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							So I found this on usenet and freakin loved it. Wanted to share it here for those that were disappointed with season 6 of LOST and would like to see this fanedit that makes the ending totally different. This is the FOURTH and FINAL of FOUR parts, just as promised. Most people are just doing the typical snag and run, but I see a couple of you helping seed the other three parts and wanted to be fair to you:)
Please don't just snag and run, seed if you download... thanx
Here's the original release info:
This is a Fan Edit. Fan Edits are non-profit analyses of film.
LOST and all related marks, logos and characters are owned by ABC Studios. 
This Fan Edit, Fanedit.org, the promotion thereof and/or any exhibition of 
material created by the faneditor are not endorsed or sponsored by or affiliated 
with ABC Studios or Bad Robot.
To view this FREE Fan Edit, you must own a retail copy of the film. Both the 
faneditor and the uploader own retail copies of this magnificient TV show. 
It is NOT to be Bought or Sold.
Do NOT support Piracy.
Fanedit Name: LOST: The Miniseries - Part 4: The Failsafe
Faneditor Name: DriggyDriggs
Tagline: A more satisfying ending to one of the best television shows of all 
Original Movie Title: LOST (TV Series)
Genre: Science Fiction
Fanedit Type: TV-to-Movie
Original Release Date: 2010
Original Running Time: 203 minutes
Fanedit Release Date: March 2012
Fanedit Running Time: 117 minutes
Time Cut: 86 minutes
Available in HD? Yes
Brief Synopsis:
In this 4-Part fan edit of LOSTÆs final season, we discover what happens to the 
survivors of Oceanic 815 after they detonated the hydrogen bomb 30 years in the 
past in order to change the future. This fan edit ends with a much different 
outcome than the series did.
This miniseries is meant to be watched after the first five seasons of LOST. I 
wanted to give LOST fans like myself a better ending to the show.
This is the final version of this edit.
Like most avid LOST fans, I was disappointed by Season 6, not only because they 
wasted so much time throughout the season, but because the entire ôflash-
sidewaysö world was a red-herring. We werenÆt flashing into an alternate 
universe at all, but rather a time many years in the future where all the 
characters were dead and trying to find each other in an elaborate purgatory 
they had created for themselves.
This show had always been about 2 things: the people and the island. I donÆt 
know about you, but I really donÆt care what happens to the characters when they 
die. Well, with this version, you wonÆt have to either. Inspired by the Prison 
Break trilogy on the main site, this version completely removes the afterlife 
flashes from season six and turns it into a miniseries divided into 2-hour 
Cuts and Additions:
In the final part of this Season 6 fan-edit, DesmondÆs purpose for returning to 
the Island is revealed, as Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer must find him to help 
them stop the Man in Black. One of them will become the IslandÆs new protector 
in place of Jacob. The episodes used were "Happily Ever After," "What They Died 
For" and "The End".
*********MAJOR SPOILERS************
- ôPreviously on LOSTàö This recap is a little longer than the others, being the 
- Added ôFanEdit.org Presentsö and ôA Fan Edit By DriggyDriggsö after the recap.
- Opening scene is Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer standing on the beach looking 
over the water. This made a perfect opening. They say they need to go find 
Desmond, then we flashback to a few nights earlier and see Desmond get blasted 
with electromagnetism by WidmoreÆs people. Throughout this part, we reveal 
through flashbacks what happened to him. The last flashback is right as he is 
being lowered into the cave. In my edit, he actually went to an alternate 
- Cut Ben, Richard, and Miles walking through the woods and chit-chatting.
- Cut the next scene of Miles walking over the spot where Alex died.
- Cut them walking into BenÆs house and chit-chatting some more.
- Several small cuts were made throughout to improve the pacing of the on-Island 
events leading up to the stand off between Jack and Flocke.
- Cut all shots of Desmond being conscious after he ôpulls the plug.ö In my 
edit, when he is exposed to the light, his consciousness actually goes back to 
the alternate universe.
- Completely changed the ending. Since there is no more afterlife ending, I had 
to completely rework JackÆs death. Now, as he is dying, his life on the Island 
flashes before his eyes.
- I chose not to go with the purist ending of Jack closing his eye, and thatÆs 
it. That just wonÆt work with my ending. Instead, once Jack closes his eyes, it 
fades to white, then we get a nice LOST style WTF ending. YouÆll see what I 
- Keep watching through the credits for a bonus scene. I added a portion of the 
ôNew Man in Chargeö special feature. I chose not to include Ben shutting down 
the Dharma station. Now, after the credits, he goes to see Walt in the main 
- Added some music and sound fx to quite a few places.
- Added credits for guest stars, writers, and directors for all episodes.
- Removed all the spots where it goes to black for the commercials.
The following has been fixed for version 2:
- (DVD ONLY) Redid my portion of the audio commentary track so that when I am 
not speaking, the audio for the edit is turned up.
Special Thanks:
A special thanks goes out to Neglify for previewing my workprints and giving his 
feedback. It is much appreciated!
Release Information:
720p MKV
LOST.The.Miniseries.Fanedit.2012.Part.4.The.Failsafe.720p.x264.aac/Lost Miniseries Cover.jpg 1.817 MB
LOST.The.Miniseries.Fanedit.2012.Part.4.The.Failsafe.720p.x264.aac/Lost Miniseries Disc4.jpg 654.874 KB
LOST.The.Miniseries.Fanedit.2012.Part.4.The.Failsafe.720p.x264.aac/LOST.The.Miniseries.Fanedit.2012.Part.4.The.Failsafe.720p.x264.aac.mkv 3.796 GB
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