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start ThePit.exe to play the game.
if it doesnt start install XNA from the folder _CommonRedistXNA4.0xnafx40_redist.msi

Critical fixes:
- Fixed rare keyboard crash a couple players reported.

Other fixes:
- Fixed (finally) bug: Burst-fire sometimes misfiring when poisoned/choked.
- Fixed bug: Level up sound playing when earning first experience in new game.
- Fixed attack animations holding last frame while shot travels to target.
- Fixed bug: Charge Hub infinite XP exploit.
- Fixed bug: Selection color in recipe list for crafting.
- Fixed bug: Enemies occupying the same square.
- Fixed visual issues with attack animations.
- Fixed bug: Interacting with devices while blind causing Outline to disappear.
- Fixed bug: Skill/Stat modifiers not showing descriptions when loading save game.
- Fixed bug: Extra ammo/items being discarded when picking up loot with full inventory.

Additions and changes:
- Enviromentally sealed armors now protect against gas attacks.
- Added notification if player equips a weapon they don't meet the requirements for.
- Added HUD toggle.
- Quantum Scan Helmet now reveals props.
- Adjusted monster variety on Floor 30 on Hard/Insane difficulty.
- Added dragging item onto another of the same size to swap positions in inventory.
- Added more info to SotsDex entries for weapons/armor/characters.
- Added moves remaining to HUD.
- Added grouping similar items when auto-sorting inventory.
- Added log entries in SotSDex for experience earned.
- Added context menu for shortcut items in Inventory.
- Auto-targeting will track last target.
- Skills now show stat contribution.
- Biomods/Keys grouped together in SotsDex, including post-identification.
- Energy Drink reduced speed increase from 2 to 1
- Changed recipe failure dialog colors. Green for success, yellow for valid but failed recipe, red for invalid recipe.
- New recipes and monsters.
- Changed anti-venom to have immediate effect (reduce poison 1 level.)
- Game now breaks grab if grabbing enemy is not within 1 square of target.
- Fixed some tools were not being used when crafting recipes.
- Fixed saved game exploits and bugs.
- Fixed no sounds for floors 11,16,21.
- Fixed some grenade issues.
- Fixed a grabbed character no longer moves when confused.
- Fixed tooltips showing for hidden traps when using quantum scan helmet.
- Fixed super Image Inducer bug.
- Fixed Knife/Blade/Spear skills are now based on Finesse (instead of Might.)
- Fixed enemy weapons not firing because they are too close to a wall.
- Fixed can now upgrade skill/stat, even if boosted over 100.
- Fixed AI sometimes appearing to teleport through objects.
- Fixed splash damage from shotguns would bypass armor for secondary targets. (sorry, gang)
- Fixed grenades were being destroyed by explosive damage frequently. They are now treated as items, not weapons.
- Fixed cyber scrambler would make organic enemies go berserk as well. 
- Fixed lab station could be reused over and over by damaging it and repairing it.

Other changes and additions:
- Added "Auto Sort" to inventory.
- Added "Drop All" button to inventory.
- Added "Destoy" to context menu for inventory items.
- Added confirmation to "Destroy" and "Unload and Destroy" actions.
- Added warning when poison/radiation reduces stats below 5.
- Added recipe details to SotSDex.
- Task Dialog now selects tools which are "free" to use by default.
- Player gets credit for monsters killed by traps.
- charging hubs and repair stations made more efficient.
-Improved usability of large inventories by adjusting the grid to use more vertical space.
- Added "Equip Time" for armor to info displays.
- Added "Reload Time" for weapons to info displays.
- Sort SotsDex entries alphabetically.
- Added method to display custom stats for items (eg repair factor for repair tools.)
- Temporarily Removed GAMEPAD from build configuration until final compatibility is complete.
- Added recipe info for messages that unlock recipes.
- Augmentation hubs now use Decipher skill.
- If mimicked player attacks enemy, enemy will attack back.
- Added fully translated messages are Green in the SotsDex.
- Added more details to repair dialog.
- 7 new achievements.
- 3 new weapons.
- 2 new monsters.
- Basket-load of new Easter items.
- New recipes and messages. 
New Additions 
- Two new monsters 
- Five new recipes 
- Four new items 
- Two new weapons 
Critical Fixes 
- Fixed Shrinking Inventory / Dropped Item crash 
- Fixed Projectile crash 
- Fixed equipping/dropped armor crash 
Other Fixes 
- Fixed various outlying issues 
- Greek letters on key-card doors no longer display when door destroyed 
- Characters wearing self-contained armor or who are immune to radiation no longer affected when in an irradiated room 
- Play Again remembers Difficulty setting 
- Fixed Hero Sotswich achievement unlocking prematurely 
Other changes 
- Added reload value to weapon stats 
- Irradiated rooms now show effect for visual warning 
- Tweaks to auto-save to make it more robust 
- Three auto-save slots, one for each character class (meaning you can now have three different games on the go , one for each character) 
- Added mouse targeting for weapons 
- Increased force field belt duration 
- Added access to SotSDex in main menu 
- Decrypted recipes messages now unlock recipes in SotSDex automatically		
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