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Septerra Core (c) Monolith/Topware

Format......: BIN/CUE
RAR Count......:  45 x 15mb
Date........: Oct. 28,1999
Game Rating....: You Decide
Cracker.....: Who?
Protection.....: Where?

Requirements:      P133 32mb 8Xcd W9X 3DFX Sound

** Release Information **

Enter a world where the laws of nature work in strange new ways, allowing
continents to orbit at different elevations around the planet. Where
concentric World Shells create seven unique ecosystems, and Bio-Engineering 
has ushered in a revolution of societal changes. Where living battleships 
float overhead, and Junk Pirates roam the darkness. A world whose Core is
a living computer, watching over the fruits of its master's creation. A 
world devised in the ancient past as a test for its own inhabitants to 
unravel ...

Welcome to Septerra ...

On the Outer Shell layer above, the ancient society of the Chosen live an 
extravagant lifestyle, consuming mass amounts of  energy and dumping their 
waste down onto the layers below.

But things are not what they seem. The Chosen believe that Septerra was created
in the ancient past by a mysterious being from the heavens. The world is a 
clockwork, built for some unknown purpose to work in the way it does. They 
have discovered artifacts and clues which lead them to believe that the 
answer lies in the depths of the Core, around which all the other layers 
orbit. It is this Legacy that calls them from their self imposed exile, to 
return to the lower levels.

Now, as they begin their journey, they find that they cannot travel even one
level down without artificial aid. Their bones have become brittle in the 
higher altitudes, their muscles stringy and weak in the lower gravity of the
upper shell. But journey to the Core they must, for they believe it is their
birthright to unlock the secret of the Legacy, and know the face of their Creator.

It is into these events that you are drawn. You take the role of a Junk 
Scavenger from World Shell 2, directly below the Chosens' layer. Here you
make your living, sifting through the trash from above to find useful 
items to sell. As the Chosen and their Technopapist regime begin their 
descent to the core, war looms over the land. The many nations of the 
lower levels, including your own, are threatened by the exodus, and fear 
the destruction to come. At first you stand in the way of the Chosen, 
fighting to slow their march to the Core, and protect your homeland. But it
is you who will ultimately discover Septerra's true nature, as you journey
out of the familiar surroundings of your home country, and come face to face
with the Legacy ...

At the Core, you will discover a planet-sized Bio-Computer which holds the 
answer to the Creator's Riddle. You will learn that Septerra is a giant puzzle
piece, waiting to be locked into the universe around it, as soon as its 
inhabitants solve the Legacy. If you fail, the world is certainly doomed. If 
you succeed, and solve the puzzle - it may well destroy you, and those you 
love ... Certain continents on the lower layers can be moved to the Outer Shell,
where they will snap into place. If the correct ones are raised, an ancient 
symbol will be created across the face of the planet, and the Legacy will 
unfold. But is it the right thing to do? The moving of whole continents will 
cause catastrophe on a scale of which has never been imagined ...

Against a backdrop of political intrigue and savage war, you will journey across
the various worlds, encountering dear friends and wicked enemies. Travel to the
core and unlock its secret. Face the war machine of the TechnoPapacy, and bring
it to its knees.

In a world where the boundaries of good and evil are blurred, only the strong 
will survive to see a new day, and a new era, as you solve the Legacy - and 
look upon the face of the Creator.


Game Features:

Hundreds of locations for players to operate within creates a large, fully
explorable world.

Highly developed storyline and characters offer fifteen chapters of gameplay.

Recognizable adventure interface allows players to tap into the complex options
of the game, without overly complex menus.

In addition to the main character, players may choose from eight companions, 
each with a unique background story, motivation and skill set.

Player companion AI and skill sets allow for multiple approaches to exploration.

Clock based combat has all the strategy of turn based combat, but keeps the 
game fast paced.

Player may experiment with item combinations to create new spell effects by 
collecting a deck of "Fate Cards."

Characters and enemies are fully developed 3D models, pre-rendered to 16-bit 
sprites for smooth animation.

Large 16-bit backgrounds that are natural and non-repetitive.

Highest quality production, including 640x480 graphics, 16-bit color, completely
recorded dialogue and fully animated movie sequences.


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