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POtHS - Holy Treasures - 35 - Ancient Discoveries

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Pouring Out the Holy Spiritruth
POtHS - Holy Treasures - 35 - Ancient Discoveries
POtHS Comment: Super.
Ancient Discoveries Mega Structures Of The Deep:
Our modern day landscapes are littered with the remains of amazing ancient superstructures. But new, cutting edge archaeology is beginning to reveal that this century's most exciting discoveries will lie at the bottom of the ocean, where entire submerged cities and extraordinary structures are now beginning to be found. Using the latest tools of marine archaeology and sub-radar sensing technology, we explore these enigmatic hidden superstructures of the deep.
Mysterious ANCIENT Stone Chambers of New England - REAL History 101:
This is a presentation by Jim Vieira that was given at Greenfield Community College. For many decades now and even for centuries, AmeriKans have wondered about the clearly ancient megaliths and solar aligned chambers that look IDENTICAL to the ones found all over Europe and other lands as well. The system of AmeriKan education is complete BULLSHIT and it is NOTHING more than political correctness towards "Indians" to LIE and say that no other peoples were in ancient and/or pre historic America. NO other major area on earth has some wanna be MONOPOLY like certain "Indians" trying to claim sole inhabitance of ancient AmeriKa. From pre historic remains like the Kennewick Man, Florida Bog Mummies, and the Spirit Cave mummy in Nevada, all the way to more recent ancient relics and remains, it has been 100 % proven that other peoples were indeed in Amerika LONG before Christopher Columbus. SOME of these may have even been here BEFORE Asians ever crossed the Siberian land bridge to become what we know of as "Indians." See the Solutrean / Clovis hypothesis for more on that.
Ancient Aliens Noah's Ark - Fact or Fiction:
Narrarated by Edward Griffin, this program presents evidence that explorers have found the final resting place of a ship that may be Noah's Ark as described in the Bible and the Book of Genesis. Includes photos, video, physical evidence and interviews with researchers, and the best-known authorities on "Noah's Ark" in the world today.
NOW AVAILABLE - Discovery of Noah's Ark - The Best Evidence 2-DVD Special Edition - Includes a BONUS Film "Noah's Ark Found? - CAT#K458, 120 mins. - Visit us online: Go to
This video presented evidence for a hidden history of mankind that involved tyrannical giants and an elite race bent on genetic mutation. The Greeks, Hopi, Mayans, Iroquois, Aztecs, and the Bible all recorded an ancient war against giants in the dim past.
Are they real? Learn more about our past and the Nephilim from actual newspapers, magazines and other archeological discoveries which, forethemostpart, remain hidden from public view. Nowadays, the orthodoxy is able to conceal such findings when they happen by restricting the dig sites access and released information. But not too long ago, these discoveries were made public in the media and presented to the world around the world. However, much of this has been swept under the rug until researchers began digging for the truth on old microfiche films still existing in larger library databases. This is part of those hidden secrets from our past that once again, directly pertains to our future.
More unrefutable secrets that the elite keep hidden. Presented here is video evidence and old news stories and pictures relating to recent discoveries of living dinosaurs along with a video compilation by others discussing this matter. Very insightful and informative.
22 minute sneak preview of the 3 hour 34 minute new film from Josh Reeves,coming February 2013.
Please visit to make a donation to our work so we can bring this vital info to the world.
Who Really Discovered America:
Did other explorers beat Columbus to our shores? New evidence suggests that America may have been discovered -- and rediscovered -- by Asian, Celtic, and Polynesian tribes, among others. Dramatic recreations augment the story of these amazing journeys. This is the evidence presented from various archeological discoveries. you be the judge as to who first discovered America.
This is in memory of my Mom who passed at 11:44 pm PST ON 1-25-2011. Now she knows.
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