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J.D. Robb's ...in Death Series #1-44
Publication Date:  1995 - 2012

Crime fiction, science fiction, romance

From the readme file:
Here are all the books published so far in the Eve Dallas or "In Death" series by J. D. Robb (a pseudonym for the excellent and prolific writer Nora Roberts).  They are all pure XHTML and CSS.  To read a book, just open its folder and open the file INDEX.HTML with any standard browser, such as Firefox or Chrome.

THIS IS VERSION 3 OF THIS TORRENT.  The difference from version 2 is the addition of "Celebrity in Death" and "Delusion and Death."  I've also added a file called SERIES.HTML in the main folder.  If you open that with your browser, you'll see an array of all the books in order.  To read one, just click on the picture of its cover.

As before, all the books and novelettes have been validated as XHTML 1.0 Strict against the W3C Validator.  That is, they've all been checked by a program to make sure there are no HTML or CSS errors.  They've also been checked against a printed copy to make sure that paragraphs begin and end where they should, to make sure text breaks occur where they should, spelling mistakes and wrong word choices have been corrected, etc.

About the series:
Lieutenant Eve Dallas is a Homicide detective in the New York Police and Security Department (NYPSD), 50 years from now.  At the beginning of the series she's locked away behind a tough shell, her only friends her former partner, Detective Feeney, and Mavis Freestone, a former street grifter who now sings in

Then she meets Roarke, a rich Irish businessman with a shady past.  The attraction between them is immediate.  They change each other in many ways, small to large.  The series is as much about these changes as it is about the murder cases that Eve takes on.  Hence you could call this a romance series.

As the series develops, new characters are introduced in each book, and we learn more about them as they join Eve's expanding circle of friends.  Their lives change and develop, too.  Nora Roberts is an excellent writer and makes us care about these people.

The mysteries or "crime procedurals" (as Ed McBain called his books) are well written.  Even when we know whodunnit from the start, the author makes us want to see how Dallas digs out all the details and brings the perps to justice.

The series is also excellent science fiction.  The world which Eve inhabits had an episode called "The Urban Wars" between our time and theirs.  It's never spelled out for us explicitly what happened, since it's part of the recent history which the characters take for granted, but America and Europe, at least, were under attack for years, perhaps decades, by foreign and domestic terrorists, with cities burning, people dying by the millions, mass starvation and disease.  Among the results are an internation network of medical professionals, an international internet watched by an organization called Compuguard, everyone's records being on the net from birth.  Washington, D.C. was nuked; the government operates out of East Washington.

Other details: Southern California had the biggest earthquake ever (Los Angeles is gone, but New L.A. thrives).  Everyone has PPCs and/or 'links as well as desktop computers.  Supersonic transports, shuttles, orbital hotels exist.  Inhabited structures (including high-security prisons) are spread all over the Solar System.  Robots are everywhere, all called droids whether they are androids or simple mechanicals.  Droid pets, especially cats and dogs, are common.  AI is quite advanced, and computers process commands in natural language and respond the same way.  A variety of brand-name illegal recreational substances exist (e.g. Zoner, Zeus, Exotica, Rabbit, Whore, Fuck You Up), called "illegals" generically.  Genetic engineering and body sculpting are common.  Cars, buses, trucks, can run on the surface streets or the air lanes.  Ad blimps are everywhere.  Kids have hover boards and air bikes.  Real food (meat, chocolate, coffee, eggs, fresh fruit, etc.) is extremely expensive, so soy and veggie imitations feed the masses.  Soy dogs, "egg" wraps, soy kebabs and veggie hash are served from glide carts on the streets. Recyclers take the place of trash cans.

It's all very well worked out and consistent.

I thank my friend SydSut, who released version 1 and 2 on Demonoid; and blackcanary, who's releasing version 3 for me on H33T.

"Calculated in Death" just came out.  I'll have it scanned and edited soon, and we'll release that as a CBR file.  An HTML version may follow later.

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