Idol Kouhosei stage.1

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Japanese: アイドルå™補生Information
Type: OVA
Episodes: Unknown
Status: Currently Airing
Aired: Feb 13, 2013 to ?
Producers: None found, add some.
*Low quality but its the only one released of this new H-anime for now.Screenshots ... ]]> 77442058600c9e949fb46c77fc29daef1f711c773da1397f672Sat, 23 Feb 2013 01:21:36 +0000Books
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PDF | 84 pages | 102.54 Mb COVERSCREENSHOTPlayboy Gold Espana edition is made especially for men with the issues and items that make it the most readable mens magazine in the world with the unique beauty of Espana women inside. ]]> 598584339134765e730c26d436c9a7c19823d9804b6732ea9da5dFri, 22 Feb 2013 12:26:11 +0000Books Some E-Books Related to Mathematics.
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Format: .epub
01. Bitterwood
02. Dragonforge
03. Dragonseed
Support your favorite authors by buying their books  ]]> 1191478941796519f206de3b54e5df5dab5e9fad4484220a6a9Sat, 23 Feb 2013 02:08:44 +0000Books
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CARG Release Playboy France Magazine Collection PDF MegapackBe sure to check out the other CARG PDF release's. To show your support for the time and effort in building this collection, Please seed at full speed during and after download so that others can also enjoy.
This collection contains 42 Playboy France Magazine Pdf files.
Playboy is an American men's magazine that features photographs of nude women as well as journalism and fiction. It was founded in Chicago in 1953 by Hugh Hefner and his associates, and funded in part by a $1,000 loan from Hefner's mother. The magazine has grown into Playboy Enterprises, Inc., with a presence in... ]]> 29294293298803e39d63d883ec3e2abc9cefe9c5c3476961bc52Fri, 22 Feb 2013 13:30:50 +0000Pictures Leone And Other Hot Indian Desi Girls Nude Photos Gallery HD Set 170+SCREENSHOTSSCREENSHOTSSCREENSHOTSSCREENSHOTS 32025137188712906bc02f6c8f2548c054afbaecff892aa6c2bac519Fri, 22 Feb 2013 19:02:52 +0000Pictures By My Friend's Mom An Adult Comic by {(ACF)}PLEASE seed AND enjoyPlease COMMENT and if you like my torrent please give a REVIEWAny Requests "PLEASE PM ME"... ]]> 110177781734609f216cb469c4bf1ae98954b4ffe740f8caed0f6ffFri, 22 Feb 2013 19:36:44 +0000Pictures Hard Lessons (An Adult Comix)
with a bonus comix
Please comment and seed if you like it...SCREENS:image1286279546815627bbfc31b83c9e775a23714394964e1a0c3fec41Fri, 22 Feb 2013 18:04:27 +0000Pictures POSSIBLE EROTIC SHORT STORIES An Adult Comic by {(ACF)}PLEASE seed AND enjoyPlease COMMENT and if you like my torrent please give a REVIEWAny Requests "PLEASE PM ME"... ]]> 1450432114334970d306c0230f21ff964ec0d0daa99da1c44639085Fri, 22 Feb 2013 16:49:15 +0000Pictures Ravissante -Silver Bikini- PhotoShot
20 JPGS / Size 23.3Mb / High Resolution
