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OCCUPATiON 101 (DVD9, 2006)

Voices of the Silenced Majority, A film by Sufyan Omeish and Abdallah Omeish

This film is dedicated to the pursuit of peace and justice for all innocent victims of conflicts and tribulations throughout the globe.

( = WINNER = )  'Golden Palm' Best Picture Award, Beverly Hills Film Festival
( = WINNER = ) Best Editing, Beverly Hills Film Festival
( = WINNER = ) Best Documentary, New Orleans Human Rights Film Festival
( = WINNER = ) Best Documentary, DeadCenter Film Festival
( = WINNER = ) Best Film, Artivist Film Festival, Hollywood, California
( = WINNER = ) Best Film, River's Edge Film Festival
( = WINNER = ) Audience Choice Best Film, East Lansing Film Festival
( = WINNER = ) John Michael's Memorial Award, Big Muddy Film Festival

Documentary Runtime: 1 hour, 30 minutes
Additional Scenes and Bonus Footage: 1 hour, 30 minutes
Languages: English, Arabic (Subtitles: English, Spanish, French)
(preview) vimeo dawt com/user18053825/videos

"A Visual Revolution is Born!" ~ Infocus

"The film that wins the Golden Palm is a film that not only reflects
mastery of the filmmaking arts, but of storytelling and humanity."
 ~ Nino Simone, President of the Beverly Hills Film Festival

"I wish that you could just see what they've done here...how can a human being who mentions God... do this?" ~ Abdul Jawad, Palestinian farmer

"The number one myth that westerners have about this conflict, is that Arabs and Jews have been fighting for thousands of years, and they're going to continue to fight." ~ Douglas Dicks ~ Catholic Relief Services

"Israel receives as much foreign economic assistance as all the countries combined in the world." ~ Richard Falk, Professor of International Law, Princeton

75% of Palestinians live in poverty, less than $2 a day.
Unemployment exceeds 53%. (World Bank estimates)

"I was among the people that conquered Acre, we were walking around...we entered a flat, there was a pair of shoes of a small child, maybe 2 yrs old, they didn't have time to put on the shoes, so they left the shoes, and they ran away. They left everything." ~ Ava Keller ~ Israeli soldier, 1948 Naqba

"We found out that there was a systematic expulsion of Palestinians, and there was, as I said, there was an ethnic cleansing operation taking place." ~ Ilan Pappe ~ Israeli Historian, Haifa University

"The most infamous campaign, was the massacre at the village of Deir Yassin, where over 100 men, woman, and children were systematically murdered." ~ Alison Weir ~ Journalist & founder of 'If Americans Knew'

"The Israeli army cleansed much of the territory, and took over a large part of the (U.N.) designated Palestinian state." ~ Noam Chomsky, Middle East analyst and author

"There is no congenital historical enmity between the Arabs and the Jews. The Jews flourished in the Arab world, at a time when they were being persecuted throughout all of Europe... Another myth was that Israel was about to be pushed into the sea, but I was working the state department at that time, there was no question of Israel being pushed into the sea! The question was just the rapidity of the totality of Israeli victory, and the victory was crushing." ~ James Atkins ~ U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, 1973-75

A powerful documentary film on the current and historical root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and U.S. government involvement. The film is presented through a series of highly-stylized visual edits, and accompanied with thought-provoking commentaries from a "who's who list" of leading middle-east scholars, peace activists, journalists, religious leaders, and humanitarian workers, whose voices have too often been suppressed in American media outlets.

"The definition of an occupation, is when a foreign army occupies your land physically, and controls your life... This is a particular kind of occupation, that's both military, and settler occupation." ~ Phillis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies

"Settlements are areas of Palestinian land which are selected, and whatever is there, whether it's roads, or whether it's villages, or homes, they are bulldozed, and then a new town is built on the hilltop." ~ Bishop Allen Bartlett, Jr. ~ Diocese of Washington

"And the bottom line in all of this, is to make Palestinians leave the country. It's a very hard term, I know, but in a sense it's a kind of ethnic-cleansing." ~ "Israel is the 5th largest nuclear power in the world, it's got between 2 and 3 hundred nuclear warheads, so the reality is that Israel is a regional superpower." ~ Jeff Halper ~ Israeli Committee Against Home Demolition

"There is no specific discrimination against Palestinian Christians, as opposed to Palestinian Muslims, it's a shared suffering...Zionist Jews actually had a design on the land of Palestine, the idea of creating a homeland for Jews in the land of Palestine, and this is really the beginning of the conflict." ~ Douglas Dicks ~ Catholic Relief Services

"Some of the first converts to the teachings of Jesus were Palestinians, so that's how long Christians have been in that land. Their quarter, the Christian quarter has been really, really decimated, and taken-over, and sliced-up." Dr. William Baker ~ Former Professor of History and Biblical Studies

Israeli Tanks: 3930, Palestinian Tanks: 0
Israeli F-16 Jets: 362, Palestinian F-16 Jets: 0
2006: Largest fleet in any country in the world, behind the United States

The 2005 evacuation of settlers from Gaza constituted only 2% of the entire Israeli settler population. Each illegal settler was promised an estimated $227,000 to relocate, a total cost of $2.2 billion - an expense that Israel has asked the United States to pay for.

