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K heres whats happening. 11 months ago a DDOS attack hit Pirate Bay. Downed the website for a day or two as well. Your culprits are on this list. Timm Wheeler went and bragged up doing it. Timm himself under his completely disillusion rantings on FB and other social sharing sites. This battle has produced 2 teams, the Failcrew and Team Echelon. Quite frankly. I want part of neither. 
EVERY damn day between these 2 crews it this retarded game of report fagging and bullshit. Lets clear some air.
1. Timm says Im part of a child trafficking ring. Problem is he fails to tell you the dubunking video is on YT.
2. Timm says Im part of an international drug cartel. Get a clue, without any sort of proof or evidence you are completely insane with that.
4. Timm says Im on welfare and that his sister is my case worker. Unless Im an american citizen which Im not, youre full of shit.
5. Timm claims Im insane. In the 3 months hes been on full attack, Ive played defense. Not my problem my defense is better than my offensive.
6. Timm says theres more to the footage at the school and has editted the video to make it out to be something more. Its not, solved, dealt with, and its still on the video sites, uncensored, uneditted, and still there.
7. Timm likes to call me crazy. Crazy is 3 months of my life dealing with a convicted meth dealer with indecent exposure stalker on FB thinking hes l33t cuz he joined the feds in attacking this site.
8. Timm likes to call me an Anonymous Rat. Tried posting a modified email stating that i was ratting out Anons to IC3. What he fails to tell you, yes i contacted IC3, not about Anons tho. Contacted IC3 2x and Crime Stoppers in Dalls 3x to get rid of some senile old man to stupid to realize Im not part of his wannabe war.
There Timm no matter what you got, I got proof to other. And it will be shown HERE on The Pirate Bay. Why? Cuz social networks are pathetic, most are full of the reportfagging losers I am hereby calling you IN PUBLIC. You went in public, death threatened 2 different people, threatened to rape a chick and you call yourself a true Anon? True Anons dont DDOS TPB, true Anons dont have to stalk people that are 40 years their junior online, true Anons dont have to lie. Im not an anon, Im someone this site knows quite well, and was trusted for years til an argument changed that. Dont worry even that will come out in the open here. I have nothing to hide, hence why everything I have is up here. I dont have to spend time thinking about the next big attack you might have, simply releasing the truth is enough to prove who you all are.
Neither team contact me, your little drama has stolen 3 months of my life, I can deal with the fail crew alone. They know that, hence why it takes them power spamming to attack me. Problem is. Timm fail has no fact, hes raging over this. Everytime something is release here, bunch of raging comments left, hate emails sent, and a few imgur fact faking links show up. 
Side note to Com666, smart idea not trying to offline me. Hacking your page was too easy, I still have control just to make sure you dont decide to Wheeler it up.
Side note to both teams. Get a life. Both sides lose, I walk out. My finished accomplishments and money spent state that i have no more obligatory duties to either side. I suggest you take this chance to leave and walk away. Wheeler and Sabine have yet to be d0xed and they will be. I promise that. Wheeler keeps providing fails that make him more laughable by the second. So with all this in mind, both teams burn. Next time thing about who you turn on or who you try to bullshit.
More to come....		
Culprits list.txt 16.458 KB
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