Doctor Mid-Nite 01-03 (1999) (DC) Complete

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From Wikipedia, with many corrections:

Doctor Mid-Nite is a fictional superhero physician in DC Comics. Dr. Mid-Nite was originally created by writer Charles Reizenstein and artist Stanley Josephs Aschmeier in 1941. The hero appeared for the first time in All-American Comics #25.

The character typically appears in stories of teamwork. Like many Golden Age heroic characters, the original Doctor Mid-Nite appeared as a member of DC's Justice Society of America. His two successors were also represented as members of the group or an offshoot. Doctor Mid-Nite has never appeared as the solo protagonist of a regular series, but has been the star of an anthology and a mini-series.

All three characters who have represented the heroic Doctor in the DC Universe have exhibited the same basic features: a cowled costume featuring a crescent moon symbol, keen ability to see in the darkness at the cost of near or total blindness in sunlight, and the use of special visors and "blackout" smoke bombs to gain tactical advantage in combat. All three have been physicians who see not only to the needs of normal human beings but also to the needs of DC's "metahumans". All are skilled in martial arts. Two of the doctors have been accompanied by sidekick owls.

Doctor Mid-Nite is widely regarded as the first superhero in comics to exhibit a physical impairment (blindness). (He pre-dates by over twenty years the arrival of Daredevil, also a blind character, in Marvel Comics.)

Charles McNider

Charles McNider, a surgeon, is called one night to remove a bullet from a witness who is soon to testify against mobsters. A mobster throws a grenade into the room, killing the witness and blinding McNider. McNider believes his days as a surgeon are over. One evening, as he is recovering, an owl crashes through his window (reminiscent of the bat that crashes through Bruce Wayne's window to inspire his identity as the Batman). McNider removes the bandages covering his eyes to find that he can see, but only in perfect darkness. His vision is now 'inverted': he can see in the dark the way most people can see in light, and vice-versa. He develops a special visor that allows him to see in light and "blackout bombs" that block out all light. These become useful in his effort to fight crime. The owl becomes his totem. He adopts the bird that flew through his window, naming it 'Hooty' and calling it his "sidekick." He later joins the Justice Society of America and the All-Star Squadron. In 1942, McNider enlists in the U.S. Medical Corps as a physician during World War II, rising to the rank of Captain.

Ten years after his debut, McNider briefly assumes the role of Starman after the JSA disbands. Ted Knight, the original Starman, suffers a nervous breakdown as a result of his participation in the development of the atomic bomb.

McNider suffers a devastating event in 1953, when the girl he loves, Myra Mason, is murdered by the Shadower, a foe who has learned Doctor Mid-Nite's secret identity. McNider apparently never reveals his identity to Myra, presumably - and ironically - to keep her "safe".

McNider apparently has no children, but at one point McNider rescues a pregnant woman from attack in Sogndal, Norway. He delivers her baby. The child, Pieter Cross, is destined to become the third Doctor Mid-Nite.

Charles McNider eventually meets his own end as one of the casualties of Zero Hour, when he (and fellow JSAer Hourman) is aged to death by Extant.

McNider is briefly reanimated as a member of the Black Lantern Corps during the Blackest Night event. He is destroyed by the current Mr. Terrific.

Beth Chapel

As the ageing McNider spends less time in action, Beth Chapel, an African-American medical doctor, steps into the role of Doctor Midnight (note different spelling). Beth Chapel is a native of Orangeburg, South Carolina. Her father is a pastor. Her mother sings in the church choir and crafts her daughter's hero costume from a choir robe.

Chapel first appears when Jade of Infinity, Inc. is rushed to the hospital for treatment after Mister Bones' cyanide touch. Her superhero career soon kicks into fast and full gear. During the onset of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Beth is blinded by an oxygen explosion. She is rescued by Hourman's son Rick Tyler, who has taken his father's drug that enhances ability to see in the dark. Like McNider, Beth discovers that she can do the same. She and Rick assume the mantles of their predecessors as Doctor Midnight and Hourman.

Along with a new Wildcat, Chapel and Tyler apply for membership in Infinity, Inc. They are not immediately accepted but eventually both gain admission. The association is short-lived, though, as Infinity soon disbands.

Doctor Midnight and Wildcat are recruited by the U.S. government for a mission to defeat the supervillain Eclipso. By now Chapel has begun a romantic relationship with Rick Tyler. Beth Chapel dies on the mission, along with Wildcat, the Creeper, Commander Steel, Peacemaker and Major Victory.

Pieter Cross

The third Doctor Mid-Nite is Pieter Anton Cross. Cross makes his first appearance in the 3-issue prestige format limited series Doctor Mid-Nite (1999).

Cross is the Norwegian-born son of a noted scientist, the late Theodoric Cross. Pieter was delivered as a baby by the original Doctor Mid-Nite, Charles McNider, who had just rescued his mother from vagrants. As an adult Pieter is later unable to save his mother from Chagas disease, which she catches in Brazil while visiting him. Cross otherwise has no known relatives.

Cross's crime-fighting career begins as he runs a free clinic in Portsmouth, Washington. His work leads him to investigate a new street drug called A39, an accidental derivative of the steroid-like Venom. The drug, he soon learns, is produced by an evil corporation named Praeda Industries, run by the Terrible Trio (former foes of the Batman) ...		
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