"In Gaza, you can see the extent of house demolitions, much more extensive than in the West Bank, whole neighbourhoods have been demolished." ~ Yael Stien, B'tselem

Many generations of Palestinians have grown up, and continue to live in refugee camps throughout the region. In 1948, they numbered over 750,000...Today those who continue to live in refugee camps number 4,255,120. (2006)

occupation101 dawt com

Commentary by: 
Alison Weir ~ Journalist & founder of 'If Americans Knew'
Kathleen Kamphoefner ~ Christian Peacemaker Team
Allegra Pacheco ~ Israeli human rights lawyer
Phillis Bennis ~ Institute for Policy Studies
Bishop Allen Bartlett, Jr. ~ Diocese of Washington
Jeff Halper ~ Israeli Committee Against Home Demolition
Richard Falk ~ U.N. Human Rights Fact-Finding Commission
~ Professor of International Law ~ Princeton
Yael Stien ~ B'tselem ~ Israeli Human Rights Group
Douglas Dicks ~ Catholic Relief Services
Father Drew Christiansen ~ United States Catholic Conference
Thomas Getman ~ World Vision International, Jerusalem
Dr. William Baker ~ Former Professor of History and Biblical Studies
Adam Keller ~ Gush Shalom ~ Israeli Peace Group
James Atkins ~ U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia (1973-1975)
Richard Khalidi ~ Historian, Columbia University
Ilan Pappe ~ Israeli Historian, Haifa University
Hava Keller ~ Israeli soldier, 1948 Naqba
~ Committee for Women Political Prisoners
Noam Chomsky ~ Middle East analyst and author
Amira Hass ~ Israeli journalist for Ha'aretz
Roger Normand ~ Center for Economic and Social Rights
Edward Walker ~ U.S. Ambassador to Israel (1997-1999)
Rabbi Rebecca Lillian ~ Jewish Peace Forum
Paul Findley ~ Former U.S. Congressman
Rabbi Arik Ascherman ~ Rabbis for Human Rights
Sharon Burke ~ Amnesty International
Dr. Albert Aghazarian ~ Bir Zeit University
Rachel Corrie ~ International Solidarity Movement
Craig and Cindy Corrie ~ Rachel's parents
Joe Carr ~ International Solidarity Movement
Rabbi Michael Lerner ~ Editor, Tikkun Magazine
Gila Svirsky ~ Coalition of Women for Peace
Peter Bouckaert ~ Human Rights Watch
Peretz Kidron ~ Yesh Gvul, Soldiers who refuse to serve
Dr. Iyad Sarraj ~ Prominent Child Psychologist in Gaza
Doug Hostetter ~ Fellowship of Reconciliation
Neta Golan ~ Israeli Peace Activist
Cindy Levitt ~ Not in My Name
Steven Feuerstein ~ Not in My Name, Chicago
Adam Shapiro ~ International Solidarity Movement
Mousa Darwish ~ Public Relations Director, Bethlehem University

"I'm here for other children. I'm here because I care. I'm here because children everywhere are suffering, and because 40,000 people die each day from hunger. I'm here because those people are mostly children. We have got to understand that the poor are all around us, and we're ignoring them. We have got to understand that these deaths are preventable! We have got to understand that people in 3rd world countries think, and care, and smile, and cry, just like us. We have got to understand that they are us, we are them. My dream is to stop hunger by the year 2000. My dream is to give the poor a chance. My dream is to save the 40,000 people who die each day. My dream can, and will come true, when we all look into the future, and see the light that shines there." ~ Rachel Corrie, 5th grade speech, murdered at 23 by military-armoured Caterpillar bulldozer drivers, while protecting the house of a Palestinian doctor from demolition.

"No amount of reading, attendance at conferences, documentary viewing, and word of mouth could have prepared me for the reality of situation here. You just can't imagine it, unless you see it. This is not at all what I asked for, when I came into this world. This is not at all what the people here asked for when they came into this world. This is not the world you and dad wanted me to come into, when you decided to have me. This has to stop. I think it is a good idea for us all to drop everything, and devote our lives to making this stop." ~ Rachel Corrie's final thoughts, (emailed to her mother prior to her death)

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