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Ultima Online Forever client
Last updated 18 January 2013


 What is Ultima Online Forever? The best answer one can give is that it is not simply a game of fighting or exploring or anything else...the best answer one can give is that it is truly a world for your character to live and exist in. A world that has developed and is still developing, expanding and growing everyday.

It's a world where your character can craft their own weapons, armor, potions, and equipment...along with build their own customized house and furniture to fill it with. It's a world that you can explore the darkest and dankest of dungeons...or sail across the world on a large ship to fish and find treasure. A world where you can choose to be a stalwart defender who uses the force of their arms and armor to protect those around you, or a despicable villain who preys on those who take a wrong turn into danger.


Mounted Combat:
Second Generation MMORPG's gave you mounts, but these mount were nothing but "train rides" from point A to point B. Newer MMO's allow you to control these mounts, but you usually get knocked off if attacked. Ultima Online Forever offers multiple mounts, and offers a fast paced combat system that incorporates them flawlessly. Ride-able Horses, Llamas, Ostards, Nightmares and War Horses are all part of Ultima Online Forever.

Housing Economy:
You can build many different houses from an 8x8 flat to a large castle, or buy a plot and completely build your house wall by wall, entirely tailored to your liking. If you want to buy a house, you will have to buy a deed or a house placement tool from an architect and then search out available property to build it on. Ultima Online Forever always gives the player something to strive for and keep you goal oriented.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Server Births will spawn unique items within the world. These "rares" are unique items that people can use to decorate their houses with or sell, and with that comes a huge market for them. Let people know your wealthy power as your show just that with these items.

No Grinding:
In Ultima Online Forever there will never be a sense of grinding, each time you perform a skill you will have a chance at raising that skill. There is no, "Kill 250 more monsters and level up." Skill gain is decent in Ultima Online Forever as we feel there should be no need to constantly grind and macro your character to completion, this said with the exception of a few of the "more valuable" skills.

Skill Scrolls:
With easy skill gain in place with the exception of some skills such as crafting which are notably more difficult. We offer rare skill scroll drops that you retrieve as loot from certain creatures. These skill scroll drops will only be for those more "difficult to rise" skills. They will be able to be used, traded, stolen or sold to a scribe at your willing. The max skill cap is 700.00, while the max stat cap is 225.

In Ultima Online Forever we do not want to encourage macroing. While it is allowed, players will really notice how much slower skill gain is when using a skill on another player (PC), or a follower as opposed to using the skill on a creature or monster. They will notice that skill gain can be even faster if done inside a dungeon. Between being in a dungeon, using your skills on creatures in that dungeon and the skill scroll drops, you could save your self hours of skill gain and many, many resources.

Skill System:
If you want to gain swordsmanship, use a sword on a creature. If you wish to gain blacksmithing to create the hardest of armour and weaponry, mine some ore, smelt the ore into ingots, and use a smithing hammer next to a forge to start creating. In Ultima Online Forever there are many, many combinations and craftable items. We will offer guides on how to do all of this.

Difficulty in Ultima Online Forever is multi-faceted, thieves can, at any moment, steal something out of your pack if you aren't vigilant. If you are a miner you can mine in safety, however the safe mines also have more traffic which means less ore and less output, or you can take risks and go to a less traversed mine and face being murdered by a real brigand. Creature AI is well done in Ultima Online Forever aswell, where there is great risk, there is an even greater reward.

Perfect Death Penalty:
When you die, you are forced to wonder the world until you are resurrected by another player, or an npc healer. If you do not get resurrected in time, you have a great chance at losing everything you had on you at the time of death. Creatures and other players may loot you, or your body will turn into bones and simply decay. If you have a great weapon, it can enable you to slash your way through certain dungeons to earn quick wealth, but some might not risk taking that kind of high valued weapon into a dangerous area in fear of losing it. Risk vs reward.

Ultima Online Forever's economy has been looked at immensely. Miners can mine ingots, then travel to the blacksmith shop to sell, or sell to other player blacksmiths at a higher profit. Those ingots will then be crafted into armour which can be sold to all other players. Everything Ultima Online Forever including furniture works this way.

Simply put, there is no end-game. There is always some way you can improve your home, your wealth, your status, or your resources. The possibilities are endless. In Ultima Online Forever the players create the content resulting in a complete social gaming experience. Ultima Online Forever offers the player complete social freedom which makes your experience completely unpredictable so you do not know what is going to happen everytime you log in.

There are no "global chats" here. This forces people to congregate around certain places. If you want armor you go to the blacksmith shop. If you want to trade goods, you go to one of the many banks and seek out other traders. We offer a great mature community, and also enforce it.

This one of the most important things. In some newer MMO's you can not even place items on the ground. They feel so... linear. In Ultima Online Forever you can do anything your heart desires, you will never feel constrained by game mechanics.

Many events will occur in the life and times of Ultima Online Forever. Unique events and raids will happen with plotted story lines. Under no circumstances will players be ripped out of the game world for an event. If there is a capture the flag event, it will be in-world (example: east Britain vs. west Britain.)

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