Total Marvel for February 2013

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							This is my release for all the Marvel titles for the Month of February 2013 2013. The comics in this release include all Marvel and Marvel NOW! comics for the month listed above. 
My release packs are as follows: 
DC Universe 52 (Wednesdays based on scanners release times, but not later than Friday morning)
Marvel NOW! (Marvel Comics in the NOW! universe will be released Wednesdays, based on scanners release times)
Total Marvel (All Marvel Universe comics, released on Thursday, based on scanners release times)
Zero Day (Marvel, DC and Independent comics, released between Saturday night and Sunday afternoon)
Independent Scanners (from scanners not affiliated with groups, released on Mondays)
DC Monthly (all DC Universe comics for the month, released the first Friday after the end of the month)
Total Marvel Monthly (all Marvel Universe comics, released the first Tuesday after the end of the month)
***Week of 2/6/22013
All New X-Men #7 (CBR 02/06/2013)
Mystique targets our young time-travelers, starting with Cyclops.
Avengers #5 (CBR 02/06/2013)
'SUPERGUARDIAN' Meet Smasher, the first human member of the IMPERIAL GUARD and an Avenger. Watch as the Avengers travel across the galaxy to fight off an invading force. Watch as the Imperial Guard are broken on a dead moon. 
Avengers Assemble Annual #1 (CBR 02/06/2013)
The spotlight falls on the Vision! It's the return of Sunturion - more powerful and unstable than ever! A major turning point in the life of the android Avenger! 
Daredevil End Of Days #5 (of 8) (CBR 02/06/2013)
The Mystery behind Daredevil's final days stands revealed! Witness the final fate of Frank Castle, the Punisher! Some of the Man Without Fear's greatest creators unite to tell his final story! 
Fearless Defenders #1 (CBR 02/06/2013) (CBR 02/06/2013)
NEW TEAM! NEW VILLAINS! NEW CREATORS! Valkyrie and Misty Knight are the Fearless Defenders and not since Power Man and Iron Fist has an unlikely duo kicked this much-well, you know. Writer Cullen Bunn (Venom, Sixth Gun, The Fearless) and new-to-Marvel artist Will Sliney (MacGyver, Star Wars) bring you the book everyone is going to be talking about on Thursday morning. 
Hit-Girl #5 (of 5) (CBR 02/06/2013)
Series finale! He pulls a knife, she pulls a gun. He sends one of hers to the hospital, she sends one of his to the morgue - THAT'S the Hit-Girl way. Mindy's had it up to HERE with that thing called 'restraint' and pays the mafia a long-overdue visit. Also: Red Mist faces his final super-villain training test. A limited edition variant by Bill Sienkiewicz will be released for this issue. 
Marvels Iron Man 3 Prelude #2 (of 2) (CBR 02/06/2013)
The perfect prelude to the upcoming highly-anticipated Marvel Studios film, Iron Man 3. As Tony Stark prepares for his next venture, he tasks War Machine with a mission of his own. War Machine faces his biggest test as a hero, while Iron Man takes on the Battle of New York! 
Iron Man #6 (CBR 02/06/2013)
Tony Stark. In Space. In a bar. With ladies. What could go wrong? Is Tony guilty of a crime he's not even aware of? A shocking start to an all-new, all-different direction for IRON MAN. 
New Avengers #3 (CBR 02/06/2013)
The Illuminati experience their first incursion since reforming. Can the loose brotherhood of end times trust each other enough to use the Infinity Gems in unison? And a new member joins the Illuminati! 
Red She-hulk #62 (CBR 02/06/2013)
CAPTAIN AMERICA is forced to make a grave decision! Betty Ross loses what's most precious to her! RED SHE-HULK reacts BADLY!!! 
Road To Oz #5 (of 6) (CBR 02/06/2013)
With the help of the Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion, Dorothy finally reaches the Emerald City. But there are surprises along the way-like the three deaths of Jack Pumpkinhead! The Shaggy Man reveals the shameful secret of the Love Magnet. Dorothy finally learns who first enchanted the magical road to Oz. 
Scarlet #6 (CBR 02/06/2013)
Scarlet's call to arms has been heard all over the world. And the world reacts. Can a modern revolution gain traction? And what will the government do to shut her down? From the Eisner Award-winning team behind DAREDEVIL and MOON KNIGHT! Mature 
Secret Avengers #37 (CBR 02/06/2013)
FINAL ISSUE! The conclusion to the Rise of the Descendants! All secrets revealed! Father and the Descendants begin Contagious Robotic Evolution, merging the Descendants with all of humanity! What is the secret behind the power of Parvez? 
The ultimate test of Hawkeye! 
Superior Spider-Man #3 (CBR 02/06/2013)
'Everything You Know Is Wrong'
Is this all-new Spider-Man in cahoots with... J. Jonah Jameson?! Has Carlie Cooper figured out the Superior Spider-Man's secret identity? All this and the return of the villainous Vulture! 
Thunderbolts #4 (CBR 02/06/2013)
The return of the gamma-powered MADMAN! The Thunderbolts first mission is going off the rails! Can the team trust the Red Hulk to lead them? 
