Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 [SUVE52]

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                      .ed $$$$be.
                   -           ^**$$$e.
                 .                   $$$c
                /                      4$$b
               d  3                      $$$$
               $  *                   .$$$$$$
              .$  ^c           $$$$$e$$$$$$$$.
              d$L  4.         4$$$$$$$$$$$$$$b
              $$$$b ^ceeeee.  4$$ECL.F*$$$$$$$
  e$=.      $$$$P d$$$$F $ $$$$$$$$$- $$$$$$
 z$$b. ^c     3$$$F $$$$b   $$$$$$$$  $$$$*      .=$c
4$$$$L        $$P  $$b   .$ $$$$$...e$$        .=  e$$$.
^*$$$$$c  %..   *c    ..    $$ 3$$$$$$$$$$eF     zP  d$$$$$
  **$$$ec      %ce    $$$  $$$$$$$$$$*    .r =$$$$P
        *$b.  c  *$e.    *** d$$$$$L$$    .d  e$$***
          ^*$$c ^$c $$$      4J$$$$$% $$$ .e*.eeP
             $$$$$$$=e....$*$$**$cz$$ ..d$*
               *$$$  *=%4.$ L L$ P3$$$F $$$P
                  $   %*ebJLzb$e$$$$$b $P
                    %..      4$$$$$$$$$$ 
                     $$$e   z$$$$$$$$$$%
                      *$c  $$$$$$$P
                    .-    .$***$$$*e.
                 .-    .e$     *$c  ^*b.
          .=*    .e$*          *bc  *$e..
        .$        .z*               ^*$e.   *****e.
        $$ee$c   .d                     *$.        3.
        ^*$E)$..$                         *   .ee==d%
           $.d$$$*                           *  J$$$e*
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region  NTSC-U
type  Wii
languages  EN
title (EN) Cabelas Dangerous Hunts 2013
synopsis (EN) In Cabelas Dangerous Hunts 2013, youre not just tracking one of 
the most ferocious beasts in the wild, youre also hunting for redemption and 
revenge! Cabelas adds an extra edge with a storyline from one of the writers of 
Fringe. After losing their father to the claws of a grizzly bear, two brothers 
reunite for a hunt ten years later, putting their past in the crosshairs and their 
own lives on the line. Track predators that move in coordinated packs, use social 
hierarchies, and ambush you with behavior driven by a smarter and deadlier AI 
engine. Things get really hairy in the new split-screen co-op Maneater Mode, where
increasingly threatening animals come at you in waves. 		
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