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4Chans /pol/s Recommended Reading in folder format with additional books. Includes all but 9 of the books mentioned in the image that has been going around. Whilst I am confident the files are correct, I cannot promise absolutely no errors. 
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English | 98 books | PDF, Epub and/or Mobi | 458mb
Aurelius, M. - Meditations
Bagemihl, B. - Biological Exuberance
Bastiat, F. - The Law
Bernays, E. - Propaganda
Buckley, C - Boomsday
Caplan, B. - The Myth of the Rational Voter
Carlyle, T. - Sartor Resartus
Carnegie, D. - How to Win Friends  Influence People
Clausewitz, C. von - On War
Diamond, J. - Guns, Germs and Steel
Evola J. - Revolt against the Modern world
Evola, J. - Men Among the Ruins
Ferguson, N. - Empire
Franklin, B. - The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
Friedman, D. - The Machinery of Freedom
Friedman, M. - Free to Choose
Goldwater, B. - The Conscience of a Conservative
Gould, S.J. - The Mismeasure of Man
Greene, R. - The 48 Laws of Power
Grimstad, W. - Antizion
Hamilton, A., Madison, J. and Jay, J. - The Federalist Papers, The Anti-Federalist Papers
Harvey, D. - A Brief History of Neoliberalism
Hayek, F.A. - The Road to Serfdom
Hazleft, H. - Economics in One Lesson
Heddesheimer, D. - The First Holocaust
Heinlein, R. A. - Starship Troopers
Herrnstein, R.J. and Murray, C. - The Bell Curve
Hesse, H. - Siddhartha
Hitchens, C. - Arguably
Hitler, A. - Mein Kampf
Hobbes, T. - Leviathan
Hoppe, H. - Democracy, The God that Failed
Horkheimer, M. and Adorno, T.W. - Dialectic of Enlightenment
Hume, D. - The Treatise of Human Nature
Huxley, A. - Brave New World
Kaczynski, T. - The Unabombers Manifesto
Keynes, J.M. - The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money
Kilcullen, D. - The Accidental Guerrilla
Kolakowski, L. - Main Currents on Marxism
Krepinevich, A. - 7 Deadly Scenarios
Kropotkin, P. - The State, Its Historic Role
Krugman, P. - The Conscience of a Liberal
London, J. - The Iron Heel
Luther, M. - The Jews and Their Lies
Lynn, R. - Eugenics, A Reassessment
MacDonald, A. - The Turner Diaries
Macdonald, K.B. - The Culture of Critique
Machiavelli, A. - The Prince
Marx, K. - Das Kapital
Marx, K. and Engels, F. - The Communist Manifesto
McCulloug D. - John Adams
Mcpherson, J. M. - Battle Cry of Freedom
Mearsheimer, J. - The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy
More, T. - Utopia
Nietzsche, F. - The Will to Power
Orwell, G - 1984
Orwell, G. - Animal Farm
Orwell, G. - Homage to Catalonia
Orwell, G. - Politics and the English Language
Paine, T. - Common Sense, The rights of Man
Paine, T. - The Rights of Man
Paul, R. - Liberty Defined
Perkins, J. - Confessions of an Economic Hitman
Proudhon, P.J. - What is Property
Quigley, C. - Tragedy  Hope
Rachkovsky, P. - The protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
Rand, A. - Atlas Shrugged
Rand, A. - The Fountainhead
Rothbard, M.N. - Anatomy of the State
Rothbard, M.N. - For a new Liberty
Rothbard, M.N. - Man, Economy and State (With Power and Market)
Rothbard, M.N. - War Collectivism
Rousseau, J. - Emile, or On Education
Rudolf, G. - Lectures on the Holocaust
Russell, B. - The Practice and Theory of Bolshevism
Scahill, J. - Blackwater, The Rise of the Worlds Most Powerful Mercenary Army
Shirer, W.L. - The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
Smith, A. - The Wealth of Nations
Sokol, A. - Fashionable Nonsense
Sowell, T. - Intellectuals and Society
Speer, A. - Inside the Third Reich
Starr, D. - The Killer of Little Shepherds
Steyn, M. - America Alone
Stiglitz, J.E. - The Price of Inequality
Suvorov, V. - Acquarium
Suvorov, V. - Icebreaker
Suvorov, V. - The Liberators
Till, G. - Seapower
Tolstoy, L. - The Kingdom of God is Within You
Tzu, S. - The Art of War
Vehlen, T. - The Theory of the Leisure Class
Verrall, R. - Did Six Million Really Die
Voline - The Unknown Revolution
Zamyatin, Y. - We
#Mazower, M. - Hitlers Empire
#Sunic, T. - Against Democracy and Equality, The New European Right
#Taylor, J. - White Identity
#Vanhanen, T. - Ethnic Conflicts Explained by Ethnic Nepotism
#Borkenau, F. - The Spanish Cockpit
#Christian, P. - The Work of All Ages
#Connor, W. - Ethnonationalism
#Dalton, T. - Debating the Holocaust
#Easterly, W. - The White Mans Burden
Recommended Reading/Speer, A. - Inside the Third Reich/Inside_the_Third_Reich_Albert_Speer.pdf 35.519 MB
Recommended Reading/Kolakowski, L. - Main Currents on Marxism/Kolakowski, Leszek - Main Currents of Marxism (vol. 2).pdf 21.384 MB
Recommended Reading/Kolakowski, L. - Main Currents on Marxism/Kolakowski, Leszek - Main Currents of Marxism (vol. 3).pdf 21.368 MB
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