALAN. -@all_sweetness

My review of Spank Material for the Clinically Insane can fit here: Bit sweary, author seems a bit of a cunt. Excellent 5 stars -@lhbedlam

Get it. Dont be on my death-list -@RawWhore

Show some love, at least this is for those who can read! -@marcuslessard

Get a gift of fucking hilarity right now. Keep hitting that like button to show your appreciation or Fuck You. -@Haute_MILF

Friend of #BTJ and all round evildoer (Jason Alan) has an awfully offensive, yet funny, book out. -@BadTasteJokes

Whilst taking my morning shit, I do enjoy this e book. It brings a very special feeling to start the day. (not a paid endorsement) -@LuckyInGeorgia

So (Jason Alan) wrote a tome. Buy that shit. 5 star reviews. -@FrauFickenDammt

Not for the faint of heart, Spank Material for the Clinically Insane is a collection of wildly inappropriate and delightfully offensive humor tweeted over a period of two years. Leaving out all the filler, minutia and @ replies (with the notable exception of those above), only the most vile and disgusting jokes remain to tickle and then saw your funny bone in half (while it still remains attached). Alright, so some of the filler is still in there, but nevertheless, nothing horrible about the human condition is left off the table. Racism, homophobia, murder, rape, domestic violence, celebrities and just about every other party favor is touched upon. If you dont feel bad for laughing, then you need psychiatric help. Its a psycholocaustocalyptic trip that will leave your mind cowering in the corner in the aborted fetal position. Enjoy.

Sure, the regular ol twitter pervs like it, but what does the mainstream media have to say?

A horrible sign that the end is truly nigh. -New York Times

I wouldnt let my dog piss on it. -Alternative Press

This is the best book I have ever read! -Mark Twain

This asshole can see, hear and talk? There is no god. -Helen Keller

Looks like I have more characters left for the description. Maybe I should throw in some of the jokes I have written for part two...

Be the ball. Sit there while I hit you with a bat.

I was responsible for the fall of the Berlin Wall, but it wasnt intentional. I was only trying to install a glory hole.

You cant even take a shit these days without being filmed. Unless you find the camera I put in your bathroom. And if you do, it wasnt me.

I was doing September 11th jokes in the 90s. Nobody really appreciates you when youre ahead of your time.

When I get depressed about spending my last eight bucks on cheap whiskey, I drink it and Im magically not depressed anymore.

I break at least three laws every time I shit.

Hate is the best lube.

Mommy, what are fags?
Theyre just cigarettes, Timmy.
Oh. Billy said its guys who fuck each other in the butt. He was way off.

Marriage: testicular manslaughter.

When Im bored, I imagine old women braiding each others nipples.

Katherine Heigl stars in Abort, Retry, Sail, a romantic comedy where she gets pregnant, changes her mind, tries again, then gets a boat.

Fiction authors dont keep it real.

Militant feminists eat pussy like theyre mad at it.

I only jack off because my sperm dont pay rent.

Too many assholes, not enough mudholes.

My wiener is a finger pushing the red launch button in your doodoo box.

I guess that works for a preview, since it seems that I am running out of charac-------------------------------------Torrent downloaded from
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