====================================================================Sample Screen ShotSample Screen Shot24480824175540dd286b566162da7d76993d10c6857e1975ba466Sat, 23 Feb 2013 00:34:26 +0000Pictures picSAMPLE  IMAGE  LINK  1 --->>>SAMPLE IMAGE LINK 2 --->>>SAMPLE IMAGE LINK 3 --->>>SAMPLE IMAGE LINK 4 --->>> ]]> 233322857573759752095a16be715a412e7c1024fe0e39007d78f7Sat, 23 Feb 2013 02:22:24 +0000Pictures IMAGE LINK 1 --->>>SAMPLE IMAGE LINK 2 --->>>SAMPLE IMAGE LINK 3 --->>> ]]> 424777761461711da76937b4218057724ee0db9fd67206deeccddSat, 23 Feb 2013 02:17:55 +0000Pictures IMAGE LINK 1 --->>>SAMPLE IMAGE LINK 2 --->>>SAMPLE IMAGE LINK 3 --->>> ]]> 16131021611158d708ced73729f99df979d8f7d33a3e4a65cfe516Fri, 22 Feb 2013 21:18:15 +0000Pictures
Screen - Click Here
Screen - Click Here
Screen - Click Here
Screen - Click Here ]]> 47456189552198b8bd30e0e58922d84d0a4140a9659e665705c19Sat, 23 Feb 2013 02:13:09 +0000Pictures IMAGE LINK 1 --->>>SAMPLE IMAGE LINK 2 --->>>SAMPLE IMAGE LINK 3 --->>> ]]> 10964573318299cf8eec004e9c3d3673eca91a2ac6c776acc118e6Fri, 22 Feb 2013 15:54:20 +0000Mobile Launcher Pro v1.2.21a APK (For Android) *FAUX*
Updated: 21st February, 2013Quote:, 23 Feb 2013 04:51:24 +0000Other
Included in this pack will be all Marvel comics and  Marvel NOW comics.  What will NOT be included is Disney stuff, TV stuff, and the kids books. Those will be included (when available) in my Zero Day pack.
My release packs are as follows:
DC Universe 52 (Wednesdays based on scanners release times, but not later than Friday morning)
Marvel NOW! (Marvel Comics in the NOW! universe will be released Wednesdays, based on scanners release times)
Total Marvel (All Marvel Universe comics, released on Thursday, based on scanners release times)
Zero Day (Marvel, DC and Independent comics, released between Saturday night and Sunday afternoon)
Independent Scanners (from scanners not affiliated with groups, released on Mondays)
DC Monthly (all DC Universe comics for the month, released the first Friday after the end of the... ]]> 68247060956c1e5a571b6e53ffc8ac3e3955ff51914384a7bd0Fri, 22 Feb 2013 19:52:57 +0000Other, 22 Feb 2013 21:51:19 +0000Other BEPPE GRILLO: 'LI SEPPELLIRÀ UNA RISATA'
Tre diversi contributi filmati che raccontano il percorso di Beppe Grillo e del Movimento 5 Stelle verso le elezioni politiche. I politici "...sono vecchi attori di scena con i teatri vuoti". "Il Paese non può essere governato da chi l'ha distrutto". "L'Italia deve tornare a essere una comunità". "Siamo obbligati a sognare... a pensare in un altro modo". "Non sono antieuropeista; sono per un'Europa diversa". "Siamo nel buio totale". "Non vogliamo svenderci. Siamo gli Italiani e rifaremo questo paese dalla base". "Abbiamo bisogno di un altro pensiero per il futuro"..: Screenshot :.2486025752212829867551739dafc65ab8230790480b0137a62a7Sat, 23 Feb 2013 03:40:39 +0000Other
Friday, 22 Feb 2013
Show Description
From the Infowars web site :: On the Friday, February 22 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex blasts Michael Moore's gun control solution for people who are worried about their safety: "get a dog."
Alex will also cover Law Enforcement Target Inc.'s removal of their offensive "no more hesitation" shooting targets, and the concerted efforts to demonize returning veterans as right-wing extremists.
Alex also examines the Pentagon's floating military bases possibly opening the door for sinister black programs and operations to be conducted under the impunity of the high seas.
