Flexi10.rar torrent FAKE!

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How to install Flexi 10

1 Make sure all prier Flexisigns are removed from computer
 Extract this to a folder anywhere and run the "autorun.exe" You do not have to burn this to cd or dvd to install it.
2 Install Flexisign 10 as a demo
 When the install box comes up, Be SURE to uncheck the sentenial driver. Do NOT use that!
3 Start flexisidn 10 (when message comes up) "this is a demo"
Double click the( Sailickey10.exe crack) that is in the "crack" folder and follow instructions.

Now, I run this in windows 8. Right click the "salickey.exe" and choose compatibilty and then choose windows XP service pack 2 and then click run as administrator.
Be sure you have Malware Bytes and other virus progams off, The salickey will install into the windows directory. You may exclude that file from your anti virus programs. 
do not even start commenting to this that if its a virus, bla bla bla. As with almost ALL cracks and work arounds, they are detected as some type of virus.
So if you are going to complain, then do NOT download this!
Iam using this right now on windows 8 64 bit and works fine.

Your done  you might have to reboot 

Now and then you might have to re-do  number 3

For those that may not have a cutter or plotter that is supported in Flexi When setting up production manager, choose Graphtec and try using one of the drivers there. I have a Moritzu 800f and use the graphtec 4200 driver and all is good.

Also, for your own protection, (you dowt have to) But goto your window services and trun off "saidownloader"
You downt want to update this or crack will not work.

I have crap upload speeds here! once people get this downloaded I would appreciate if the kept seeding it because you will only get about 20 cps from me. I hate dsl! :)
Flexi10.rar 586.416 MB
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