Legion of Super-Heroes v2 (1980)

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English | CBZ | 3 Issues

Legion of Super-Heroes v2 #295-297
Publisher:  DC Comics
Publication Date:  January - March 1983

Writer:  Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen
Penciller:  Keith Giffen
Guest Penciller on the file sequences:  Howard Bender (#295)
Inker:  Dave Hunt (#295), Larry Mahlstedt (#296-297)
Letterer:  John Costanza
Colorist:  Carl Gafford 

Legion of Super-Heroes #295
Timber Wolf is feeling confused when his girlfriend, Light Lass, wants to leave the Legion of Super-Heroes to learn about herself. She asked Timber Wolf to quit the Legion and join her, but the Legion is very important to him as well. Expressing his particular predicament to his friend Blok, Blok decides to play an old holotape of the Legion of Super-Heroes on an adventure. The Legion goes to the Time Institute to view the origin of the universe and a member of the Guardians of the Universe prevents them from doing so, telling them mortal are not meant to view it. The Guardians then send the Green Lantern Corps to destroy the Time Institute so that none may view the origins of the universe. The Legionnaires within the Institute fight the Green Lantern Corps until they are transported to Oa, where the matter is finally settled: The Legion won't view the origins and the Guardians won't intervene. One of the Green Lanterns, Vidar, journeys back to Earth with the Legionnaires and while they use a time bubble to visit the past, Vidar goes into the Time Institute to view the origin of the universe. The Legion return in time to stop him and Vidar is forced to stop being a Green Lantern. The holotape gives Timber Wolf a clear choice in his mind about what he should do and he decides to stay with the Legion, letting Light Lass go. Blok, meanwhile, realizes that Vidar was actually Universo.

Legion of Super-Heroes #296
The Legion of Super-Heroes deal with affairs after the Great Darkness Saga occurred. Lightning Lad recovers from his malady and Light Lass leaves the team, while they induct White Witch. The Legion are called for an incident where someone let loose a small, nuclear bomb in a city on Earth, and the Legion soon learns that the explosion was part of a protection racket and the ones killed in the explosion, among others, are Cosmic Boy's parents. His brother, Pol Krinn, was injured as well. The Legion tracks down the perpetrators and eventually arrest them. Meanwhile, Brainiac 5 tries to heal Matter-Eater Lad's illness.

Legion of Super-Heroes #297
Cosmic Boy learns about the death of his parents and is full of rage. He rushes into space to find the spacecraft holding the killers and teach them a lesson, but before Cosmic Boy does something he regrets, Night Girl stops him. Cosmic Boy relives his past, how he became a founder of the Legion of Super-Heroes, and finds that he has a duty as a son, and not a Legionnaire. He rushes off to find the killers again. Meanwhile, Chameleon Boy is pardoned for his crime of treason but finds that he has lost his power to shapeshift. The Legion arrive in time to see Cosmic Boy confront the killers, but they do not stop him. They realize he has to face them on his own terms and he does. He realizes he can't kill them because that's not what his parents want and he simply walks away.

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