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 UPDATE 3 (29/01/2013):
 The list of improvements and fixes includes:
 - Valkyries can allocate unit runes on their own
 - Crafting using recipes now works differently*
 - Morning mania bug (game time reset upon arrival) fixed on 
   Western and Eastern Freedom Islands*
 - Bug that prevented player from accessing Guilford castle after 
   battle with Eric fixed* (Workaround: leave Greenwort location 
   and return to it)
 - Absolute Rage, Rage Control and Sense Weakness bonuses now display 
 - Hero skill Reserve now updates army after battle correctly
 - Bug with Demon pentagram fixed
 - Timelessness and Negation spells now display correctly in log
 - Totem modifiers update correctly after their destruction
 - Bug with arena pawns fixed (they cant damage themselves anymore)
 Steam achievements:
 - Patron and Friend of the Pirates titles can be earned now*
 - Ragnarok Messenger and Mad Courage achievements can be earned now
 - Dialogs with vlkyries concerning the rune usage fixed
 - Text bug fixed in the Talking Bear quest
 - Polish: Ice Dragon skills description fixed
 - Polish: Description of one of the heroes in Western Freedom 
   Islands updated
 - Orc units health now depends on Adrenalin level correctly
 - Soothsayers abilty Keeper of Knowledge now doesnt affect 
   Soothsayers themselves
 - Special Troll attack Pacify corrected
 - Special Prc Hunter attack Net and its basic attack corrected
 - Mask of Youth and Chain of Chance properties corrected
 - Silver Rapier and Ray of Light properties corrected*
 * This change will be applied only after starting a new game because 
   this data is stored in a save file.
 UPDATE 2 (13/11/2012):
 The list of improvements and fixes includes:
 - Quests improved and clarified: Dead Men cant be Pirates!*, 
   Heavens Treasure, Heir to the Throne* and Wrath of the Greenskins
 - Power of Light, Power of Night, Call of Nature, Last Hero and Calm 
   Rage spells corrected
 - Items Ray of Light, Shield of Rekross and Princes Crown corrected*
 - Hero Talents Shield of Rage and Diplomacy corrected; Edda talent 
   now increases power of the Songs
 - Death of an Ice Dragon no longer hangs the game up
 - Ice Dragon ability Creator, Rune Mage ability Runic Word, Ork Hunter 
   ability Pet, Jotun ability Greed and Warrior Maiden ability Odins 
   Gift now work correctly
 - Enemy units no longer return to their previous hexes and retaliate 
   after being attacked by Ice Dragon ability Cold Heaven
 - Scald song Paean now applies its effects correctly
 - Riftlands, Dungeon of Governors Castle*
 Other fixes:
 - Experience for fight with Runorm on Galskap Mountain now allocated 
   correctly in all cases*
 - Rabid effect no longer cancels itself after being applied again
 - Spells and rage abilities now inflict critical damage provided the 
   hero have the corresponding abilities
 - Crafting dialogs have been changed and should be clearer now
 - Hildas Arrows upgrade panel now features more reasonable amount 
   of text
 - Druid and Orc Hunter controlling abilities descriptions fixed
 * This change will be applied only after starting a new game because 
   this data is stored in a save file.
 UPDATE 1 (02/11/2012):
 The list of improvements and fixes includes:
 - Odis Or and Undershore Brotherhood quests corrected*
 - Quest-related (Missing cabin boy) army now doesnt run away 
 - Sense Weakness skill routine fixed
 - Icy Rage skill now applies critical chance to rage abilities
 - Valkyrie level up interface improved
 - Game freeze after sacrificing a second item to Gudrida fixed
 - Hilda now adds a correct amount of leadership at any level*
 - Regina now grants an attack bonus to level 5 creatures*
 - Greedy achievement counter now displays the amount of gold 
   earned correctly*
 - Magical Help ability of Witchhunters now applies a random buff
 - Calculation of travel time between islands corrected*
 - Incorrect passages in Catacombs, Pirate dungeon and on the 
   Riftlands, Tunsinn, Grotland, Island and Nordlig are now fixed
 - Auto-battle now uses rage abilities
 - Amount of honey in Block of Honey now wont be reduced over 
   time if the item is not equipped*
 - Shamanic Doll item functioning corrected*
 - Telescopic Sight item functioning corrected*
 - Last hero spell corrected
 - Rune Mages initiative corrected
 - A number of texts clarified and corrected, including descriptions 
   of Song of Ljusalfheim, skill Transmutation, Divine Hand, bonus 
   items in Valhalla edition and more
 * This change will be applied only after starting a new game because 
   this data is stored in a save file.
         1. Unpack release.
         2. Install the update.
         3. Enjoy! ;)		
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