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SidFart V Gods & Kings Trainer Beta6
(Build date: 02.09.2013 at 18:04:43) 

Trainer features:

* Gold cheat
* Golden Age Turns cheat
* Culture cheat
* Resources cheat
* Luxury cheat
* Free spent resource slots
* Great Admiral cheat
* Great General cheat
* City Modifier cheat
* City Food cheat
* City-Culture cheat
* Movement cheat
* Experience cheat
* Cargo cheat (Overload carriers,cruiser and nuclear submarines)

* 100% hotkey-driven
* User-input values
* Hold ALT and type input value
  using the leftmost numeric keypad
  then apply it to any cheat listed
  below. Don't forget to set a value
  before using a cheat, or else it
  will apply the last entered input
  value, which is zero when you start
  the trainer.

How to use:

1. Launch Civilization
2. Start a new game
3. Launch Trainer
   Trainer shuts down immediately if it needs admin rights or if it
   detects debugging tools running in the background
4. Activate pointers (See instructions further down for that)
5. Begin using cheats


ALT + 0-9 (User input value, use leftmost numeric keypad, then use any cheats
below to apply it. The last value entered will be remembered, so you can use it
on any cheat after one another, beware the default value is zero when you launch
the trainer. If you don't enter a value before using any of the cheats below, it
will apply zero to the cheat, easy to forget)

ALT F1 = Movement
ALT F2 = Experience 

ALT F5 = City Food    (Buy/Sell University or Research Lab to activate)
ALT F6 = Modifier     (Science,Gold,Production, buy/sell University or Research Lab to activate)
ALT F7 = City-Culture (Sell Amphitheater to activate)


ALT LEFT = Clear spent slots

ALT A = Cargo Cheat (Activate cheat, click ship once then transfer the cargo afterwards,
a series of midi notes will be played to signal what you are doing, you can only transfer
one item per time)

How to activate the trainer once in-game: (Must be done every time you restart civ)

X means hover your mouse cursor above an item
Y means hover your mouse away from an item

Activate Pointers:

1. X over gold item top left screen
2. X over Golden Age value
5. X over Culture value
6. X over Resources value
7. Y away from Resources value
8. X over Resources value again
9. Click 'additional information' button and 'Military overview'
10. Click close button

Done. All pointers are now fetched and you can start using cheats.

Quick & important facts about trainer:

* Run Civilization and start a new game before launching trainer
* Activate pointers before you begin using it
* When all pointers are fetched, a success note is played.
* When trainer is launched and waiting for you to go into
  civilization, if you don't go into civ, it will shut down
  after 10 seconds automatically or press ESC to quit instantly.
* User input cannot exceed 20 million, error note plays if above
* If using city-culture cheat, remember to sell Amphitheater
  or else trainer will hang until you do.
* When using city modifier, remember to buy a science building
  or else trainer will hang until you do.
* When using the movement cheat, it uses 99 movement points
  instead of user input, you cannot change this value, it's
* Cargo cheat will abort automatically after 10 seconds and an
  error beep will be heard if you fail to move cargo to the ship
* Trainer will shut down if it detects debugging activities, this
  is not to protect it from you or your friend, but from firaxis.

Example of using the experience cheat?

1. Press and hold the ALT key.
2. Type a numeric value using the leftmost side keypad.
3. Press ALT + F2 to activate experience cheat with this value.
or press F2 if ALT key is already down at the moment.
4. Click a unit to apply it.

Done. The procedure is the same with all other cheats, except for
the movement cheat, it uses a hard coded value of 99, this is for
the sake of keeping the game stable and except for the cargo cheat
you can only move 1 unit of cargo per time.


Coded by DelphiUniverse/CivFart using fasm (flat assembler)
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