Note: though not mentioned at all in the official show description, today's broadcast runs a full four hours, with pharmacist Ben Fuchs (one of Alex's Youngevity partners) taking over as a guest in the 3rd hour... ]]> 8686966020698306e56d70b72a245f7fc2c6e176e3ec25f4f3Fri, 22 Feb 2013 21:53:43 +0000Other ELEZIONI: "BERSAGLIO MOBILE" CON MENTANA SUL FENOMENO GRILLO
Alle 21.30 la trasmissione condotta dal direttore del Tgla7. Tra gli ospiti, Marco Travaglio, Oscar Giannino, Antonio Di Pietro
A pochissimi giorni dalle elezioni Enrico Mentana analizza il fenomeno "Grillo" nella trasmissione "Bersaglio Mobile" andato in onda il 12/02/2013 alle ore 21.10 su La7. Tra gli ospiti della serata Marco Travaglio, Oscar Giannino e Antonio Di Pietro..: Screenshot :.86281151183036840658969660e28cf1276de976900f3cb9dfd7Fri, 22 Feb 2013 21:19:52 +0000Other VENTO 02 ARTIGLI FUMETTO BONELLI
.: Locandina :.
.: Trama :.
È proprio nel cuore delle Terre Maledette che Magico Vento scioglie il mistero della scomparsa del giovane Parla-Con-Le-Aquile, e la sua scoperta lo condurrà a misurarsi con il più antico e spietato dei delitti. Ma quando i tormenti del ragazzo che voleva essere unâ™aquila, e che per questo si era guadagnato lo scherno della sua tribù, troveranno il loro compimento, allora, e soltanto allora, Magico Vento riuscirà ad aiutare la tribù a dimenticare i rancori e ogni desiderio di vendetta.
.: Screenshot :.643868153536592772c42832fcabb2ce1160120abc11244bb0fSat, 23 Feb 2013 05:28:10 +0000Other
- with Mike Rivero -
Friday, 22 Feb 2013
Familiar show themes: US government warmongering, deceit and theft; the steady path to an ever more oppressive police state; wars and threats of wars being used to placate Israel and distract US citizens from economic disaster and the ticking debt time-bomb ...and there's much more.
Mike manages to present powerful, credible and persuasive analysis without the screaming and yelling that some hosts seem to require.
Please give his show a listen.
Not able to find a torrent of mine where or when you
expected it?
Check out my torrents blog for info about what I am
uploading, tracker problems, etc..
Some sites will not allow a blogspot URL in an
uploaded torrent's description, so I have included
the blog's web address in a... ]]> 6139690420034c961b2c92e34da20deaccfd586d7e8e328139Sat, 23 Feb 2013 05:22:06 +0000Otherções:
Ilha dos Desafios
Título Original: Total Drama Island
Título no Brasil: Ilha dos Desafios
Número de Episódios: 27
Tamanho Médio: 200 MB
Áudio: Português Brasileiro
Codec: H.263/MPEG-4
Qualidade: SDTV-Rip/480p
Vídeo Info: 29,97 fps
Áudio Info: 128 kbps - MP3
Resolução: 720 x 480
Duração Média: 22 minutos
Qualidade de Audio: 10
Qualidade de Vídeo: 10Luzes, Drama, Ação!
Título Original: Total Drama Action
Título no Brasil: Luzes, Drama, Ação!
Número de Episódios: 28 - Com final alternativo
Tamanho Médio: 170 MB
Áudio: Português Brasileiro
Codec: H.263/MPEG-4
Qualidade: SDTV-Rip/360p
Vídeo Info: 29,00 fps
Áudio Info: 128 kbps - MP3
Resolução: 480 x 360
Duração Média: 22 minutos
Qualidade de Audio: 10
Qualidade de Vídeo:... ]]> 1934862763630cfc849fc6403b64d3cd04e3028cb564163d8f3c6
Idol Kouhosei stage.1/「アイドル候補生 stage.1」圭編&静香編&亜美編 .mp4 175.762 MB
Idol Kouhosei stage.1/「アイドル候補生 stage.1」圭編.mp4 147.989 MB
Idol Kouhosei stage.1/「アイドル候補生 stage.1」圭編.flv 124.561 MB
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