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #20 (CBR 02/06/2013)
VENOM WARS CONTINUES!!! Ultimate Spider-Man versus Venom!!! Who is the new Venom? What is his terrible connection to Miles Morales' father? 
Venom #31 (CBR 02/06/2013)
MOVING DAY! Flash Thompson bids farewell to New York City and head's to his new home, Philadelphia! As he says good bye to Peter Parker, Betty Brant and all his friends -- is something TOXIC on the horizon?! 
Winter Soldier #15 (CBR 02/06/2013)
All new mission! All New creative team! All new status quo! Join writer Jason Latour (Loose Ends, Wolverine) and artist Nic Klein (Dancer, Viking, Doc Savage) as they take the reins to the critically acclaimed series! In the wake of the hunt for the Black Widow, a broken and beaten Winter Soldier begins perhaps his most personal mission yet: a quest for redemption. But as Bucky looks to make peace with his deadly past, a new villain from his future is out for war-and blood 
X-Factor #251 (CBR 02/06/2013)
The story years in the making continues here as X-Factor struggles to stop the Lords of Hell from tearing the Earth apart in their battle for dominance! Familiar faces will return as the battle reaches a fever pitch, the first of whom is STRONG GUY! And he has a bone to pick with his former teammates 
***WEEK of 2/13/2013***
Age Of Apocalypse #12 (CBR 2/13/2013)
The battle is over and the world has changed. But is anyone better off? Those who are left of the Exterminated try to pick up the pieces. 
Avengers Arena #4 (CBR 2/13/2013)
The Runaways vs. Avengers Academy! 
Avengers Assemble #12 (CBR 2/13/2013)
The sins of Black Widow's past have resurfaced and threaten the safety of not only the Avengers, but also the entire world!! Widow, Spider-Woman and Hawkeye must travel to Siberia to search for a missing girl with ties to an old Soviet assassination. But the truth behind this girl's disappearance may be more than the Avengers are prepared to handle!Acclaimed writer Kelly Sue DeConnick teams with Pete Woods for an all new Avengers Assemble epic! 
Cable And X-Force #4 (CBR 2/13/2013)
Witness the massacre that makes Cable and X-Force criminals. They can't go back from here.
Fantastic Four #4 (CBR 2/13/2013)
An alien world, a thousand-year-old prophesy-is the Invisible Woman a long-awaited intergalactic messiah? 
Fury Max #9 (CBR 2/13/2013)
Fury and Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher, are captured in Vietnam in the heat of the war. Discover the real reason Nick Fury was sent into the most dangerous place on earth. 
Powers Bureau #1 (CBR 2/13/2013)
A new chapter of the Eisner Award-winning POWERS that sends Deena Pilgrim into the big leagues! Pilgrim is now a federal agent and dealing with the biggest powers cases in the entire country. But will this new life close the closet full of skeletons she carries with her? (Absolutely not!) And what does this mean for her old partner, Walker? This is a bold game-changer for the iconic crime superhero comic that started it all and an amazing jumping-on point for new readers! 
Scarlet Spider #14 (CBR 2/13/2013)
'IN THE MIDST OF WOLVES' PART TWO OF THREE The cast deals with the fallout from last issue's shocking fatality. The Lobos are on the prowl as Aracely fights for her life. WHO IS THE OTHER? 
Ultimate Comics X-Men #22 (CBR 2/13/2013)
RESERVATION X CONTINUES!!! Guest-starring the IRON PATRIOT! The mutants hold the key to solving world hunger, but what is the deadly cost? A fatal showdown between Kitty and Mach Two! 
Uncanny X-Men #1 (CBR 2/13/2013)
The true flagship book of the X-Men returns. In the wake of the Phoenix, the world has changed and is torn on exactly what Cyclops and his team of X-Men are--visionary revolutionaries or dangerous terrorists? Whatever the truth, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magneto, and Magik are out in the world gathering up new mutants and redefining the name UNCANNY X-MEN.
Wolverine and the X-Men #25 (CBR 2/13/2013)
The hottest new X-Book turns 25! Jason Aaron (THOR:GOD OF THUNDER) and Eisner-Award winner Ramon Perez (Tale of Sand, JOHN CARTER) kick off the mega story that will define WXM in 2013! Wolverine and the students go to the Savage Land! Plus, Wolverine's brother Dog, from the super hit ORIGIN, returns and becomes the biggest new X-Villain in years. 
X-Men #41 (CBR 2/13/2013)
FINAL ISSUE! At the end of an era, Storm puts a team together to search for the start of the next. In the field, will Angel challenge her for leadership? 
X-treme X-Men #10 (CBR 2/13/2013)
After the events of their last mission, something is off about Xavier. Will the team be able to close the tears between dimensions without him? PLUS! Romance is in the air-or it could be, if Dazzler and Cyclops don't kill each other first!
