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Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome Wondercon Trailer Extended BluRay Edition 1080p
2minutes 30seconds . 175MB . 184,260,230bytes
1080p RF21.5 9.2Mbps AVC, 2.0 384Kbps AC-3

Blood.and.Chrome.Wondercon.Trailer.Extended.BluRay is a extended edition of the frame by frame remake of the fantastic Blood & Chrome teaser trailer that was shown at Wondercon 2012.03.16 at the end of a panel discussion by Kevin Grazier, the BSG science advisor.

The Original.BluRay version is only 90seconds long so the Immigrant Song is cut from about 150seconds to 90 to accommodate the clips from Blood & Chrome. This Extended.BluRay version has the complete Immigrant Song with the Original.BluRay clips at the same times along with over 100 extra clips for the new parts of the song. The additional clips are located at minutes.seconds.frames:
0.58.19-1.43.05 88 clips
2.08.18-2.16.15 15 clips
2.25.06-2.29.04 01 clip

The first leaked Wondercon trailer was only about 90 seconds long with 1/2 second clips and it was set to a cover of Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Karen O, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. The trailer quickly leaked on to the Internet and by Monday night 2012.03.19 the trailer had over 100,000 YouTube views. Take down notices removed these copies starting Wednesday 2012.03.21.

To fill this void, bsg4you edited a version of the trailer using the best 1080p video available (very low bitrate though) with enhanced audio. The trailer leaked with mono 72Kbps AAC audio and the new bsg4you version (now about 1 year old) had stereo 165Kbps AAC sourced from lossless flac - the sound was much, much better but the video still did not look that good ... until now!

Blood.and.Chrome.Wondercon.Trailer.Extended.BluRay is a version with not only slightly improved audio over the older enhanced version but also Blu-Ray quality 1080p video. Over 160 clips from the original trailer were assembled frame-by-frame from the Blu-Ray in the identical order and over 100 clips were added so that a Blu-Ray quality version of the original with another minute of video and music can now be enjoyed. The Blu-Ray video is sharper, darker, has much higher contrast and better color than the origianl leaked trailer. Plus, the sound was converted from lossless flac to 384Kbps AC-3 which should be a slight improvement over the 165Kbps AAC edit released almost exactly a year ago.

The Blood.and.Chrome.Wondercon.Trailer.Extended.BluRay is stunning, the visuals come fast and furious and the lyrics and music from the pulse-pounding Immigrant Song cover couldn't match the visuals any better. No matter the reception and reviews for the Blood & Chrome movie, this trailer will stand the test of time. Compliments to the production teams for the show and the song, but especial thanks goes to the original editor and the Wondercon trailer leaker.

Request: At 45second, there's a clip that was kept from the original Wondercon edit: a shot of Dr. Becca Kelly in her underwear (no top?) straddling Adama and rocking her hips and butt from right to left. This clip did not seem to make it to the final edit since it's not in the webisode or Blu-Ray. Please post a comment with the timecode if it's in the Blu-Ray.

* over 260 video clips, almost every clip is exactly 12 frames, with a few at 11 and 13
* a few clips had to be shifted left or right a few frames since the final release edit changed since the Wondercon edit
* 1 clip had some credits obscured (red letters on black, easy to hide)
* an adjacent clip was used for 1 clip that had credits in it that could not be obscured (red letters on a light background)
* the text at the end (but not the final B&C logo) was redone with the editor's text input tool so it should appear much sharper than the Wondercon edit
* some special effects were added or changed between the Wondercon and final edits: snow and ice blowing off the cliff edge as the Raptor crash lands, gun fire was removed from 3 Raiders in a clip and Gatling gun fire was added as the Raptor descended; most clips were the same except for video quality
* the clip of the guy repelling down a rope and firing his gun was reversed in the final edit; he's now facing slightly to the viewer's left instead of right in the Wondercon edit
* at 1minute 22second, the ENS. rank Adama's Viper in the Wondercon edit has changed to LT. in the final edit

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Thanks! bsg4you
BSG.Blood.and.Chrome.Wondercon.Trailer.Extended.BluRay.1080p/BSG.Blood.and.Chrome.Wondercon.Trailer.Extended.BluRay.1080p.bsg4you.mkv 184.26 MB
BSG.Blood.and.Chrome.Wondercon.Trailer.Extended.BluRay.1080p/BSG.Blood.and.Chrome.Wondercon.Trailer.Extended.BluRay.1080p.bsg4you.par2 10.348 KB
BSG.Blood.and.Chrome.Wondercon.Trailer.Extended.BluRay.1080p/BSG.Blood.and.Chrome.Wondercon.Trailer.Extended.BluRay.1080p.bsg4you.nfo 4.521 KB
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