Marvel NOW Week 21

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Starting the week of April 10, 2013 I will be posting the ongoing adventures in the Marvel NOW! storyline. Each week I will be posting the current week's Marvel NOW titles. 

Included in this pack will be all Marvel comics and  Marvel NOW comics.  What will NOT be included is Disney stuff, TV stuff, and the kids books. Those will be included (when available) in my Zero Day pack.

My release packs are as follows: 

DC Universe 52 (Wednesdays based on scanners release times, but not later than Friday morning)
Marvel NOW! (Marvel Comics in the NOW! universe will be released Wednesdays, based on scanners release times)
Total Marvel (All Marvel Universe comics, released on Thursday, based on scanners release times)
Zero Day (Marvel, DC and Independent comics, released between Saturday night and Sunday afternoon)
Independent Scanners (from scanners not affiliated with groups, released on Mondays)
DC Monthly (all DC Universe comics for the month, released the first Friday after the end of the month)
Total Marvel Monthly (all Marvel Universe comics, released the first Tuesday after the end of the month)

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Age Of Ultron #5 (of 10) (CBR 3/10/2013)

The super hero survivors of the Ultron devastation follow a trail to the Savage Land in the hopes of finding a way to survive or turn the tide of the Ultron apocalypse. But with half the Marvel heroes dead, what chance do any of the survivors have? The choice that will forever change the course of Marvel history! 

Alpha Big Time #3 (of 5) (CBR 3/10/2013)

A killer is on the loose that Alpha created! But the high school hero has a bigger threat -- dating! The defining moment of the greatest superhero to ever exist ever is here, thanks to Josh Fialkov & Nuno Plati (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) 

Avengers #9 (CBR 3/10/2013)

'NEW UNIVERSE' Watch as the most dangerous weapon in the Universe is unleashed. Two Universal SYSTEMS collide. What good is a White Event if only leads to the destruction of the planet it was meant to transform? 

Avengers Arena #7 (CBR 3/10/2013)

All about Arcade! How did the former punch line become the sadistic scene stealer? Find out in this standalone shocker! It's 2 chances in 1 month to discover why iFanboy calls AVENGERS ARENA 'a ton of fun' and IGN promises that 'You will be convinced this series has taken the kid gloves off!'. 

Avenging Spider-Man #19 (CBR 3/10/2013)

Spider-Man is Doctor Octopus!!! There! Now, that we've got that off our chests. . . The mysterious being known as SLEEPWALKER stalks Spider-Man in the waking world, while something far more horrible has invaded his dreams! And what nightmares will the Superior Spider-Man's dreams unleash on the world? 

Fantastic Four #6 (CBR 3/10/2013)

The F4 travel back to the literal dawn of time to witness the big bang. To their surprise, they are not alone! 

Fearless Defenders #3 (CBR 3/10/2013)

WARRIOR WOMAN joins the Defenders! Who is she? And why is she back from the dead? Plus! A city of silent superheroes. And: Defenders vs. Doom Maidens!

Hawkeye #9 (CBR 3/10/2013)

More ladies, more problems. Featuring: The Girlfriend, the Work-Wife and the Ex-Wife. Plus the tracksuits are back and aim to kill. Good luck, Hawkeye. 

Secret Avengers #3 (CBR 3/10/2013)

'Arlington' The High Council of A.I.M. launch their first attack -- with Quake & Nick Fury caught in the crosshairs! Learn the deadly secret of the new Iron Patriot! 

Thor God Of Thunder #7 (CBR 3/10/2013)

GODBOMB Part One of Five Somewhere at the end of the time, all the gods of the universe are enslaved, working to build a machine that will forever change the face of creation. What is. . . the Godbomb? And what can Thor, the last free god in all the cosmos, do to stop it? 

Ultron #1 (CBR 3/10/2013)

Ultron took over the world. Ultron killed the heroes. Ultron. . . is your father. When you're Victor Mancha, android teen Runaway, 'daddy issues' doesn't quite cover it. 

Uncanny Avengers #6 (CBR 3/10/2013)

The Apocalypse Twins part 1 New regular artist Daniel Acuña joins just in time for Thor vs Apocalypse in the 11th Century! Wait until you see these two titans first meeting and first battle! The Avengers' ancestors are being hunted and only a young Thor can save his future companions! And with Rama Tut and Kang pulling the strings, you know nothing good can come from any of it. The future begins in the past! This is it! The future of the all-new, all-different Uncanny Avengers begins here and the effects will reverberate across the Marvel Universe for years to come! 

Uncanny X-Men #4 (CBR 3/10/2013)

How is Magik the only one of the Phoenix Five to come out of the experience unscathed? And there is something strange going on with one of the other members of the UNCANNY X-MEN. 

Wolverine #2 (CBR 3/10/2013)

HUNTING SEASON, PART 2! Wolverine has to track down a boy on a rampage before he does the unthinkable! 		
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