***WEEK of 2/20/2013***
Alpha Big Time #1 (of 5) (2/20/2013)
From the pages of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, get ready for the greatest hero who ever existed. . . EVER! Alpha was having an awesome time of it, till that buzz-kill Spider-Man made him quit being a hero. But that was then. . . and this is NOW! Josh Fialkov & Nuno Plati (Amazing Spider-Man) reunite to tell the tale of a hero whos about to hit the BIG TIME! 
Avengers #6 (2/20/2013)
'GODDESS' The Secret Origin of the Universe. Watch as for the first time in history, The UNIVERSE becomes sentient. Watch as Captain Universe deciphers the code that was hidden in the first five issues. 
Captain America #4 (2/20/2013)
Captain Marvel #10 (2/20/2013)
GROUNDED! Captain Marvel, lover of flight, can fly no longer! What keeps the super hero from being super heroic? And who wants her to stay that way? Find out why Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel, is one of the fan-favorite characters of the year. 
Daredevil #23 (2/20/2013)
If you've been missing the multiple Harvey and Eisner Ward winning comic, get in NOW! The PERFECT JUMPING ON POINT with an all new mystery that will take Matt Murdock to the edge like never before. 
Dark Avengers #187 (2/20/2013)
DARKNESS REIGNS! Trapped in a dangerous world, the Dark Avengers may have found the secret to returning home! But can they fight their way out of King Thing's torture pit! 
Deadpool #5 (2/20/2013)
Deadpool vs. Reagan-IN SPACE! DO YOU NEED MORE THAN THAT?!? Ok, then-MONKEYS! 
Indestructible Hulk #4 (2/20/2013)
HULK is the strongest there is on land. But in the ocean ATTUMA RULES!!! Bruce Banner leads SHIELD in a race to the ocean floor searching for CLASSIFIED! Which one of Banner's new lab assistants holds a deadly secret? 
Marvel Now! Preview #3 (2/20/2013)
Guardians of The Galaxy Preview
Marvels Thor Adaptation #2 (of 2) (2/20/2013)
THE OFFICIAL ADAPTATION OF THE HIT MARVEL STUDIOS FILM, THOR IS HERE! What is the world of Asgard and who is the Mighty Thor? The origin of Marvel's mightiest hero! 
Morbius Living Vampire #2 (2/20/2013)
The ALL-NEW Michael Morbius? Morbius, is back, but on the run and desperate to quell his vampiric tendencies. But has the midnight son really changed? As Morbius tries to stay under the radar, a new threat arises, and they want Morbius dead. The series fans have been asking for continues its thrilling debut! 
Nova #1 (2/20/2013)
The Human Rocket returns! You've followed him through the history making (and changing!) AvX and now the mystery of the all-new Nova are revealed in this breathtaking new ongoing by the best-selling, award winning team of Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness (RED HULK, Avengers X-Sanction). Sam Alexander is a kid bound by the gravity of a small town and a father whose ridiculous, drunken fairy tales about a 'Nova Corps' were just another heavy burden in a life full of them. But luckily for Sam Alexander soon gravity won't even matter. And those troubles? It's like they're a billion miles away. 
Savage Wolverine #2 (2/20/2013)
Wolverine and Shanna venture into the depths of the Forbidden Island...but what will get them first, the Island's inhabitants or their tempers? Another hero crash lands on the island but is he friend or foe? 
Superior Spider-Man #4 (2/20/2013)
'Collateral Damage' The previous Spider-Man promised that Massacre would never kill again... Q: Can the NEW Spider-Man live up to that? A: Probably not. 
Thor God Of Thunder #5 (2/20/2013)
The shocking finale of our opening salvo! As three Thors from three eras race to stop the God Butcher, the full extent of his vicious scheme takes terrifying shape. 
Ultimate Comics Ultimates #21 (2/20/2013)
What is the secret of SCORPIO? The HYDRA insurgency gets stronger and deadlier! IRON PATRIOT Versus CAP!!! 
Wolverine Max #3 (1/16/2013)
The shocking truth about Mariko revealed! Wolverine's memories are getting more vivid├ľand he's seeing some familiar faces in unexpected places. Meanwhile, the police are closing in and Logan is looking more and more like public enemy number one! 
Wolverine Max #4 (2/20/2013)
Creed and Logan are on the run, with Logan framed for Creed's vicious acts! The truth about what, exactly, happened on that plane is finally revealed. THERE IS A STRICT NO OVERPRINT POLICY ON ALL MAX TITLES. 
X-Factor #252 (2/20/2013)
The story years in the making continues here as X-Factor struggles to stop the Lords of Hell from tearing the Earth apart in their battle for dominance! Familiar faces will return as the battle reaches a fever pitch, the first of whom is STRONG GUY! And he has a bone to pick with his former teammates
***WEEK of 2/27/2013***
Astonishing X-Men #59 (CBR 2/27/2013)
Back from their honeymoon, Northstar and Kyle face a threat at home. . . while Northstar faces another threat all on his own! And deep in space, something is coming that might literally tear the team apart!
Avengers Arena #5 (CBR 2/27/2013)
The Braddock Academy vs. . . themselves? 
Avenging Spider-Man #17 (CBR
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