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Lets start with a question: if you were diagnosed with lung disease, would you rather seek medical attention in a hospital or treat yourself with hydrogen peroxide?
Ninety-nine percent of people would undergo hospitalization without blinking an eye. In fact, the very thought of trying an alternate treatment would never even cross their mind.
If youre one of that ninety-nine percent, youre about to find out just how much youve been missing out on for the past several years of your life.
Hydrogen peroxide, otherwise known as H2O2, looks mediocre and plain at first glance. Its sold in its liquid state, looks just like water, and is found in pharmacies across the country. Many people dont even notice it sitting on the shelves.
However, after reading this book, youll never look at H2O2 in the same way again.
This book will show you how to use hydrogen peroxide to do everything from making the natural highlights in your hair stand out, to treating conditions as serious as arthritis.
Youll learn how to administer H2O2 the right way  forget those rumors that H2O2 is dangerous. Its the perfect kitchen remedy, and it will make your life infinitely easier, as it did mine.
If youre still feeling skeptical, I dont blame you. After all, there is no medical proof that hydrogen peroxide works, right? Well...
Below is a quote from a doctor who has no doubt about the miracles of hydrogen peroxide.
I consider the use of hydrogen peroxide one of the most important treatments in my medical kit bag. The hydrogen peroxide compound I use is made in the laboratory, but it is important to know that hydrogen peroxide is also produced naturally in our own bodies. In my practice, I have used hydrogen peroxide to treat a range of conditions  everything from chronic fatigue immune disfunction syndrome (CFIDS), migraine headaches, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Many patients with the conditions, diseases, or problems numbered below have seen improvement after a course of treatment with hydrogen peroxide. Some have even been cured.
People experiencing cardiovascular problems, such as angina or heart attacks (coronary artery disease), could benefit from this therapy. Those who have strokes (cerebrovascular accidents), peripheral vascular conditions or arrhythmias have seen vast improvement in their conditions.
Many people who have been troubled by lung disease (including bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and emphysema) have found their breathing easier and had their energy restored by a course of hydrogen peroxide treatments.
Inflammatory diseases, such as temporal arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, respond favorably to hydrogen peroxide therapy, and patients notice less swelling and more movement after treatments.
People with endocrine problems have responded well to hydrogen peroxide. The endocrine glands, like the adrenals, the pituitary and the thyroid glands produce one or more internal secretions (hormones) that are introduced directly into the bloodstream and carried to the parts of the body they regulate. Type II diabetes and hypothyroidism are just some of the conditions related to hormone regulation that have been improved with this treatment.
(Pavel I. Yutsis, M.D., Oxygen to the Rescue, ISBN 1-59120-007-5, p. 7, 83-85)
The best part about hydrogen peroxide is the fact that it costs next to nothing when compared with your standard hospital surgery. For just a few bucks, it can help you breathe more freely, clear your sinuses, and above all, keep you from falling prey to those multi-thousand dollar surgeries. What could be better than that?		
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