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                           S  K  I  D  R  O  W
                           .the leading force.

                            proudly presents
              Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends (c) Atari

   11-12-2012......Release Date  Protection............Steam+GFWL
   Racing.............Game Type  Disk(s)......................NFO


While we appreciate 100% clean exe cracks, then this is 2013 dear FLT!
Dearest FLT, it have came to our attention that you claim we do not
follow up with rules, however we have to state that while we were
climing the evolution ladder, you got stuck with bananas and jungle
full of trees. Before propering us please take a in-depth to view your
own work!

41 days to proper this game and with the reasons you proper with, is a
real laugh for us, and we encourage all sites to follow up and support
and nuke the FLT release of this title.

Yes our "method" is a loader and our competitiors have used the same
method for "cracking" xlive games like this. Why don't you go proper
those too? Stop propering with worthless releases, or at least use your
skills or lack of those, for the real protections. But you can't, and
instead you use your quality cracking for lame The Sims releases and
for propering games that everyone else already forgot about.

If you want to earn a little respect, then at least proper a day or two
after, but not 41 fucking days - stupidity, rather than respect!

Just to give you a thumbs up - you could proper these two releases as
well, as they use same method as our release.


And there are more - if you search your iso archives.

And to refer to current rules in the iso scene - then there are none,
because nor you or anyone else are following those old rules anymore.
You, yourselves is using emulation for steam and CEG. Protections like
Steam + CEG emulation or any other kind of emulation are not allowed in
those rules, you so fine use as base for your "proper" release for this

So from now on, we expect your future CEG releases to be clean too, or
anyone can actually proper you. That's the message you're sending with
your lame "proper" of this game. Keep that in mind, and you know who
can actually 100% reverse these CEG games - right!

Please do 100% reversed cracks of those future relases, and you will
earn the respect, you so deeply think you and your releases deserves.
OK, we think we made our point pretty clear - now stop wasting our time
and do release something that actually impress us!

Why not start fixing your DiRT_Showdown-FLT release, because it's BAD
as hell. Crashing like crazy - OH WAIT! you can't!

Stop living in 1998 FLT - welcome to 2013!

P.S.: Our own testing lab came to a result where we were able to teach
monkeys how to build space ships, further information will be released


Detailed physics underpin a huge variety of challenges set throughout
the history of this landmark automotive brand. Painstakingly detailed
cars and tracks reflect visceral damage as races wear on, an acute
sense of speed communicates the power of these highly tuned vehicles,
as advanced AI challenges even the most experienced driver.


Extensive Online Competition - Single and Multiplayer integration with
a selection of racing styles. Up to 8 players can join a single race.

36 Circuits, Including Variations - GP circuits, test circuits, and
bonus circuits; a wide variety of driving environments to reflect the
best driving the world has to offer. Tracks from the past and present.

Over 50 Stunningly Detailed Cars - The greatest modern and classic
Ferrari models are lovingly rendered inside and out   including working
switchgear and visible engines.

Campaign Mode - Players experience the rich history of the Ferrari
brand as they unlock tracks and cars throughout Ferrari's history.

Circuits unlocked during the campaign can be raced subsequently using
any available cars.


1. Unpack the release
2. Mount or burn image
3. Install
4. Copy everything from the SKIDROW folder into the game installation
5. Block the game in your firewall and mark our cracked content as
   secure/trusted in your antivirus program
6. Play the game
7. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!


Remember to create a Game for Windows Live offline account, in order to
be able to load/save.

We in Skid Row wish you all a merry christmas!


To all friends of the family and honorable rival groups!

                                ascii art by the
                               godlike & terrific duo
                                   malodix + irokos
                                    titan artdivision
Test.Drive.Ferrari.Racing.Legends.Read.Nfo-SKIDROW/skidrow.nfo 18.214 KB
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