The Mentalist - screenshots of cut sections of Patrick Jane's diary

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These screenshots come from the "pre-air screener" of The Mentalist, which was broadcast on 9th July, 2008 - in other words, a few months before the "Pilot".

The "pre-air screener" episode is available at EZTV, with this filename:
<< The.Mentalist.S01E01.PREAiR.DVDSCR.XviD-MEDiEVAL >>

The "pre-air screener" is a slightly longer cut of the show's first episode, which aired eleven weeks later as the s01e01 "Pilot" (24th Sept, 2008) when the series entered regular weekly broadcast.

Adjusting for the end credits (which are different in the two versions), the "pre-air screener" is 1m 43s longer than the aired "Pilot".  Most of these differences are unimportant tiny edits of a few seconds here and there (longer fade-outs at the end of scenes, etc).  But there is one edit which seems rather more important:
The brief montage scene, where Patrick Jane is unable to sleep and is sitting in a cafe writing in his diary, as seen in the aired "Pilot" version (beginning at 27:12) contains only 2 shots of his written words: the first is a long shot with no discernible words (pic#1); the second shows a few words which can be made out (pic#2 and pic#6).

(Pics#1-5 are taken from the "pre-air screener" version, which is sharper, but which was in 4:3 Aspect Ratio.  So this torrent also contains an alternative shot of pic#2 (pic#6) taken from the aired Pilot - which was in 16:9 and therefore gives a greater screen area.  Pics#2&6 are marked with red lines, indicating the overlap in the different views.)
But (this is where it gets interesting) ... in the "pre-air screener" version, there were 3 further brief shots of different parts of the text in Jane's diary (pics#3-5).  These were all cut from the aired "Pilot" version.  The question is: when Jane writes "you" in his diary, is he addressing himself or Red John?

Perhaps these shots were trimmed just for simple time reasons.  But it has long been my theory that Patrick Jane is Red John.  (This is only my personal theory, so it's not a spoiler.)  So I think these cut diary shots are further evidence supporting this theory.  I believe they were cut because it made it too obvious when the "pre-air screener" had a successful initial response and the full first season was commissioned.

What's my evidence for the "Patrick Jane is Red John" theory?
- Both Patrick Jane and Red John like tea (a comparatively unusual drink in the United States).
- They both like reading (as seen in a Season 1 episode).
- Both are highly manipulative and seem able to make other people do, or believe, anything.
- "Jane" and "John" are the names commonly used in America when the real name is not known ("Jane Doe" and "John Doe").
- The ancient Roman god "Janus" had two faces, looking in opposite directions.
- Patrick Jane is often framed in red when on-screen (ie, there'll be some red behind him in the shot).

There are many other things too, but the foregoing is usually enough for fans who don't already share my idea (and there are plenty who do) at least to consider it.

Anyway, here are the screenshots - glimpses into Jane's diary which were cut when the show's first season was broadcast.  Please post your comments and theories below!		
The Mentalist - screenshots of cut sections of Patrick Jane's diary/3. from ''pre-air screener'' (shot CUT from ''Pilot'').jpg 24.117 KB
The Mentalist - screenshots of cut sections of Patrick Jane's diary/4. from ''pre-air screener'' (shot CUT from ''Pilot'').jpg 22.882 KB
The Mentalist - screenshots of cut sections of Patrick Jane's diary/2. from ''pre-air screener'' (shot can also be seen in ''Pilot'').jpg 22.182 KB
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