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 Torchlight II (c) Runic Games Update 10 PLUS 18 TRAiNER

Date: 12/2012
Game Version: Update 10/v1.20.5.3

1NUMPAD1 Toggle Infinite Health
2NUMPAD2 Toggle Infinite Mana
3NUMPAD3Add Gold
4NUMPAD4 Toggle Fast Level Up
5NUMPAD5Add Stat Points
6NUMPAD6Add Skill Points
7NUMPAD7Get Items
8NUMPAD8 Toggle Get Massive Fame
9NUMPAD9Increase Pet Transformation Time
10 NUMPAD0Pet Instantly returns from Town
11 F1 Full Charge Bar
12 F2Toggle Always Catch Fish
13 F3 Increase Fish Catch Attempts
14 F4Toggle Super Speed
15 F5Toggle Low Enemy Health
16 F6Toggle Slow Motion Enemies
F7Toggle Enemies dont Move
17 F8Toggle Dumb Enemies
18 F9 Save Position
F10Load Position
F11Undo Teleport

NUMPAD1 - Infinite Health

Your character and your pet will always have maximum health

NUMPAD2 - Infinite Mana

Your character and your pet will always have maximum mana

NUMPAD3 - Add Gold

Open your inventory (Default: I) and use this hotkey to add gold

NUMPAD4 - Fast Level Up

Enable this option to level up faster

NUMPAD5 - Add Stat Points

Open the character pane (Default: C) and use this hotkey to add
attribute points

NUMPAD6 - Add Skill Points

Open the skill panel (Default: S) and use this hotkey to add skill

NUMPAD7 - Get Items

Open the inventory panel and switch to the consumables inventory. Then
mouse over your item, use this hotkey and either select the item twice
or use it
You can modify item such as potions, magic scrolls, fishes/etc

NUMPAD8 - Get Massive Fame

To get the fame you have to either complete a quest or kill one of the
stronger enemies (indicated by an orange or purple health bar
Disable the option, after you got the fame

NUMPAD9 - Increase Pet Transformation Time

Use this hotkey to set the current transformation time to five minutes

NUMPAD0 - Pet Instantly returns from Town

After you have sent your pet to the town, to sell all its unequipped
items, press this hotkey and it will instantly return

F1 - Full Charge Bar

After using this hotkey attack an enemy once to fill the charge bar
Then attack him again to activate the charge bar skill

F2 - Always Catch Fish

Use this option while fishing to make it easier to catch one
Disable the option, when you don't need it anymore

F3 - Increase Fish Catch Attempts

When you encounter a fishing hole use this hotkey and go fishing once
to increase the remaining attempts

F4 - Super Speed

Enable this option to run faster than normal
You can disable the option to restore your original speed

F5 - Low Enemy Health

Hover your mouse over any enemy to reduce his health
Use this option with care. When you have quests like 'Lair of the
Manticore', make sure you only use this option after he has spawned
his 'mate

F6 - F7 - Slow Motion Enemies/Enemies don't Move

All characters/monsters/etc. - apart from your character and your
pet - in your range will move in slow motion/won't move anymore
Slow Motion Enemies will automatically disable Enemies don't Move
and vice versa
After disabling one of these options, you might need to enter a new

F8 - Dumb Enemies

Turns all enemies into dumb enemies. They won't be able to notice
you, even if you are standing right next to them
To make sure that quests don't get bugged, attacking an enemy will
turn him into his original state
After disabling this option, you might need to enter a new area

F - Save Position

Save the current player position

N - Load Position

Load the previously saved position of your character
No worries about your pet. It will come to you automatically
Just make sure that you do not teleport between different areas

L - Undo Teleport

Undo the previous teleport
So if you accidentally load a position that is in a different area
and won't be able to progress anymore because you are stuck somewhere
just press this hotkey


1. Extract
2. Run the trainer from any directory
3. Launch the game
3. Toggle desired options on/off

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